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Weis shakes up starters, gives Cummings nod at quarterback against Texas

I think you mean Pegasus, but point made.

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Former KU quarterback Brock Berglund issues statement saying KU won't grant release

"Abrupt demotion"? At what point was this kid taking snaps as KU's starting QB?


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OU WR Justin McCay picks Kansas and will enroll for spring semester

I don't think he would sit out two years, I think he would sit out one year (2012) and then be eligible the following year as a Junior instead of a Sophomore.

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Nov. 22 Cliff's Notes — Turner Gill press conference 11/22/11

Average margin of defeat (FBS games only):

Ferentz: Year 1 = 21 pts; Year 2 = 16 pts
Gill: Year 1 = 31 pts; Year 2 = 29 pts

In year 2, Ferentz was two touchdowns closer to his opponents on the scoreboard than Gill has been this year.

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KU-Iowa State to kick off at 11:30 a.m. on Nov. 5

In response to kureignman, these are the stations listed in the Jayhawk Network link from the article:

Kansas City KSMO 62
Topeka WIBW 13 (CBS)
Wichita KSAS 24 (Fox)
Salina KAAS-TV (Fox)
Great Bend KOCW-TV (Fox)
Dodge City KSAS-TV (Fox)
Garden City KAAS-TV (Fox)

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Musical chair losers, winners

"Loser: Missouri"

Isn't that a given?

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Memphis ‘out-toughed’ by Kansas basketball at Madison Square Garden

Digger doesn't even like to _pronounce_ "Kansas"

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Allow me to introduce myself...

Can't wait til his first interview with Coach Fam :)And you're the 'oldest' if there are three or more children. You are the 'older' of two children.

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Mayer: Sunflower rivalry juiced up

CMOS, I think you have to consider the situation and not just skin color.

How many football coaches of any background would you describe as articulate - Ditka? Cowher? Bobby Bowden?

Being articulate definitely makes Ron Prince distinguishable among his professional peers, and should not be written off a simply a "doesn't sound like Buckwheat" missive.

And for the record (pun intended), I also enjoyed the "Convoy" reference :p

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