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Asked again about the Nebraska opening, Lance Leipold shows strong commitment to Kansas; now how does KU make sure it stays that way

I believe Nebraska is not capable of returning to winning championships. Big BIG has power teams that Nebraska can't beat regularly. Surely Lance can see that.

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KU's first-round NCAA Tournament win moves Jayhawks within 1 win of tying Kentucky in all-time wins race

Well if more than one record report how about % wins of games played. Another one for those wanting to create comparisons.

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'I'm just happy' - Late emergence by senior guard Remy Martin has changed Kansas and turned around his season

We all share opinions. Mine is Harris is a strong favorite for Self. He tends to pass the ball without trying to set up a scoring situation. Yes he is a good defender.
I do feel that playing Harris and Martin at the same time doesn't work. It eliminates Wilson or Braun that we need. Remy needs to play point guard. Lets see how Self plays Remy during the Big Dance.

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Self: 'Major minutes' for Remy Martin at Big 12 tourney would be nice, but only if he's worthy

Harris is a decent player but because Self has him as his favorite limited time for the others. Playing two point guards at the same time isn't working and Wilson, Braun and Agbaji needs to be playing. It appears to me that there isn't much difference who plays the point.

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Jayhawks expecting better effort, intensity in rematch with TCU on Thursday night at Allen Fieldhouse

It is difficult to point out bad playing by only one or two. Give credit to TCU they simply wanted to win and with their fans did so,
We need to win both of the final two games to tie for the championship. Baylor will probably win their final game.

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Certain realities exist with KU guard Remy Martin, so how can Kansas manage them?

OK because Self plays Harris most of the time let's hope he can be effective more than simply looking to pass to another player. I feel Remy needs to be the point guard to be effective. Playing Harris and Remy doesn't appear to work very well. TCU will be a challenge especially on their court. Whoever plays we need a victory.
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Certain realities exist with KU guard Remy Martin, so how can Kansas manage them?

It appears to me that Self plays his favorite Harris whether he is playing great or just passing the ball. Against Baylor he got zero nada nada points. Made a number of errors yet kept in the game. Remy is very capable of being an effective player. He is a point guard and playing with Harris isn't working very well.
I realize some may disagree with my comments but these are my opinions
PS: I also would like to see Yesupu get more playing time.

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Notebook: Kansas' Remy Martin returns, plays 11 minutes in loss at Baylor

I see Self favors Harris at point guard but his stats shows limited benefits. This game 0 points with many turnovers. I feel both Remy and Yesupu playing more would benefit the team offensively.

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Free Your Mind: How proper mental approach has been a major key for KU forward David McCormack

Great article shows importance of mental health. Hope Self has benefited learning more about David. Mistakes made during games need to be accepted as players don't do them on purpose.
David needs to be a major contributor if KU is successful.

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Why the minutes Kansas guard Remy Martin played on Monday night vs. Texas Tech should mean more than those he didn't

Most of us have opinions and of course are not facts. My opinion is playing Remy and Harris at the same time has problems. We definitely need Wilson and Braun. I also feel Remy with encouragement is more effective. Harris is also a decent player but scoring is not his best qualities. Also I feel some of the others including Remy see Coach playing Harris and they try to duplicate, Coach Self is a proven coach so his decisions will guide the team.

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