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ESPN ranks Calipari, Self 1-2

I say Baylor's Scott Drew #1
John Cal#2
Bill Self#3
Scott Drew has the hardest school to sell and gets good recruits

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Opinion: Light fuse, get away: Ten KU athletes who will pack wallop

Sad part is even when we comment on the crappy page it doesn't matter because that's what they want to keep their job.
It's a win, win situation. If its good journalism we comment, if it's bad we comment.

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New KU TV deals may limit handful of hoops games

U sound like a KSU fan "loyalty man were about loyalty" makes me sick, u have know idea what loyalty is! I don't care if I lose some games on T.V as long as it keeps the product good or makes it better. I personally think everyone will get the football and basketball games in the metro (38 spot) and metro sports will only televise nonprofit type sports. Relax everyone, I think the guy who wrote this article is looking for business!

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Top prospect Andrew Wiggins chooses Kansas

Is that why B-Mac may go #1?

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Bill Self OK that shot clock to stay at 35

They need to change the shot clock, too many teams slow it down! If they speed up the game, this favors Ku,UK, Unc,Duke etc. There wouldn't be as many upsets in March. Speed up the game and KU as a better shot at winning more titles!

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Talking KU basketball, football recruiting and picking out top KU moments in 2012 (Spodcasters)

Kustrong, u wanna see the state of Missouri cash in on profits for KU and MU to play at Arrowhead and Sprint center? Because it wouldn't be a 1 home and 1 away deal. The only way I would like for them to play is if the state of Kansas ponies up some cash to build a venue in our state, so our state makes the profit.

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Ben McLemore named Big 12 rookie of the week

Big Mac! Is possibly the best KU player in history other than Wilt, the best in my lifetime, and way better than Peirce when he was a jr.

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Opinion: TV rights agreement ensures Big 12's long-term stability

TAIT--So why can't you go to the big10 and keep your tier 3 and play on the big 10 network for 13 years? Would that be a way around the GOR? Can the big12 legally claim rights to the big10 network?

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Déjà ewww! KU falls apart in 4th (again)

Here goes the Mangino stuff again! Guys, he was an average coach that had an easy schedule every two years with one of those years being the 07 team winning the orange bowl. When they played the tougher south teams the next 2 years they failed. They failed with almost the same team who won the orange bowl.

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Déjà ewww! KU falls apart in 4th (again)

You don't get it, He's not good for ND or Florida but he's GREAT for KU! Let's make easier for you to understand, it's like KSU hiring Bob Huggins it's GREAT for KSU but would be OKAY for KU. Don't give me the 45 year stuff, I've heard it all before and I've been a fan for 25 years, so what

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