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Mr. Big Shot: Naadir Tharpe’s field goal puts KU on top

Four comments about this year's team and the state of NCAA BB. I follow both with interest but not nearly as closely as most of you. Please convince me that I'm wrong in my assertions. (1) Our big men, especially Withey, greatly miss the special coaching given them by former assistant, Danny Manning. This will probably prevent us from going deep into the NCAA tourney this year. Whether or not Self can somehow fill that coaching void may well determine whether he stays at Kansas for 12 to 18 more years and finishes as one of the top 10 NCAA BB coaches of all-time. (2) Several key players on this year's KU squad often fail to play with the intensity of prior years' teams. Especially in pursuing loose balls and contested rebounds. (3) "One & Dones" are bad for college BB, especially bad for player development and for fans' satisfaction in watching that development over a 4 year period. (4) Overall quality of play in NCAA BB is deteriorating rapidly. Too many early departures. After largely ignoring the NBA for several decades I now find myself watching mostly the pro league. It's the only venue remaining to watch BB that is not embarrasingly bad.

Say it ain't so.

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Opinion: It's time to embrace this team's ugly way of winning

We will do very well to win 2 of the next 3 games. I rate the KSU game as the toughest of the 3, at best a toss-up, provided we bring our A game.

Haven't posted in a while. I'm still dissapointed with the steady decline in the overall quality of NCAA BB, caused by the ever increasing early departures for the NBA. NCAA BB is a shell of what it once was in the 1960's & 1970's. I've had little interst in watching NBA games until the last couple of years. But I now find myself watching more & more NBA games, the only venue left to see high quality BB.

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Realignment Today: 3:44 p.m. update — KU coach Bill Self chimes in on realignment; ACC expansion and more rumors from Big Ten country

I haven't posted a comment on the LJW board for over a year now, not since the time of the last realignment maneuvers. The good news, for me anyway at my advanced age, is that that I've yet again avoided the reaper. The realignment machinations fascinate me. No other press coverage bests Matt's. Here's are my 2 bit incendiarisms. I expressed all this during the prior chess match. Current events reinforce my views.
1. The Big 12 Conference, having only 10 members, is a structural dinosaur compared to the other BCS Conferences (heck, maybe even compared to where the Big East will end up).
2. We should have added Boise, BYU, Cinci, & Loui to get to 16 (with Houston, Rice, SMU, New Mexico, Colo State, & even SDSU as possible backups). Don't let the B12 front office tell you how rough the waves are. Tell them to just bring the ships into port. BCS Conferences are athletic business consortiums, not academic debating clubs.
3. Since the B12 is doomed, KU should have been doing everything possible, mostly in secret, to get into the B1G. Make it happen. Huge long-term benefits to the entire state of Kansas.
4. Iowa State to the B1G, too. ISU is much stronger academically than many casual observers realize. Better than KU in FB. Lawrence, Ames, Lincoln, Iowa City, & Minneapolis are a natural geographic fit. Maybe, barely, the Wildcats make the cut. KU, ISU, KSU would all be required to significantly expand their FB stadiums.
5. KU should be lobbying the PAC12, too. Don't fret the time zone difference. Bring along some other B12 schools, and the time zone difference becomes no Biggie. I'm sure others here have already explained why.

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FSU prez: Big 12 has pros, cons

Serious and realistic threats of Fed intervention will arise. That's a few years from now. The BCS conferences will then clean up the situation themselves (possibly by adding 8 more BCS schools, (going from 64 to 72) so as to avoid "Watergate" type hearings.

I've never seen anything on TV more riveting than the Watergate hearings. However, Congressional investigations of & hearings into the NCAA could top even Watergate and would surely expose a greater number of prosecutable felons. Everyone follows NCAA sports, many avidly. Nearly everyone would watch. By contrast, the majority of people have long ago tuned out of national politics (less than half vote, even for Prez), realizing that national elections are the ultimate show of trickery on parade. Even the shows of Spike Jones and his City Slickers should be taken more seriously than the quadriannual (sp?) first Tuesday after first Monday Prez popularity contests. In fact, the winner-take-all electoral college system assures that in all but a few States your vote for Prez is totally meaningless.

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FSU prez: Big 12 has pros, cons

I agree with every word you have written, I can rarely say that about any posting on this board. I have held the views you express ever since the realignment wheel began to spin.

