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Tom Keegan: Does anybody care who wins Kansas QB job?

You don't envision Corione Harris starting at CB? Seems like everything we have heard this spring is that he is on a different level compared to the other corners on the team.

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Jayhawks cultivate a ‘killer instinct’

I don't think we really "coasted" to the win, we played hard throughout the game UCONN started making some guarded shots that they weren't making in the first half. Ollie is also extremely good at making halftime adjustments and it took us until halfway through the first half to figure out how to attack their defense because they were switching in and out of defenses within the same possession based on where we started the ball.

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Alternate KU hoops uniforms for Black History Month

Any word on when these might be available for purchase?

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Baylor QB Russell planned to be a Jayhawk

Over one recruit? The rest of the program was a total train wreck. Half the guys were academically ineligible, strength and conditioning was awful and we were getting out-schemed every week, he had to go.

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Most crucial Jayhawks 2015: No. 3 - CB Brandon Stewart

So Mosby and Smith are 1-2? I would likely agree with that because if Mosby can make life easier on our new corners and Smith can make life easier on our inexperienced QB's we might be able to surprise a few people.

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New arrivals: Rookies Bragg, Vick busy at camp

They are signing autographs for kids who could care less what type of player these guys turn into. The only thing the kids care about is that these guys are Jayhawk players and they think that it is awesome that they get to the meet them. A walk-on or an all-conference player it doesn't matter. So, no, I don't think these guys need to earn the right to make a kids day.

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