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Former KU guard Sam Cunliffe headed to Evansville

No Larry Bird finished at Indiana State after starting at Indiana.

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Spartans, Denzel Valentine beat KU at Champions Classic

Oh my God, people. Put the crack pipes down and step away from your bottle of Boone's. Just like you I am disappointed. But calling for Bill's firing might be the stupidest thing I have heard in quite a while. It's game #2 in November. Relax! Was Lucas awful? Yes. Was Selden bad? Yes. Do we need to learn how to grab a defensive rebound? Sure.

To say that Izzo out-coached Self is giving Izzo way too much credit. One guy had a career game and that beat em tonight. All Izzo did was whine about foul calls the entire game.

We'll be alright. Everyone just go to bed. I promise the sun will come up tomorrow.

Damn, you people are idiots!

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KU, Northern Colorado play foulfest

Are the problems w ESPN 3 the reason I dont see thegames listed today? I was unable to watch last night?

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Jayhawks set to open against UC Santa Barbara

Anyone got a link to tonight's game....Would like to see it from South Dakota....I know good luck, right!

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One more time: Oklahoma State and Kansas tangle again

I would love to see us come out and play the same frantic defensive scheme that got us back in the game against WVU. That might slow down their offense enough and keep Marcus Smart out of the paint....but when they get by the front line of pressure guys have to get back on defense to prevent easy lay-ups and the phantom fouls that creep up in march giving and 1 chances...and for god-sakes find Forte!

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Kansas basketball to break out new uniforms for March

What happened to the red jerseys they showed earlier this year with the old school Jayhawk? I really liked those. Any chance we see them on Saturday at WVU? To my knowledge we haven't worn red unis yet this season....On a side note, anyone else nervous about a potential match up with Okie St. on Thursday?

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The right guys: Kansas bench keys win vs. Wake

It won't take that long, if Tharpe keeps jacking up 3's

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FINAL: Kansas 87, Wake Forest 78

anyone have any information on how to get the game online tomorrow?

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KU coach Bill Self talks after loss to TCU (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

agree with both statements above. Line-up combinations will be interesting to see going forward. Coach sounds like he doesn't have a lot of confidence in some of the guys at this point. I like bringing KY off the bench to provide a spark of energy....I really hope Perry gets it figured out....His game at Late Night and the first couple of games seemed so smooth...he needs to get some confidence back would like to see him go for 15 next time out.

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FINAL: TCU stuns No. 5 Kansas, 62-55

Holy hell, Batman....what the hell is wrong with you people. We have been on a remarkable run during the Bill Self era. New flash to all you Negative Nancy's....the era isn't over. It had been 264 games since KU had lost 2 games in a row. Was this a pathetic, disheartening performance by KU tonight? Yes it was. But if all you whiners and fair weather fans are season ticket holders I will be happy to drive down from South Dakota and occupy your seat for the rest of the year. With fans like the ones that have been posting here this evening, who needs enemies.....we have enough in the national media and at ESPN. Get it out of your systems now you spoiled cry babies. This is a rough stretch of games we have seen since the start of Big XII play. Bill will get this figured out and we will right the ship. Will we be a #1 seed? Doubtful....but our season and the Big XII is not lost...You people posing as fans make me sick.

Side note to KUSports Staff....will post game quotes and presser be posted on line?

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