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Ex-KU basketball player Eskridge dies at 89

Jack Eskridge, one of only three players in KU history to score 30 points in one half. Wilt Chamberlain and Walt Wesley are the other two. Eskridge did it in 1948, when it was extremely rare to even score 30 in a whole game. He helped recruit Chamberlain and was an assistant under Dick Harp as well as Phog Allen.

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Notebook: Jeff Withey ties KU blocks record; Bill Self not panicking about being behind in league race

Congrats to Jeff Withey for tying the official record. But it's incorrect to use phrases like "all-time" and "No. 1 in school history."

Wilt Chamberlain's 302 blocked shots at KU is the all-time record. Sure, he played before blocks were an official stat, but that doesn't mean they didn't happen. They were counted and recorded in old KU media guides and newspaper accounts. Even Bill Mayer wrote about Wilt's blocked shot record in recent years in the Journal-World.

Gary, you've been covering KU basketball for many years, you surely have heard of Wilt's 302 blocks. Why do you continue to completely ignore his accomplishment? Put an asterick beside the number, explain they are unofficial. But don't ignore Wilt and write Withey is the all-time, #1 shot blocker in school history.

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Jeff Withey nation’s leading swatter

Wilt fouled out of two games in college, February 18, 1957 vs Oklahoma and January 18, 1958 vs Missouri.

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Clyde Lovellette honored to join Hall

Lovellette was inducted in 2006 in the founding class. Every year they honor a few HOFers with a more formal induction.

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Emporia State upset KU basketball? It happened 65 years ago

Allen's comments after the game,

"I am not moaning or crying," Allen said, "I am only philosophical. I know what we have, what we need and what we will be facing."

"Athletic fortunes rise and fall in cycles," the good doctor continued. ''It appears that we are in the midst of a falling cycle."

"We have a fine bunch of sophomores, but we need a stabilizer the worst way and we won't have one until Schnellbacher joins the squad next month," Allen said. "I'm not taking anything away from a very fine Emporia State team, but we have a long way to go before we can beat any of the Big Six members."

Allen's comment about cycles is interesting. KU was in the "midst of a falling cycle", having a losing record over a 3-year period after posting a perfect 10-0 conference record in 1946. But 1948 was an Olympic year and also Clyde Lovellete's senior year in high school. Allen foresaw the future and put in motion his plan to win the gold in 1952. An upward cycle began.

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Emporia State upset KU basketball? It happened 65 years ago

Thanks Jesse. I really enjoy reading articles that look back at the history of KU athletics. KU basketball has such a rich history but there is a notable lack of research and writing about it.

BTW, the 67 points scored by Emporia State was the most ever scored against KU up to that time, eclipsing the 63 points scored by Oklahoma against KU in 1942.

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Former KU assistant Pfitsch dies

Found this in the Journal-World from May 25, 1945.


Dr. F. C Allen Receives Weapon From Capt. John Pfitsch

Dr. F. C. Allen, head of the physical education department at the University of Kansas, is the
proud owner of a German dress sword, which he received this morning.

The sword was sent by Capt. John Pfitsch, a member of the physical education staff a few
years ago, while working on his master's degree at K. U., who is now somewhere in Germany."

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Former KU assistant Pfitsch dies

I don't think it is correct that Pfitsch was Allen's first assistant coach. John Bunn definitely assisted Allen in the 1920's. Elmer Schaake was Allen's assistant the year before Pfitsch was.

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Stallworth’s 50 turns 40

Bill Mayer wrote this about the frisbee tossing in his account of the game...

"The best frisbee toss was the one KU's brilliant Bud Stallworth sailed into the audience as he ran out for introduction. It had been autographed by all the members of the team. Bud said, "It was designed as our thanks to the crowds for backing us so great this year." You gotta say the fans are something special when an 11-13 club draws over 16,000 to a contest people can see for free at home on television."

I wonder if someone still has that frisbee. It would be perfect for display in the Booth Hall of Athletics.

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