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Big 12 tip: stay at 10

How does Arkansas vs Oklahoma sound?

Or Texas vs Arkansas?

Or how about Missouri vs Arkansas in basketball, a year after Mike Anderson split?

It's time for T Boone, Jerry Jones & Texas to get involved for the long term viability of the league...

It's time to purchase a team from the SEC & put the SEC on the defensive....

"Hello Razorbacks, meet T Boone Pickens & Jerry Jones & the bank account of Texas! Any chance you'd like to ponder getting your rivalries back over a glass of money?"

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Big 12 tip: stay at 10

What was that MU official thinking? This is not verbatim, but they may as well have been caught on the phone saying:

"You know, the Big 10 is awesome that's what we really really really wanted... I really really love the Big 10! Have we mentioned yet on national TV that we're currently in a contract with another conference & we like to stir up other members by threatening to leave? I hope the Big 10 didn't get a sniff of what happened last year with CU & NU leaving the Big 12 after we started going public.... I really hope no one starts recalling that the out of this world UT contract with ESPN would have never gone through without the new rules put in place by Beebe after we stirred the pot last year.... Still think UT owes us about 150 million on that one... Cheapscapes. Anyhow, back to the point. I'm still really mad the Big 10 didn't want us last year! Will this anger about the Big 10 not wanting us ever end? Because that's where we really want to go! I love it when our team plays football as an underdog on the ice! Anyhow, man I hope that conference that's not nearly as good as the Big 10 will take us & we can finally start our good life we've been dreaming about since that day we almost got to fly our confederate flag."

End of transcript.


I really believe if T Boone & a couple other visionaries with money get their minds together we could completely flip the tables on what's been going on. SEC officials have been good about keeping it on the down low but they have still been having conversations with at least 6 of our teams.

Now that stability is coming back to the big 12, I agree that more than 10 is a goodway to go, especially if the teams fit perfectly.

To me Arkansas really is that fit. Old SWC team that's not really all that good of a fit culturally in the SEC. In the past few years, Arkansas fans have spoke often of this along with not having a true rival, such as the ones they lost from the SWC. Not only that, a border rivalry could easily fume between Missouri & Arkansas in the Big 12 if you think about the Mike Anderson departure...

I don't care what the quotes say. They would come here. They just haven't been approached by the right shopper yet.

If & when a purchase like that happens, look out. All of the sudden the stable Big 12 is the aggressor. But not to be a pain. It's just because Arkansas belongs here.

And suddenly the SEC is the one scrambling.

Rock Chalk

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KU officials celebrate big day for Big 12

Good point TXhawk,

Well then. It's a competition of bank accounts between Jerry Jones & T. Boone to see whose first to buy Arkansas back into the SW conference.

Or has the Big 12 learned enough at this point, that it's teamwork between the alliance that always prevails...

You have me thinking Texashawk...

T. Boone, Jerry Jones & UT working together to basically rip away an old SWC team from the SEC...

THAT would put any doubts about the strength of the Big 12 to rest...

Throughout all of this, the SEC hasn't been threatened once... But they sure do like talking to contracted teams from a certain conference to the west & north... Not once. Not twice. Not three times. Not four times. Not five times. But six different teams from the big 12 they've courted when the lights are out & nobody's looking. 6 times.

This is a chess match & to play a proper game of chess with money, properties need to be threatened & occasdonally taken.

It's time to take back Arkansas. It's time for the SEC to sweat at least once. And once is more than enough for me. Then we can get back to the business of making our conference, once again the biggest & the best in the nation.

Paging Jerry Jones & Mr. Pickens...

Rock Chalk Big 12.

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KU officials celebrate big day for Big 12

Any chance T. Booone could purchase Nebraska back from the Big 10?

What's it gonna cost..... 50 million?

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KU officials celebrate big day for Big 12

Dear T. Boone Pickens,

In the quest to put a permanent stamp of power back on the Big 12, as once again, the most powerful conference in the nation....

You are being challenged to purchase the Arkansas Razorbacks from the SEC. I'm thinking $25 million.

At any rate, no matter the cost it will be worth it. You will be seen as the visionary who beat UT to the punch. And ironically UT will owe one to you down the road for bringing back one of their old rivals "for free"...

(of course you don't need to share what the investment will get you in return over the years, which will not only be much more than cost, but more importantly the feeling that you did something very, very, very right).

Arkansas is purchasable. They just didn't know which shopper they're dealing with yet. In fact they had no idea someone from the big 12 would just "buy them"....

But it's about to happen thanks to either you, or UT...

Personally I hope it's you.

