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Self reacts to news of Colorado's departure from Big 12

This is certainly an important story and thank you, Gary. I am not like many of the negative individuals on this site. I do not anticipate that Coach Self is going to leave the current basketball group (guys that he recruited) and certainly not in the way Roy Williams did (with good ole Dean Smith around). I believe that he is staying around to see what develops from this breakup of the B12. Good riddance to Colorado, boy are they going to have a tremendous impact on the Pac 10 in the major revenue sports such as Rocky Mountain High skiing (not football or basketball). If Nebraska leaves (as anticipated) for the big 10, it will really be interesting to see what happens to the remaining 10 teams. Great chance to add TCU to the South, steal one of the current big 10 schools, add Memphis or even add Arkansas (back comes the Texas-Arkansas) rivalry. Adding TCU really adds to the DFW market (above their current, high level). Adding Arkansas is fairly obvious if the conference is left at 10. Yes, KU being an independent in basketball would be a consideration (if the conference scenarios do not work out). Gee, it sure would be nice to have either our own TV contract or an independent network. I am interested to see what happens and RCJH!!!

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KU baseball falls again

Gee, no surprise here (please see my previous posts/blogs). I have said this before on this site with the ninth inning loss to Oklahoma. They need to pack up the gloves, balls and bats and return to Lawrence. They can get an "early" start for next season. On their return, they need to look for two, additional starting pitchers and two excellent relievers (just in case one gets hurt). Also, this has the advantage of returning these guys to the classrooms on the campus (ouch, I know they didn't want to see that in print).

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KU Athletic Director Perkins victim of alleged blackmail scheme

As graduation has come and gone and as other schools are graduating, let's look at the SPORTS YEAR IN REVIEW (come on LJW, please leave the caps where I have placed them) at good ole' KU. All of the pre-season football hype with "visions" of winning the B12 North are obscured and obliterated by a 7 game losing streak intermixed with a true debacle in the coaching section. Enter all the fun time of several key basketball and football players having a less than honorable altercation (reminescent of a 5th grade skirmish by university age "children"). The #1 ranked Jayhawk basketball team had an excellent season (winning the B12 and the B12 tournament) until they met a "powerful" team from that bastion of basketball wizardy in Cedar Falls, IA (during this "last game" of the season, key items such as playing defense, switching defenses at an early, appropriate time and the ability to hit free-throws near and at the end of the game were completely abandoned or possibly left in the locker room). This one leaves the door open for another ACC team to win the National Championship and they capitalize on the opportunity (always great to play second chair to the ACC in basketball - especially two years in a row). The women' s basketball team simply "tanks" the season being unable to even approach being a consistent "top" 25 team. The men's baseball team looked great early on and held promise to turn things around, but headed South from their position in the B12 North and decided to become a bottom dweller losing their last 5 games. Now, enter all of the "excellent" publicity and excitment of a million dollar (if that is all that it was I would be very surprised) ticket scam/scandal, Well fans, that is the cake but now it is time for the icing - the Atheltic Director is involved in a blackmail scheme. This occurs for 7 months (it is allowed to go on for this length of time???). One of the primary "players" in this sweetness is a "computer". Silly me, I thought that humans were the primary players and computers only followed our commands and instructions. What sweet "icing" this one is!!!

Yes, I bleed crimson and blue and have two professional degrees from our University, but it is certainly malodorous around Allen (sorry Phog) Fieldhouse. Performance and propriety are not in our current dictionary/vocabulary. OK, folks that is our SPORTS YEAR IN REVIEW and I know that you are like me - you can hardly wait for the upcoming Jayhawk football season (yea, right).

