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KU drops down-to-the-wire thriller with Michigan State

Dude, put the drink down and sleep it off. Talk about over-reacting....Good God, it's a long season and it's one game. I think we looked far better tonight than we did last year against Kentucky in this game.....We are still a very good team, tonight we just went through some growing pains. Relax!

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Weis hopes packed house will honor KU football seniors Saturday night

Making the drive from South Dakota. Will be there with bells on!

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'Not our time': KU can't close out lead, falls 21-17 to Texas

Here is my pet peeve........The last 3 home games, TCU, OSU and Texas.....our team has showed tremendous fight and in the last 2 were in it right to the end....Right now our team is not disappointing it is the "fans" and students.
Our team obviously feeds off of the energy the crowd provides at home, but imagine just for a moment what kind of advantage we could build if people would actually show up for this team through thick and thin.....
This team is making serious strides and a lot of people are missing it, heck I live in South Dakota, and have been there for all but 2 games this year to the end and plan on being there for the home finale against Iowa State.
Many people all year long have been stating that they wish this team would show up. Well guess what people....they have and now it's your turn....
For God's sake people fill the stands and show this team your support on the last football Saturday of the year.

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Late Night plans announced

Hopefully not too difficult. I will be driving in from South Dakota that afternoon, and staying for the football game on Saturday. Bringing my daughter who is super excited to see the 2012-2013 Kansas Jayhawks.

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Former Jayhawk Michael Lee keeping busy as coach

Is there any news about whether the Legends game will be televised in the state of Kansas.

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Recruit Zach Peters proves he can play football, too

I think you can eliminate Tarc from North Carolina's list or vice versa.......Speculation is the 7'0" Center Adam Woodbury (Rivals #42) from Sioux City, IA is either going to verbal to North Carolina or Iowa.....And if you are a 7'er with a frame very similar to Tyler Zeller....why would you pick Iowa over North Carolina.....Plus Roy was in Sioux City a couple of days ago.....Press Conference is at 7pm this evening....this WILL have an impact on Tarc.......

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KU hoops coaches ranging far, wide

Adam Woodbury has already been offered by Ohio State. The kid can't shoot free throws a lick though. went something like 2-19 one game this year....a skinny kid who needs to muscle up, but a legitimate footer averaged 19-12 his junior year. Rumors up here have him pretty strong on Iowa though. Led his team to 2 straight trips to the state tournament!

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10 NCAA Tournament bullet-point observations: Big 12 pairings, upset possibilities

Beebe was not allowed in the room during discussions of any Big XII team per the rules of the committee. The fact that those teams got hosed is not Beebe's fault at all.

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Recurring Morris twins trouble especially disturbing

I got to admit, this morning I am embarrassed to be a Jayhawk fan. But not for the reason so many others have mentioned, but by the way you, the posters, have reacted to the results of this game. Hey, I am just as upset as the rest of you that we got run out of Mahatten, but for better or worse, this is our team, and for all it's faults is a pretty good one. Here are some objective observations:
1. Morris Twins have to play bigger and under control mentally
2. That being said, the refs were terrible last night. (not a flagrant on Kieff and so many touch fouls called against us.)-but not the reason we lost but certainly affected game flow.
3. Guard play from ALL guards has to be better.
4. For those bagging on Coach Self, some nights all the coaching in the world won't help, last night was one of those nights when the message wasn't getting through.
In the grand scheme of things, this is 1 loss, and in all my years as a Jayhawk fan, one thing I have never done is call my team bad or terrible or whatever derogatory adjectives people have thrown about. This type of game screams "players only meeting" on our day off, just like in 2008. We can all only hope the results are the same. But for all of you bagging on this team right now.......LIGHTEN UP.

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Kansas linebacker Justin Springer (45) takes Georgia Tech quarterback Joshua Nesbitt off his feet wi

From someone who watched Justin in High School as a Los Fresnos Falcon. I really enjoyed watching him lay out some people the first two weeks. I am a season ticket holder, and am more than happy to make the drive from South Dakota every week to watch our guys lay it on the line. Justin was a heck of a player back when I was covering him in High School, and there are few from that area who make it big time in D1 Football. Justin is finally reaping the rewards of all his hard work. Keep it up Justin and the rest of the Jayhawks

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