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Tom Keegan: Clear need emerges on cloudy day; time for change

Ken Niumatalolo...head coach of Navy.

Whoever we hire, we will be about 12-13 on the list of teams that need a coach.
Tennessee, Arkansas, Florida, Nebraska, Illinois, Washington State....they will all need new coaches.

I still can't believe that we had a good, competitive program from 2003-2009 and then flushed it down the toilet because some of our players didn't like how a football coach, coached. Look where we are today. Shaking my head in disgust and disbelief.

The destruction of Kansas football has many levels, AD, Coaching and Players. But I'll leave with this, we simply have a Head Coach who hasn't a clue coaching players who don't have the ability to play D1 football...mash it all together and you get a 3-33 record, weekly beatings and no competitiveness.

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Jayhawks crushed by Baylor, remain in last place in Big 12

How about not hiring Pirate Mike Leach when we went after Weiss? Look what he has done at Washington State...Washington State?!?!?!?!?......

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Jayhawks crushed by Baylor, remain in last place in Big 12

It's too bad our 1AA/D2 talent has to play a D1 schedule. Texas recruiting Guru my foot.

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Bounced by Baylor: Jayhawks frustrated by 'unacceptable' 38-9 loss

After watching us lose, Again, I have come to the conclusion that this is the worse team in the history of Kansas Football. We are in year 3 of the Beaty era, which means he is playing most if not all of the players he's recruited.

To a man, we have 2 division 1 football players on our entire roster and those 2 would start in the MAC, Mountain West, or the Sunbelt. There are NO other players who can play at this level. If they were, would we be getting blown out? If we had real D1 players on this roster, would we be a little more competitive in year 3?

No joke, there was a play today where a Baylor WR ran a simple post and gained 14-19 yards. I backed the play up again to see how did he get so wide open...answer...our CB backed up, turned the wrong way and did a 360 to get back into coverage, while the Baylor WR made a simple post move. Our guy turned his body the wrong way, and spun to regain coverage (lack there of)...I couldn't believe my eyes.

So our 1AA/D2 players who were recruited by this staff are now entrenched within the program for another 1-3 years...and hopefully a new coach.

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'Enough's enough': KU offense trying to flush recent collapses from system

15-35 56 yards and 1 interception....for 2 games?!?!?!?. I don't think it's a good idea to throw the KU favorite, wr screen or lateral anymore. 15 completed pass for 56 yards...look for that trend to continue when KSU comes into our crib and rolls us 56-3.

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Last nine-and-a-half quarters: Opponents 118, Kansas 0

Recruiting is one thing, coaching is must do both

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Tom Keegan: Third year not the charm for Kansas football coach David Beaty

Why is Zenger the AD today? I'd rather drink a bottle if exlax, tied in a straight jacket and locked in a dirty outhouse than support this horrible, horrible AD. As if he's the only AD to address new facilities at any program on Earth...I ain't doing it...

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KU offense in a bad place following back-to-back shutouts

Gene Chizik could not find his butt with a bell on it at ISU and won a title at Auburn with the other coaches players...wrong.

I initially said keep Beaty for the rest of the year after the tech loss because it shows instability in a program getting a new coach every 3 years...but I've changed my tune. He and Zenger both need to go, Zenger immediately and Beaty at the end of the 3rd quarter vs OSU.

As far as the players, they've quit and are looking forward to playing next year with a new staff or transferring. Play some of the non starters, in fact play Everyone, go to the 3 deep, anything.

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Jayhawks shutout for the second straight week, 43-0

There is so much to say, I don't know where to begin.

So let's start with the many times are we going to complete forward or sideways passes and continue to lose yards? When will Bender lose his starting job? When will we start a new O line?
There was a series in the 3rd quarter where we lost yards on every play, including 2 sacks.

Defense...or as I like to call them, the Destroyed 11. I feel so bad for those guys. They are on the field, giving up 6-14 yards every play..because they are to slow, over pursue, play soft coverage, apply no pressure and are simply gassed.

Special teams, or not so special teams...2 more shanked punts, another return for 6, penalties on the halo rule.

Coaching....entire staff.

AD..gotta go.

How many guys are going to transfer out after the end of the year? And how many guys will transfer to D1 schools to sit out a year. I can see a bulk of the transfers to go to FCS schools so they can play right away, because that is where they belong in the first place. We only have 2-3 guys on both sides of the ball who can actually play at this level. It is clear to this lifelong fan that the team has completely quit and won't respond to anything the Head coach or his staff has to say.

Thanks so much for firing Mark Mangino, because his above .500 record and 3-1 record in bowl games and full stadiums were the sources of his termination.

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KU defense played 'by far' its best game of season at ISU

4 touchdown drives of 35 yards or less... I think gaining less than 140 yards and hanging 28 points on an opponent says a ton. Unfortunately, our FCS level defense has to play FBS teams every week.

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