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KU spirit squad, band members help save trapped man before NCAA women's tournament game

It should not come as a surprise that Kansans are smart enough to move a broken down vehicle by whatever means necessary.

Sadly Mizery's spirit squad would have just considered that broken down car as a yard ornament and ignored it.

Well done KU Spirit Squad (and Band if you also helped.)

You put the Rock in Rock Chalk Jayhawk yesterday.

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Norfolk State celebrates its victory over Missouri

Notice that sportsmanship by some of the Mizery players?

Notice how they were so wrapped up in their tears and self pity that some of them did not get into the postgame handshake line to contratulate their opponent on a well played game?

This shouldn't surprise anyone, but it's just another example of Mizery being Mizery.

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KU’s Bill Self: ‘We’ve been here before’

Why is there no by-line for this article?

It appears to have much better writing than Keegan's.

No reason to try to hide who it is.

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Ryan Robertson: ‘I will miss the rivalry’

Nice Writeup Ryan,

I agree with you on most things, especially the part where you said, "Maybe my time now living in Missouri is getting to me."

You're a Jayhawk. A Loyal one, and I'm confident you always will be.

However, when you start quoting Mizery fan talking points such as, "In fact, I wonder if KU was asked to leave for the SEC what we might say or do?? " You clearly have been listening to too many tigger fans making excuses and trying to put KU down.

Just because KU's administration doesn't show their cards in public like a bunch of street walking prostitutes, doesn't mean KU hasn't had offers to join other conferences. Just because our Chancellor and Athletic director are not a bunch of crybabies to the media doesn't mean that they did not have discussions with people outside the Big12 about KU's options.

I'm positive tigger fans have beat the subject to death as if they are the only school that ever had a discussion with another conference during realignment, but let's face it, we all know that is a lie.

I know you are proud of your University, Ryan. You can be proud of the way KU has handled conference realignment. KU has worked hard to keep the Big12 intact, and for good reasons. It makes sense in every way.

Most importantly, KU has handled realignment in the best possible way. With class and dignity. The leadership in our University has the integrity to keep private conversations private. That's something crybabies like Alden and the Mizery fans shooting their mouths off around you simply cannot comprehend.

The best thing for KU is to keep a strong midwestern BCS conference alive. It minimizes travel, maintains the largest number of long running competitive series, and allows KU to remain loyal and true. Keeping the Big12 intact is what is best for KU's student athletes, KU's fans, and KU's extremely strong traditions. This is FAR superior to becoming just another school on the outkirts of a conference that has long been controlled by others that do not share Kansas values. The Big12 will be stronger than ever with the cancerous tumors removed, and will build to bigger and better things than ever before.

You're a good man, Ryan, and your article was heartfelt and well written.

Please don't let those tigger fans surrounding you get you down. You are better than that, and so is KU.

Rock Chalk

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Testing Bill Self's theory: How was KU's late-clock defense against Texas A&M?

Nice Job Jesse.

I was rather confused when Bill said he didn't have a way to do it.

All the data is already collected in each game's play by play log. It's just a matter of parsing the data and running the numbers.


I would suggest that end of half possessions should be included. In those instances the game clock effectively is the shot clock.

Also... it is extremely important to think about what is the proper way to factor in offensive rebounds.

For example:
An opponent misses a shot clock buzzer beater, but our defense was not properly positioned when he shot it to get the rebound, and the opponent gets an offensive rebound and stickback.

In that situation, Bill Self might consider the poor rebounding positioning to be "not finishing a possession." Even though the stickback bucket after the rebound is officially recorded as being scored on a newly refreshed shot clock, it clearly is an incident of less than ideal defense at the end of the previous shot clock.

I would suggest that made shots are not the only important result of an opponent possession that are a sign of poor defense. Offensive Rebounds should be considered poor defense as well, or at least charted as a second category to be put in perspective.

While the above graphs are informative, they don't tell the whole story. It's important to plot all instances that end every possession, positively and negatively.

Plotting made/missed shots, offensive rebounds is helpful.

Plotting opponent turnovers and defensive fouls is also important.

Each category could easily have its own chart. Then there could be a comprehensive chart that combines them all in a logical way.

In any case. You've still done nice work Jesse.

Putting the game log into a spreadsheet, parsing the data, should make it easy to generate all the graphs and average out the numbers. Someone good at spreadsheets could probably plot every game for the entire season with an afternoon's work.

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Weis announces dismissal of 10 Jayhawks from KU football program

"The fist group — "

I'm trying to figure out if "The fist group" had issues about getting into fist fights and that is why they are being dismissed, or if there is a more disgusting story Matt Tait is trying to hint at. :x

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Pair of coveted quarterbacks commit to KU

They are not allowed to sign Letters of Intent according to NCAA Rules.

A player may only sign a LOI one time. I assume Crist signed an LOI to attend Notre Dame his freshman year, and Heaps signed an LOI to attend BYU his freshman year. Those will be the last LOIs those two players are ever allowed to sign.

The moment when these players will become officially committed to Kansas will be the day they enroll for Spring classes.

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KU athletics department says $58.8 million debt 'manageable'

Once again the LJW completely misses the real story.

The news isn't that KU has $58.8 million in outstanding debt.

Last year the LJW reported that KU had $93.67 million in debt. See this link to read their own article about it.

That is a reduction of $34.87 million in a very short period of time when the economy is struggling.

This amount of debt reduction is impressive news, and the LJW completely ignored this great news story and instead chose to write the story in a manner that ignores how well KU has reduced its debt in a very short period of time.

What should any of us expect from a Tabloid Newspaper than to do its best to put KU in the worst possible light? They employ Keegan for cripes sake.

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Board games: Big Bird, rappers come to KU defense’s aid

It was legit, and Matt has admitted that he got the quote wrong.

Yes, I do have issues with the LJW, but that doesn't change the fact that the quote was wrong.

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Board games: Big Bird, rappers come to KU defense’s aid

I'll put that down as an admission that you got the quote wrong.

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