We are the most powerful conference if we all start checking out what's inside of each other's wallets....

Now we just need to use our wallets & friendships wisely; it's time to raid the SEC boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rock Chalk T. Boone.

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Realignment Today: 3:56 p.m. - Big Day in the Big 12. League unanimously agrees to grant of rights after moving to add TCU as 10th member

I think just to "make a statement" about our conference's real strength (as the nation seems to have quickly forgotten)...

UT needs to toss Arkansas a few million bucks & we steal Arkansas from the SEC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any businessman down in Austin should know, it's just "an investment"... Which will make Austin Texas millions more down the road by strengthening the Big 12 to epic proportions with a tremendous business victory over the SEC!!!!!!!!!

Oklahoma State?

T Boone Pickens are you listening?

Plus, whether or not Pickens or UT's businessmen would make the purchase, the truth is Arkansas by all reports has not really been all that happy since losing their rivalries...

So... What's it gonna cost an Austinite?

$25 million?

It's worth it no matter the cost.

Buy an SEC team...

If Missouri leaves for the SEC, we get the better team & the SEC can be happy at 12.

If Missourah stays.... We look even better, as hard as that is to say about a state that doesn't exist in Grampa Simpson's mind...

For the record, TCU is one helluva steal. BCS bowl last year. Rose Bowl champs. They'll eat up A&M's recruiting. And the small amount of Mizzou recruiting in Texas if Mizzou really leaves. Hilarious.

Hey UT!!!!!!!

Let's buy an old SWC rival back & put the official stamp back down right on top of the SEC!!!!



The Razorbacks!!!!!!!!!

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Mizzou official: We wanted Big Ten, but we’ll take SEC

Missouri's head curator's plan yesterday morning at the roundtable:

"Let's go public, get ESPN on the phone Johnny, & say the SEC is not great like the Big 10 but it's considered by our Missouri standards an OK conference with terrible academics & highly suspect admission standards! Then let's explain that we really were dying to get into the best conference of all time, the Big 10. Then let's explain to the public that we're hoping to leave a contract we've had with another conference (as a charter member!!!) in hopes of getting an invite to a conference that is OK, but not great. Then let's make sure to publically let everyone see on the ESPN sports ticker at the end of this statement that the Big 10, who we really wanted bad, didn't want us but we wanted them. Are you on the phone with ESPN Johnny? THIS is how Missouri does business ladies & gentlemen! And THAT's why we're the Missouri curators & the rest of those dumb Missouri people aren't!!! Because we're awesome, intelligent AND smart!!!"

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Mizzou official: We wanted Big Ten, but we’ll take SEC


On a serious note, congratulations. I think. Have you guys been invited yet? Anyhow in a strange way we'll miss you guys, if your curator board decides to go Young & the Restless on us & get all dramatic with the SEC. From our hearts... We will miss you guys.

You guys do know that you still can get into the Big 10, right?

One small catch; the Big 10 wants a pair together that hates each other historically, who are both AAU accredited.

Just a tip in life to your booster who keeps leaking "interesting things" things to EsPN... Sometimes things work out for the best in life when you work together.

Thanks to the Mizzou "booster" with a loose tongue, right now it looks like LSU fans will be pushing over some of your loyal fans in the outhouse, midstream, during tailgates in Baton Rouge.

Other than that, Rock Chalk Tigers.

Longest rivalry west of the Mississippi.

We'll miss it. Good luck in the SEC.

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Bill Self won't promise continuation of KU-MU series if Tigers bolt Big 12 for SEC

ESPN just had a ticker that said something like this. It's not verbatim, but it's close:

"Missouri officials say they are now looking for an invite from the SEC. A Missouri spokesperson said originally Missouri hoped to be included in the Big 10, but the Big 10 wasn't interested."


If you're an SEC president, do you want this school now? Is this any way to "fish" for an offer from the SEC? Who is their spokesperson? Missouri is basically saying the SEC isn't quite what they were hoping for but it will do. Must they publically acknowledge their aspirations & failings with the Big 10 while the SEC is on the fence about even extending an invitation to them?

Wow. As Fam once said, "I really didn't think they could be any dumber than they already were. They proved me wrong, yet again, this afternoon."

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Bill Self won't promise continuation of KU-MU series if Tigers bolt Big 12 for SEC

#1 post in the history of the Milky Way. Alltime. Ever.

If this post doesn't make Missouri's curators want to stay, I can't think of anything that will. I mean... You even wrote it in their own language!!!!

We're shaking in our boots Missouri curators!!!!

Oh please don't go!!!!

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