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Notebook: Self considers Azubuike 'doubtful' for game at No. 18 Arizona State, but 'who knows?'

The thing I dont understand about the Silvio situation is how this guardian isnt being charged criminally but the shoe company is. It seems to me she defrauded both the university, by intentionally misrepresenting Silvio's status, as well as Silvio himself. Its outrageous that Silvio is paying for her crimes and she isnt even in danger of the slightest bit of punishment. This kid comes over to the states looking for an opportunity and trusts the people offering to take care of him and from the looks of it, she was a con artist. Its incredibly sad and frustrating

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KU coach Bill Self indicates Billy Preston situation nearing resolution

The NCAAis such a sham - and i know this isnt technically with the NCAA right now but you can tell from Self's comments that their influence is all over this. Its absurd that these kids have to be treated like theyre guilty until proven innocent. Heck, its beyond even that - he hasnt even been 'charged' with anything and he's being punished. I know this isnt a first by any means, but its always ridiculous. The system is beyond broken

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Analysis: Understanding the legal case building against the college basketball world

I read it like this: There has to be a victim for their to be a crime, in this case. There has to be measurable harm for there to be a victim. Feds are claiming two victims - the students who dont get scholarships bc ineligible players knowingly falsified legal documents (i.e. claiming amateur status) and the universities who could be forced to forfeit games and potentially lose out on the money that comes with postseason play. It doesnt matter that the FBI isnt the one who doles out that punishment to universities. All that matters is that there is potential harm that can come to the universities due to ineligible players lying about amateur status. Its definitely still odd but it makes sense to me anyway. Whether the FBI has anything to do with NCAA is irrelevant. They recognize that these schools are legally bound by their relationship with the NCAA and the rules they've agreed to operate under and that within that system, they can be victimized by players claiming amateur status falsely. Actually its pretty interesting bc the FBI is calling the Universities victims where the NCAA would usually punish them. I really hope this doesnt land on our doorstep but I gotta say, Im pretty interested to see how this plays out and what affect it has on the NCAA

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Amid allegations of unfair treatment, KU seeks to meet with father of women's basketball player; Zenger speaks on discipline policies

This girl's father has done her a massive disservice. Reading between the lines, it sounds like she has a history of discipline issues whereas Josh had nothing other than this at that time. It sounds like she instigated things by throwing the drink in Lagerald's face and who knows what happened after that but I doubt she walked away quietly. Im not excusing Josh kicking her car at all but I feel like he got the punishment that fit the 'crime' on that. She claims one day that if josh had offered to pay for the damage we'd never be there then the next day her dad accuses josh's lawyers of trying bribe them by offering said money. She claims unfair treatment despite her attitude, past discipline issues and poor play on the court but doesnt pursue any of the formal avenues for investigating such a claim b/c they wouldnt bring her or her father any notoriety. I have no idea what her actual talent level is but it doesnt matter b/c nobody is going to give her a chance after being such a problem for two programs now. More importantly, her father is reinforcing her spoiled entitled attitude which is going to hurt her in the professional world, if she goes that route. I really feel for KU in situations like this b/c Bill and Zenger have to abide by rules and policies which prevent them from talking openly about this but the girl and her family can make all kinds of accusations publicly without having to back them up at all and without consequence. At some point the truth will come out and I think its going to make this chick look much worse than she already does.

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Should the Jayhawks be worried about their No. 1 seed?

I would add to this that even if Oregon were to secure the last 1 seed and somehow Gonzaga also held on to theirs, that would make KU the top 2 seed which would place them in the KC regional as well (more than likely). I think playing in the MW bracket is more important that being a 1 seed necessarily. While that is the worst case scenario from a seeding standpoint, I actually think it would end up being a favorable situation. That would make either Oregon or Gonzaga the 1 in the MW with KU as the 2. Should those two teams make it that far, I would heavily favor KU over either opponent in KC, despite the results of last night, primarily because west coast teams tend not to do well in the tournament when playing outside the pacific time zone.

Anyhow, I guess my point is that last night's loss was about as meaningless as a loss like that could ever be in terms of how its going to affect our path to the Final Four.

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Frank Mason takes back seat to no other Bill Self player at Kansas

Tom, your statement, "(Mason) has guided his No. 3 team to a 25-3 record with victories against schools that at the time Kansas played them were ranked No. 1 (Duke), No. 4 (at Kentucky, at Baylor), No. 9 (West Virginia) and No. 18 (at West Virginia)", is not completely true. We didn't win at West Virginia, we just played them.

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Frank Mason and Josh Jackson shoo-ins for first-team Big 12 honors

I bet Swanigan would get that 5th spot on 1st Team AA (Mason, Hart, Ball, Goff, Swanigan)

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Woman involved in Bragg incident released from jail; case remains under review

Jay Scott is a douche bag. "shouldnt a man be able to hit a woman if were equal". Okay guy, youve impressed us all with your witty intellect (thats called sarcasm, by the way) now let the adults have an adult conversation, troll.

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Fearless Frank: Mason drills game-winning shot for 77-75 win over No. 1 Duke

it was literally his first dunk ever in a college game and it was at a big moment in a huge game against the #1 team in the country and he hasnt even been playing basketball that long at all... You want him to act like he's been there before but he literally hasnt. Give the kid a break. Lets see if it becomes a trend or heck even happens a second time before we start nitpicking on a young guy who played a huge role in us winning a huge game.

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Big 12 presidents pass on expansion

I think you perfectly summed up just how terrible the leadership in this conference has been. Its tragic the way this conference has become completely overshadowed by every other power conference. Honestly, outside of the midwest, Big 12 football is not relevant and thats just sad

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