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Kansas at Oklahoma State to be on ESPN's College GameDay

Agreed. CBS sucks in that way. Show the whole game! A few years ago they cut away when we were killing Mizzou. I wanted to watch that!!!

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Lakers give Josh Selby a shot

Selby could fit with the Lakers.

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Div. II elite Ichabods may offer Jayhawks stiffer test in final tuneup

Too bad it's not on ESPN3. They are listing Transylvania vs. Kentucky for tonight. (They should have played that one on Halloween!)

Did anyone ever hear what happened to ESPN3 for the ESU game?

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Jayhawks follow bad practice with good cause

Just wondering - did Zach Peters' injury come from playing football his senior year?

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Boot Camp ends early

Sophia Loren
Bob Dole
JoJo White
Bill Self

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Mario Chalmers big plus for Heat

Thanks for the link. Love that pic of Rio and Nick fighting for the loose ball!

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Ten-block game vaults Jeff Withey to top of ratings

I would put KY a spot or two higher.

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’Pack mentality: N.C. State has KU’s full attention

well this sucks - maybe.
maybe it's some extra motivation for TRob!
prove em wrong, TRob!

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If foe looks good, Kansas doesn’t


Any word whether some of the players were still sick? They said Tyshawn was sick earlier this week. TRob did not look like himself last night.

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