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Biggest, longest lasting impact of ticket scandal at Kansas University may have very little to do with tickets

Although we have been reading and hearing about this for some time, this is really interesting. This is really nice "icing" on the Crimson and Blue "cake" after the autumn debacle in football, the egregious defeat in basketball at the hands of that "powerhouse" basketball team from Cedar Falls, IA (are we trying to enter the MIssouri Valley Conference?), the defeat last night by the baseball team (one of a series of eighth and ninth inning losses by the Jayhawks) and the baseball team's genuine "heading south" season. I'm looking forward to more information on this special diversion of ticket monies and I'm not looking forward to the football season, 2010-2011. Should be more "sweet icing" on the "cake" such as the Governor's cup remains "in the barn". LJW great work and let us know if it is only one million and how many (and whom) are really involved. Great reading (yea, right )and right down there with the debris (safe word to use, but I certainly could have chosen a more vivid word and now I can hope the LJW doesn't delete this comment) around the barn.

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Oklahoma baseball defeats Kansas in Big 12 Tournament

Wow, no real surprise with this one. Staying right in the "groove" - blow the lead and the game in the ninth inning. This performance was virtually identical to last weekend's performances (at least we weren't on our home field). Gee, another dose of realism for those with ebullient enthusiasm (frequently printed and read on this LJW site). Reality is - these Jayhawks just cannot get it done. Baseball season is essentially over. They might as well pack up the gloves, balls and bats and return to Lawrence, take a short break and start practicing for next year. What a really great athletic year - baseball and basketball debacles in Oklahoma in the same year, football debacle last autumn and now at least a million dollar ticket scandal. Please do not ask me if I am looking forward to the upcoming football season (yea right). Despite all of this, I will continue to wear my Jayhawk and KU shirts and ties with pride.

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KU baseball team lets lead slip away in ninth

Thank you for the article, Gary. Let me see, that was UNI who hit that late 3 to win the game and we couldn't take of business. Oh, oh, oh, sorry, I got confused (it must be my preOldtimers disease since I am over 60), just the wrong sport and a different day, but THE SAME (please fill in the short form of male bovine excrement) RESULT - a game the Jayhawks should have won, but they ................(there goes that preOldtimers disease again, I forgot the words, ha, ha, ha).

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Don’t get hopes too high

Tom, this is an excellent article and is genuinely realistic in terms of an anticipated year. We have too many positions to fill with only a modicum of experience. Key positions such as quarterback, receiving corps and defensive line are just too tentative at this time (and will be in late summer and fall) to anticipate anything more than a 4-8 or at best a 5-7 year. A 3-9 year would not at all surprise me and I am very concerned that the Governor's cup will remain in the "barn". This performance could certainly change in the next two to three years and I certainly hope that it does. Otherwise, any potential ebulllient enthusiasm (that I have) is tempered by the reality of the high level of football in the B12 and our inexperience and tentativeness at many positions. Yet, RCJayhawks and please prove Keeg and me wrong!!!

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Two lady Jayhawks transferring

Of course, this is disappointing. I do not know the reasons for the transfers, but it could be the amount of PT and the "amount of PT that I should be getting" are clearly disparate. I wish these Lady Jayhawks the very best in their future academic and athletic challenges.

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Collins preparing for draft in Vegas

I definitely agree with Jaminrhawk and kushaw. If SC wants to be ready for NBA try outs, do well, obtain the best possible draft status and then have economic support for his family, then that is correct. If he misses a basketball banquet, a 3 point shooting contest or whatever other activities, who cares. He has to take care of his family and himself first. SC should be applauded for having his priorities in order. I am not really sure, but there might be one or two individuals in our wonderful society who does not understand this priority (by the way, you might not want to read that last sentence literally, maybe it has more to say than a literal interpretation would make). SC you have made great decisions on the court and now in preparation for a NBA career. Best wishes in your preparation for the draft and I hope you are made a first round selection. SC thank you for everything that you have accomplished both on and off the hardwood for The University of Kansas Jayhawks.

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Brandon Knight picks Kentucky

I certainly hope that both Lamb and Selby come to KU; however, I am not getting my hopes to high. The way that we "exited" the Dance (with the solid #1 rating before meeting that "powerhouse" basketball school from Cedar Falls, IA) and with other schools with their "hats in the ring" leaves me with diminished hopes and a sense of concern. I would be happy just to get Selby. Selby plus Lamb would be incredible!!!

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