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Les Miles addresses KU's obvious O-line problems after blowout defeat

You all realize you are going to be having the same conversations on this site 3 years from now. I love your positivity and hope for the program. But I went to the Orange Bowl because I knew KU had climbed the mountain, planted the flag never to return in my lifetime. My best friend is the most loyal fan of the program going to every home game, finding the positive in every outcome. But as I tell him the watch hasn't just stopped working it is smashed to bits and some pieces are flat out missing and we live in a town with no watchmaker to fix it. So throw the watch parts out, save your money and in a few years buy a shiny new one that can keep time. It may not have day/date features, it may not light up, but it will be serviceable and keep you on time.

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'We can't treat our quarterback that way': KU O-line falters as Sooners roll, 62-9

Finally, I'm hearing some voices of agreement. Now, our program could have been the cause of one player being permanently disabled or possibly killed by just being under center for this train wreck. It's not Miles fault. It goes back way before him. Now lives are at stake or at least quality of life. Shut the program down.

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Notebook: Miles expecting Williams to return in 2021

All of the so-called "sick" players are just sick of losing and playing at KU. They want to keep eligibility for the transfer portal. If any of you think Pooka will return to KU next year you are the same nuts who think we should keep the program going. He will be wearing the colors of an SEC school. You pick the location, but it wont be lawrence, ks. Seriously, time to begin a petition to hibernate the program until we can find some qualified adults to run the Athletic Department with less legal fees than annual revenue, and to coach a successful football program that relies on high school and in state athletes. Come on do we really want to watch the Titanic hit the iceberg and sink every week in the Fall? Wouldnt it be better to save the money, save the embarrassment, and just focus on basketball.

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Replacing Pooka: Why a former KU RB thinks Velton Gardner is up for the challenge

Humm, I know and appreciate that they are student athletes and with that said the only reason Gardner was more productive than William's this year because William's did not want to he here. Did you see the way he was not hitting holes? He had Herbert rushing stats dancing in his head and he wants some of that before trying to get to NFL. The SEC will enjoy him next season after his audition with us. I was the first to endorse the Coach Miles hire, but he better start finding some in-state players that actually want to be here than these out-of-state rent-a-players. This is a serious setback to the program and there are not enough fingers and thumbs to plug all the leaks in our dike. JUCO is not the solution either.

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Direction of KU's QB competition remains unclear following L to Coastal in opener

I'm coach Miles biggest fan but our team was not ready to play. Sad. Now its time for Dearmon to quit screwing around and develop one long-term QB and Kendrick and McVittie aint it. You recruited Locklin to play QB. He has the size and ability. Now develop him and give him some confidence and courage and we will win some games this season. Even some we aren't supposed to win.

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NCAA leadership lacking when college athletics needs it most

Matt, you need to get the ball rolling on this by asking the question of Power Five Presidents and AD's. Riddle me this Mr. President, Mr. AD? Based on their spineless, rudderless, leadership since before the Final Four is it time for the Power Five Conferences to leave the NCAA behind, let them govern Division II and III schools&athletes and leave the rest to the grown ups in the room to form a new, Power Five Conference with 4 Regional Divisons and Championships in all sports governed by themselves alone? Matt you will win a Pulitzer if you do a story on how impactless the NCAA was in all of this and they showed their true colors as merely Money Changers who hover outside of Sports Temples taking advantage of schools, teams, players, coaches, and fans. All of their money changing tables need to be turned upside down.

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Big Ten, Pac-12 pull plug on fall football amid pandemic

When the Power Five conferences come back to play in Spring or Fall 2021 there needs to be a serious discussion by Member Presidents and AD's about leaving the NCAA. Matt, you need to plant the seed on this by asking questions like where was the NCAA leadership during all of this going all the way back before the Final Four.They have shown their true colors in all of this. Spineless, rudderless, money changers who need to be kicked out of the college sports temple.

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Former Jayhawk Jim Ryun to receive Presidential Medal of Freedom

Matt Tait. Thanks for getting on the story so quickly. Brett M, As wise sherrif Andy Griffith used to say "You Beat All". Mr. Ryun is a great Jayhawk, a great Kansan, and a great American. He is very deserving of this really cool honor no matter who the President is. Congrats Mr. Ryun.

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KU football lands commitment from 2021 Texas offensive lineman

Matt, unrelated to this story. President Trump is going to award Medal of Freedom (Nations Highest Civilian Honor) to Jim Ryun. You need to get a story going on it. When, where, how many jayhawks have been given this honor, etc. This is a HUGE DEAL for Kansas Athletics

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What options might KU football have if nonconference games are eliminated from the 2020 schedule?

I agree with Coach Mangino that decisions like the one made today by the BigTen and USC go a long way toward the elimination of the 2020/2021 Football season.

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