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Inconsistencies plague Jayhawks in 2nd half again during 52-33 loss at Duke

@ Bryce Landon, For you to be someone that claims to not care about Kansas football you sure do a whole lot of chatting on a KU thread shouldn’t you be chatting it up on a IOWA thread? You remind me of that guy who’s girlfriend breaks up with him and he claims not to care only to stalk the girl 24/7.

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Notebook: Class of 2022 3-star CB Jalon Peoples decommits from KU football

As someone who is born and lives in Buffalo, NY coach has a eye for finding under the radar players. The local kids will be beneficial to turning the KU program around, here at UB he went after under the radar local kids that weren’t being recruited heavily and my area isn’t producing 4 or 5 stars. Coach knows what’s best, you want people that will buy in, better this recruit left now instead of coming here and transferring out down the road.

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Notebook: Class of 2022 3-star CB Jalon Peoples decommits from KU football

Is this the recruit that had decommitted from about 2 or 3 previous schools or am I thinking of another player?

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KU Chancellor Girod believes KU is on good footing following recent Big 12 expansion

Some of you need to stop drinking the Kool Aid from the false rumor mill of KU going to the BIG10. Things in this world are earned not given. The BIG10 isn’t going to just send a invite to Kansas because they are KU! The BIG10 priorities football over all sports, and the TV networks do the same. I agree with the AD that Basketball and being a tier one research school helps KU, stay power 5 in the Big 12 but why would the BIG10 send a invite to KU? Outdated stadium, The state of Kansas offers the BIG10 nothing special recruiting wise, when was the last time a KU home game sold out?? If KU wants to be in the BIG10 they must go out in earn it. Invest big in the football program, upgrade the football facilities, get people back in the seats. What ever happen to that huge upgrade KU was suppose to do to the stadium? I believe it was around 300 million project? or somewhere in that ballpark. If KU wants to be a BIG10 program they must invest like a BIG10 program. Control what you can control!

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As Big 12 expands, AD Travis Goff vows to remain in pursuit of what's best for KU

Until Kansas football start winning some football games and making some upgrades they will be sitting right where they are now, in the Big12. Right now Kansas offers the BIG10 nothing except a good basketball program. The state of Kansas doesn’t offer the BIG10 any recruiting territory, KU stadium is outdated and we can’t fill it on a weekly based, when was the last time KU had a sold out home football game? Kansas does nothing to increase the BIG10 media pie so why would they want someone who can’t pull there own weight? Football drives big $$$, not Basketball unfortunately.

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Big 12 invites BYU, UCF, Cincinnati and Houston to join

I LOVE IT! This is a solid foundation! This puts the Big 12 in a really good position for there future! PAC12 and ACC are in the same positions the Big12 were in! If the SEC or BIG10 decides to go after there Flagship schools. Without Oregon and USC the PAC12 are done! Without Clemson and Florida State the ACC are also done! What happen to the Big12 can also happen to those 2 conferences!

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Realignment Today: Why KU remaining patient (for now) is the right move as the ACC, Big Ten, Pac-12 formally announce new alliance

So I have been thinking about this deeply, I think this whole alliance thing gives the Big12 a huge opportunity. Why? What if the Big12 was to go out and poach Utah, Oregon, UCLA, and USC from the PAC 12? Why would those schools ever think of doing that? Look at it this way, a Big12 that includes Oregon, USC, UCLA, and Utah would demand more TV money then what the PAC 12 offers its members right now. If the Big12 can pitch those schools on how much TV money they can make under a new agreement that includes them and they jump on board now you have momentum to go out and poach Clemson, Miami, AND Florida State. As of right now with Texas and Oklahoma the BIG12 is third in TV money, if you replace a Texas and Oklahoma with a USC, Utah, Oregon, UCLA I believe you might be able to demand more TV money that is currently on the table. The BIG12 can turn into another SEC if they play chess and not checkers. This can be pulled off if you Pitch TV money that included them, also this would open up a huge recruiting pipeline for BIG12 members, Texas, California, and Florida. Also the BIG12 is Centrally located this could work!

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Kansas cracks final four for 5-star forward Mark Mitchell

Gerry don’t always believe what the analysts say, remember when they said Andrew Wiggins was a dead lock to Florida State and no way he was going any where else? Look how that turned out, with Andrew Wiggins in a KU uniform. Don’t underestimate Bill Self!

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A household name in college basketball he is not, but Jeremy Case is ready and qualified for his new role as a full-time KU hoops assistant

Bill Self should have brought Danny Manning back to KU where he belongs!

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Realignment Today: Reported meeting Tuesday between Big 12, Pac-12 worth noting for several reasons

Not sure if anyone on here watched or listened to the full 7 hour conference The state of Texas officials had regarding this situation with Texas leaving the BIG12 but If anyone wants a laugh there are a lot of comments throughout the conference they had that will give you some laughs. Texas took a lot of heat and seemed like some politicking from Texas officials for Houston to be added to the BIG12.

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