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KU assistant Joe Dooley hired as head coach at Florida Gulf Coast

Thanks Tom, you saved me from having to write it. This could be as good as a mid-major job as there is in the U.S. I'm guessing that the money they had committed from alums was good for the new hire, too.

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Jayhawks hope to add depth as spring signings start

The last two years were rebuilding years too, weren't they? We'll be a one-seed. Bank on it. Ellis moves to first-team all-conference, it's an all out brawl by our recruits for freshman of the year, and Frankamp establishes and outside game we have not had in awhile. It will take some time, but this team is going to be lethal.

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KU assistant Joe Dooley hired as head coach at Florida Gulf Coast

I can't remember if Gillespie was a strong recruiter before the Kentucky disaster, but you might be on to something.

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Jayhawks hope to add depth as spring signings start

It seems that Connor can get love about everywhere except in Jayhawk nation. This guy is going to help us a ton next year and we will need his scoring to keep up with ISU's offense.

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Angel Goodrich looks forward to challenge of making Tulsa Shock roster

No questions that Angel makes it in the league - either with the Shock or someone else. Diggins was not efficient at the point and I think that Angel will out-perform her.

And while the Shock are bringing in Diggins for the celebrity factor, people ultimately come to the games to watch the players play, not for fashion shoots. Plus, Angel is super cute - so the fashion shoots won't be a problem for her either.

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How Jake Heaps' big spring game was different from Dayne Crist's in 2012

Heaps definitely looked better in the spring game "last year". I came away from that game wishing that he was eligible right away.

Weis said that Heaps would have been practice player of the week every week during the season while running a new offense agains the first-team defense.

I believe that Heaps' "floor", is as a solid college qb. If we get that, we win some games this year. If he rises above that level, we might just shock some people.

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Jayhawks hope to add depth as spring signings start

Mr. Smart, let me introduce you to my little friend: Wayne Selden. He'll be guarding you today, so you can forget posting up or out-muscling a smaller guard.

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Jayhawks hope to add depth as spring signings start

Yes, I feel that we just went the long way home.

At the guard spot, we've got Frankamp, Mason, Selden, Naadir and White (with White and Selden being possible flex-guys). At forward, we've got Perry, Jamari and Greene, plus Wesley. At center we've got Embiid and Lucas.

For those of you looking for practice intensity, you've got it. I think that Self is looking at his lineup and thinking that he doesn't need another guy to compete for a back-up spot.

I could see him looking ahead by picking up a transfer for next year, if there is a quality one out there. Maybe an international player? Especially a big with good hands or shooting touch.

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KU guard Angel Goodrich drafted in third round by Tulsa Shock in WNBA Draft

Congratulations to Angel!

Why would a team draft two point guards? Let's hope that they trade Diggins and let Angel lead the team.

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Dazzling debut: Jake Heaps shines in Blue's spring game win

I'm trying to imagine what could have happened yesterday that would have made many of you happy.
-Heaps goes 30 for 30 and throws 8 touchdowns while the defense also throws a shutout?
-James Sims runs for 200 while the defense allows no net rushing yards?
-The defense sacks the starting quarterback 8 times but he never gets hurt?
-Weis brings in Bon Jovi and Cirque de Soleil, plus Bruce Springsteen returns punts to entertain the crowd?
-Or how about Weis plays 1st team D against first team O and three guys go out with injury?

While KU may have had the worst team in D-1 last year, I'm convinced we have the dumbest football fan base in America.

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