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Board games: Big Bird, rappers come to KU defense’s aid

Except you now have edited the quote to fix you mistakes, when other media sources quoted him correctly the first time. I don't care if you got it over the phone, face to face, or from a press release. You got the quote wrong. If you had not fumbled, you wouldn't have edited it and corrected it.

Admit your mistake like a man. You Fumbled it. You know it.

Either that or continue on the path of being the next Tom Keegan clone that will butcher stories. Your choice.

If the people you write about cannot trust you to quote them accurately, why should anyone ever grant you an interview?

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Board games: Big Bird, rappers come to KU defense’s aid

Credit Matt Tait with a Fumble.

That quote from Turner Gill about Hatch is not what he said.

Good thing there were other reporters from other newspapers at the press conference that could jump on that ball and recover it.

Bad Coaching of the LJW Reporters is to blame. Tait needs to stop listing to Coach Keegan. He is teaching bad habits, like not getting quotes correct.

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Monday Rewind: Oklahoma State; Clock ticking on Turner Gill?

What's the matter Matt?

No response?

No retraction?

No correction?

No, "oops, I made a mistake. Sorry about that."

Please explain why KU "natives" would create a fireturnergill .com website on October 8, 2009 when KU was 5-0 and ranked #17 in the Associated Press football poll at that time?

Seriously. Please explain that to everyone.

I'd like to understand your logic for saying that.

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Monday Rewind: Oklahoma State; Clock ticking on Turner Gill?


Your article is intentionally distorting the facts.

You wrote:
"Look at the facts. The natives already are getting restless. Two web sites devoted to getting rid of Gill have been created in less than two years. That’s full-fledged web sites, not just message board threads or Twitter posts. Counting all of those could take days.

You’ve got FireTurnerGill .com and"

That is a distortion and you know it.

Fireturnergill .com was created October 8, 2009. While that is withing the 2 year window you state, Turner Gill was not even hired as KU Football Coach at that time. It dates back to his Buffalo days. On October 8, 2009, KU had a 5-0 record. Mangino hadn't even started his disasterous season ending 7 game losing streak yet when the website was created.

I believe you knew it was a distortion because you looked up the date. Why else would you have chosen your "2 year" window when Turner Gill has not been coach at KU for 2 years?

Trying to tie that website to KU "natives" getting restless is an intentional distortion on your part.

I encourage everyone to confirm this by researching the domain name history.

Matt, please don't become Tom Keegan and start writing garbage. Please do your homework like a real reporter should. Get your facts correct, and don't become a sleazebag that twists half facts into full lies.

If you cannot be honest with your readers, you might as well just write for the National Enquirer.

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Shealy: KU's defense will stick to the plan

Because the NCAA has rules mandating teams take off days. These students do need to attend class once in a while.

I'm too lazy to look up the rulebook, but I'm confident that Turner Gill is not taking any more off days than what the NCAA requires during a bye week.

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Reviewing JaCorey Shepherd's big play ... on KU's longest run of the season

I also notice that Jeff Spikes doesn't really offer much of a double team on the play. He gives Marrongelli's guy a little chuck and passes him off to Marrongelli. He gives him just enough of a shove to assure he won't sneak around to Marrongelli's left, then Spikes goes head hunting the McNeese linebacker #52, who would otherwise be unblocked running sideline to sideline.

This is important because a typical play would have Spikes blocking that defensive end that Zlatnick comes around and crushes. The end came free when Spikes did his somewhat fake double team and went after the linebacker.

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Reviewing JaCorey Shepherd's big play ... on KU's longest run of the season

Tanner Hawkinson #72 is the Right Tackle, not the Left.

The actual Left Tackle is Jeff Spikes #74 with Left Guard Trevor Marrongelli #69 along side him.

It's nice to see the breakdown again.

Thanks for bringing it back, Jesse.

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Paul Pierce to headline Legends of the Phog all-star game

Students need to camp out for this one.

KU fans need to pack the house. There is no excuse for this not being a sellout.

Will Shannon be returning behind the bench too?
This is supposed to be a Legends game, right?

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Big 12 conference call deemed productive for ADs, commissioner Beebe

Matt Tait, this entire blog entry is beneath you.

You're reporting what other reporters are reporting and spreading wild rumors and speculation.

Please don't become Keegan.

Get a real source. Not some rumor monger. Find someone that actually has the position and authority to know and act on conference realignment and get them to go on the record. That's how this is done.

This blog entry is going to lose you a lot of respect among many readers. You were once a pretty good reporter. Please be a reporter again, not part of the random echo chamber.

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Helmets have improved over the years

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