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Preseason media poll places KU football last, OU first in Big 12

I hope that the Big 12 football media will provide a post-season critique of their pre-season "guesses". That might be a semi-interesting article compared to their space-occupying (in both print and electronic media) speculations at this time of the college football season. Regardless of whether these pre-season polls are from any league or any school, they should be looked at in a very positive light. That is, they are great somnifacients. Even after a nice 8 hour sleep, one can read these articles and still fall immediately back to sleep (even in a sitting position)!

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Jayhawk great Glenn Cunningham to be enshrined

Even the first portion of your reply betrays your lack of interpretative neocortical function. It is 1977kufan and not 1077kufan. However, the most egregious portion of your reply was the comment, "Your patronizing tone brings to mind a saying I first (you typed head and it should be heard) at a family reunion in the late 1940s or early 50s. The greatest among us are seldom those who have the most, but much more often those who NEED the least." THAT IS YOUR MISINTERPRETATION (I KNOW YOU CANNOT MISINTERPRET ANYTHING BECAUSE YOU EITHER ALREADY KNOW EVERYTHING BASED ON WHAT YOU HEARD AT A FAMILY REUNION OR YOU PONTIFICATE FROM YOUR "HIGH CHAIR"). What you should have interpreted was a genuine concern to help another family. The intent was a genuine concern for one family or person helping another family. Simply, fellow Kansans helping other Kansans. In your lack of any significant neocortical function, you completely missed that genuine concern. If you care to reply, you might try "excuses" such as - sorry, this is the way I usually interpret other Jayhawk's genuine concern for other people (are you actually from MIssouri and have an intentionally misleading KU62?), or I have Alzheimer's disease (bless those individuals who do have this disease, they to need our help and understanding), I have a cerebral multi-infarct disorder (if that's what it is, I am also sorry to hear about that) or possibly some combination of the stated "excuses". Regardless of your reply and which "excuse" (including any not listed) you utilize, you have a significant neocortical interpretative dysfunction. I hope that you do not have any interpretative difficulty with the use of I in the previous sentences!!!

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Jayhawk great Glenn Cunningham to be enshrined

One of my fondest childhood memories was meeting Glenn and his family at their home (1959-1960). They lived in very, very modest surroundings with a modicum of income on their Kansas farm home. As my familly was leaving, we were followed by 2 of his children. They were running on the dirt path that went to and fro from the access road to their home. They were running barefoot!!!. At that time, our family could not financially help them (I sure wish that I could have, even then). Oh to have been 15 years older and finished with pharmacy school (I completed that in 1972 at our alma mater), it would have been a tremendous joy to give those children running shoes (or any shoes for that matter)!!! God bless you, Glenn.

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Final thoughts following KU's 60-57 win over N.C. State

I will not be surprised if the KU-unc (lower case intended) game is very close with the deciding factor being "something interesting" from the officiating crew (of course, not sure which side that would favor). That aside, I prefer that the Jayhawks win with an 8 to 12 point cushion (unc playing with or without Kendall Marshall).

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Border Warriors prove mettle

This is your best journalist writing!!! To savor the article, I have read this 3 times to day and each time I am truly amazed at your choice of words, the mastery of flow from one point or paragraph to the next, the syntax and many other points that I could make. You are exactly right!!! Great effort from all of the players and it's certainly nice to have the number 8 consecutive championship trophy coming shortly into THE FIELDHOUSE!!!

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Colorado looks for Big 12 exit strategy

Colorado U (I can not even begin to type the University of well, you know...) is in Boulder. Colorado State University is in Fort Collins (not Colorado Springs). The Air Force Academy is in Colorado Springs and CU-Colorado Springs is obvious. I hope that helps you. After observing some of the decisions made by officials at CU (both in the remote and now in the more recent past), it is obvious that most of the decisions from CU are made after a protracted stay in Golden, CO (after plentiful imbibing at the Coors facility)!!!

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Sherron Collins goes undrafted

J-W Staff,
An informative and interesting article. I now have a new summary of the NBA draft and the individuals making those decisions...mistakes after mistakes after errors after errors from individuals with a very limited ability to make a correct (certainly not a futuristically correct) decision. These individuals (GMs and others) do not have to be concerned about the words erudite and cognition - not in their vocabulary and certainly not in their decision-making. It is clear that they do not understand and cannot evalute the game of basketball and basketball players.

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Big 12 not dead yet

It is unfortunate that you cannot take jayhawk off of the end of your blog name. Demeaning and debasing comments such as "The move to the SEC would be detrimental overall -- the SEC is a marginal academic conference, probably weaker than the Big XII, which doesn't hold a candle to either the Big 10 or the Pac 10" are entirely inappropriate. You should have been in my physical chemistry, biochemistry, organic medicinal agents and pharmaceutical chemistry classes. It would have been interesting seeing what you could have done in nine months of human pathology in medical school. These were just some of the classes (and by the way I did very well in these classes at the University of Kansas) that I have taken. One of your "marginal academic" (your printed words, utahjayhawk, not mine) institutions. I know and have met with students who have recently and even remotely graduated from some of those Big Ten and Pac 10 schools. Except for your comments (which are indeed marginal), their fund of knowledge in their area of expertise is limited. I know your excuse for this printed faux pas. You are having episodes of neuronal dysjunctioning. Your synapses are just not connected. Please remove jayhawk from the end of your printed name. Thank you and Rock Chalk, Jayhawks

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Could Mountain West merger save Big 12?

Thank you for your post, but you need to pay more attention to what's going on in the re-alignment decisions and in history. Coach Self is from Oklahoma State. Now several ifs come in to play. If Oklahoma State decides to go to the Pac-10 (pretty good chance of this) and if we (the University of Kansas) are relegated to a non-BCS conference (fairly low chance, but possible) and if Coach Self decides to leave, T Boone Pickens (who has already presented a substantial offer for Coach Self to return to his alma mater) will be splashing oil money far greater than any offer from MSU. The other if in this is Tom Izzo going to the Cleveland Cavaliers. I am not from the Lansing/East Lansing area, but my intuition is that Coach Izzo is too sharp of an individual to have any desire to address and deal with the manipulation and egos that are present in the NBA. So let's see for Coach Self, would he return to the Stillwater area with a very large sum of money and his alma mater or would he go to the East Lansing area with a lesser sum of money. I certainly have nothing against MSU or East Lansing (super great University in an equally great college town), but I will let you think about this and you make the decision. Which would you do???

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Next-best fit for KU? Big/Pac-20

Tom, this is an interesting article and I certainly like the disdain for Missery - who cares. Simply a one problem after another problem university that may have indeed started this entire fiasco by "wishing" they were in the big 10. A super conference with the Pac 10 or 20 or what ever number is certainly an attractive possibility. After CU and NU leave, a consideration should be given to bringing TCU and Arkansas to re-establish the number 12. The big question with this scenario is, how much TV revenue would this generate in comparison to other scenarios? This seems to be the driving force. Well, this interesting and I am certainly awaiting on the re-alignment. As a related note and after looking at recent interviews and activities, our University has an truly outstanding head coach in basketball. Everyone, please make sure that Coach Self remains in his position. He is a priceless asset to this University!!! RCJH KU!!!

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