The arguments stated by Mr. Barron of FSU for FSU's not jumping to the B12 are much more persuasive than any reasons for FSU B12ing. Above all, they're not going to withdraw from a growing region and dominate State to hook up with a bunch of sparcely populated plains States dominated by UT. FSU will be smart enough to look long-term. Sorry folks. I just calls 'em as I sees 'em.

The best remaining B12 expansion candidates are Loui, Cinci, Memphis, & Houston. None of them great, but that's what the B12 is left with. The bean stalk had already been pretty well picked before the B12 front office people awakened. And it looks to me like the B12 eggheads have now turned over and gone back to sleep.

Geography is important. WVU might have temporarily ignored it, but it will resurface in Morgantown within a few years; unless the B12 can add a school located somewhere between KC and Morgantown. If WVU remains geographicaly isolated, the B12 will no better be able to keep them in the fold than Rome was able to hold Britain or lands beyond the Rhine. WVU is an unprotected outpost.

The B12's failure to net Boise and BYU was a serious setback. BCS leagues are athletic assemblages, with the possible exception of the B10 (so far anyway), as you stated. And "athletics" means "football", mostly. BCS conferences are not intellectual debating fraternities. Had FB strong Boise entered the B12, then by osmosis their BB program would have risen to respectability within 4 to 5 years and their academic standing would have achieved acceptable stature within 5 to 7 years.

Historically, the folks living in Kansas & the other States in the B12 region have always been much more western oriented (Boise & BYU), than eastern oriented (WVU & FSU). The B12 blew it. Disappointing, to say the least.

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Vitale lauds McLemore, Jayhawks in early ranks

Your specific realignment forecast seems likely. I've thought so for a while now. IMO we'll see it within 5 years. I prefer the PAC for KU because of where I live, but the B1g is in the best interest of KU, with the PAC being the 2d choice.

Postseason FB, in substance, i will really consist of a three round 8 team playoff among the 8 divisional winners, with opening round games consisting of four league championship games. Under this format, I'd like to see each BCS school's regular season 11 game FB schedule consist of: all 5 schools in your division, + 2 opponents from the other division in your league (three year cycle) + 2 games against BCS schools from the other 3 BCS leagues. Under this format, the crowned NCAA champion will truly deserve its seat on the throne.

BB regular season season schedules in the four 16 team (2 division) super conferences should consist of 22 games: 14 (complete home-away round robin within your own division) + 8 ( all 8 teams from the other division in your league). Just like BCS FB, there should then be 4 post-season BB championship games, one in each of the 4 BCS leagues. The top 4 seeds in the NCAA 64 team tourney should then be automatically awarded to the 4 BCS league champions. This will help restore the importance of NCAA BB league play. The current post-season league tournaments are an abomination unto all serious, long-time NCAA BB fans.

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NO FOOLIN’! Believe it: KU makes title game

I have watched many games in this year's tournament. I try to look objectively at all of it. What I see is this:

KU is the best team, defensively, in the tournament. This is one of the best KU defensive teams of the last 60 years. 1957's team may be the only KU team that is its equal, defensively. It is a beautiful thing to behold; rarely seen these days. Requires exceptional communication skills among all involved and god-given basketball instincts. Self must have really convinced his players that "defense wins games", not just paying it lip service. Certainly helps to have a 7 ft vollyball player anchoring it. What makes this truly amazing is that we are accomplishing all this with a thin bench and without getting any of our big three in foul trouble. That is not luck. Impressive.

One of the biggest reasons this approach has succeeded is that the overall level of offensive performance, across the entire 68 team field, is not very good. Blame the NBA poachers for that.

KU has a chance Monday if our outside shots go in. A title this year would be a greater achievement than 1988's. Without having looked at the Vegas line, I'd give us about a 35% chance of winning. So, it could happen. I'll definitely say this: our team this year is better than either of the teams in last year's championship game. So we shall see.

P.S. Kill all post-season league tournaments.

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Final Four field filled with royalty

+1, especially your final sentence.

I do ponder whether or not Self will accept Duke's offer, when Coach K retires.

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Final Four field filled with royalty

Nice. I'd like to see it happen.

Mail your post to the LJW. Maybe they'll be able to use it and acknowledge your contribution.

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Final Four field filled with royalty

I recall that Haase was one of the North Carolina promoters hanging around Roy Williams in the days leading up to Roy's final game at KU, a failed national title game. A game we should have won.

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