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Tom Keegan: Kansas connections to other three schools add spice to Final Four

Vick was also on the roster in 2016 but I don't think he played that game.

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Experience, preparation crucial for Bill Self’s Thursday & Friday NCAA dominance

Ahh I see. Thanks for clarifying.

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Experience, preparation crucial for Bill Self’s Thursday & Friday NCAA dominance

Hasn't Self lost twice in the Sweet Sixteen? One to MSU in 09 and one against UM in 2013.

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Jayhawks plan to use time off to fix, focus on defense

The defense from a fan's eye was trash yesterday, so I can only imagine how bad it was from Self's POV. I think people posting on here that we won't make it past the Rd of 32 need to relax a little. JJ didn't play & This is still the team that won the league by 4 games and beat UK on the road and DOOk on a neutral floor. However, in saying that, this tournament all depends on defense IMO. We know KU can score with the best of them, but when they need a stop to seal a game, will they get it? Time will tell.

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Life after Ayton: Quick look at 2017 big men still available

You say that as if you haven't seen Draymond Green, Dajuan Blair and even T-Rob make plays at the college level. Bill Self said himself that Robinson was 6''7 without shoes. Height is becoming less and less of a factor in basketball.

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Tom Keegan: Jayhawks finished as 3rd-best in nation

Calling KU a Charmin soft team is probably the dumbest thing I've read on here in a while. Was KU soft when they beat OU at OU, or when they won the Big 12 regular and tourney ships? Because one team was better than the other on one night, that makes the loser soft? You're calling Mason soft but he played through foot and hip injuries???

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Tom Keegan: Selden parting means Jackson good fit

Also remember, Wiggins had to play with an erratic Tharpe and freshman Mason...Jackson is gonna play with two potential All first team Big 12 guards.

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K-State awaits KU in tourney opener

You guys have got to get over this beef you have with Howard. He reeled in udoka azubuike. Obviously proved he was a good scouter with the UT game plan. The only Chicago recruit worth getting these past few years was Alexander and Okafor. We've gone 1 out of 2. Cry me a freakin river. You want to complain about him smoking marijuana? Go ahead, but call me when he's doing something as major as the L'ville assistant or the UNC assistants. Stop calling for people's jobs and calm the hell down for the love of the man above.

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Tom Keegan: Expect dogfight tonight at Allen

What Vick did was wrong, but there are people who have killed other human beings that haven't been as ripped apart by media and others like he has. It's been 10 years, move on.

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