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Mario Chalmers flashes fine form for Heat

Nice clip from Kelly Oubre, good to hear Cliff Alexander's name in the end.

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Self: KU needs Tharpe to be irreplaceable

can you re-post your analysis on the 3 spot.

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Self: KU needs Tharpe to be irreplaceable

I still recall how Tharpe just could not stay on the court in his 1st year due to all of the TOs. At the beginning of last year, he was still in HCBS dog house as he just could not guard his man. There was one interview I clearly remember in which Self was really mad at him and at that point I thought that sooner or later Tharpe will be gone.

I give lot of credit to Tharpe for sticking around and grinding it out. He learned the lesson, worked his butt off, paid his dues, listened to the coach and did not complain, as a rsult of which he is now the starting PG of KU.

Rock Chalk Naa.

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SG Kelly Oubre commits to Kansas basketball

Can you re-post comparison on 3 spot

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SG Kelly Oubre commits to Kansas basketball

Anthony Davis was definitely a freshman-sensation but he could not do it himself. That team was loaded at all positions. And no team had an answer for Kid Gilchrist, he was one of a kind.

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SG Kelly Oubre commits to Kansas basketball

BBball, After winning the NC Bill in 2008, Bill Self went through couple of medicore recruiting years. And, unexpected early departures of Selby/Twins hurt KU.

During this time, Calapri, loaded with top notch talent, also taught him a valuable lesson. KU's team with decent talent and upper classmen had an incredible year, went all the way to the NC championship game, and came so close to the ultimate. But still it was so far, in the end it was Calapari's top notch talent that came on the top.

Bill Self learned the lesson. I thank your coach.

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Prep Oubre expected to announce today

Jones and Okafor are not coming to KU. They are Duke bound, package deal.

With Tharpe in his senior year and Mason getting a year under Self I dont see a need for a blue chip PG. I'd rather sign a 4 star player and let him develop for a year or two under Self.

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Chiefs brain trust puts stamp on roster

I am too disappointed in that McDougald was cut. I hope that he is picked up another team.

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Chiefs waive injured Moeaki, KU’s Opurum; McDougald sticks

Glad to hear that McDougald has made the Chiefs roster and hope that he can survive in the league.

I also hope that some other team can sign Opurum

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Opinion: Bonnie puts on quite a show

Looking forward to the Lady jayhawks play this season

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