2006 Kansas Relays Schedule

Thursday, April 20

Hammer Events
11 am Men's Hammer Throw
3 pm Women's Hammer Throw
Distance Carnival (All running event times are approximate. Thursday will run on a rolling schedule.)
5 pm Women's Unseeded 800m Run
5:15 pm Men's Unseeded 800m Run
5:35 pm Women's Unseeded 1500m Run
5:45 pm Men's Unseeded 1500m Run
5:55 pm Men's Unseeded 3000m Steeple
6:10 pm Women's 3000m Run (F)
6:20 pm Master's Mile (S)
6:30 pm Women's Open 5k (S)
7 pm Men's Open 5k (S)
7:30 pm Women's 5000 Meter Run (F)
7:55 pm Men's 5000 Meter Run (F)
8:35 pm Women's 10,000 Meter Run (F)
9:20 pm Men's 10,000 Meter Run (F)

Friday, April 21

Field Events
8 am Girl's Javelin
8 am Boy's Shot Put
9:30 am Boy's Pole Vault
10 am Girl's High Jump
11 am Boy's Triple Jump
11 am Boy's Javelin
11:30 am Women's Shot Put
12 pm Women's Triple Jump
1:30 pm Men's Pole Vault
1:30 pm Women's High Jump
2 pm Women's Javelin
3 pm Men's Shot Put
4 pm Men's Triple Jump
4 pm Girl's Triple Jump
5:30 pm Girl's Pole Vault
5 pm Boy's High Jump
5 pm Men's Javelin
6:30 pm Girl's Shot Put

Running Events
9 am Girl's 4 Mile Relay (F)
9:30 am Boy's 4 Mile Relay (F)
9:55 am Girl's Shuttle Hurdle Relay (F)
10:05 am Women's Shuttle Hurdle Relay (F)
10:10 am Boy's Shuttle Hurdle Relay (F)
10:20 am Men's Shuttle Hurdle Relay (F)
10:30 am Girl's 400m Dash (P)
10:45 am Boy's 400m Dash (P)
11:05 am Women's 4x200 Relay (F)
11:15 am Men's 4x200 Relay (F)
11:30 am Girl's 3200m Run (F)
11:45 am Boy's 320m Run (F)
12 pm KR for kids 4th Grade Relay (S)
12:15 pm Girl's 100m Dash (P)
12:30 pm Boy's 100m Dash (P)
12:45 pm Women's 100m Dash (P)
1:05 pm Men's 100m Dash (P)
1:30 pm Women's 400m Hurdles (P)
1:45 pm Men's 400m Hurdles (P)
2:05 pm Boy's 300m Hurdles (F)
2:25 pm Girl's 300m Hurdles (F)
2:45 pm KR for kids 4th Grade Relay (S)
2:50 pm Girl's Distance Medley Relay (F)
3:05 pm Boy's Distance Medley Relay (F)
3:20 pm WOmen's Distance Medley Relay (F)
3:35 pm Men's Distance Medley Relay (F)
3:50 pm Women's 400m Dash (P)
4:05 pm Men's 400m Dash (P)
4:25 pm Girl's 4x100m Relay (P)
4:55 pm Boy's 4x100m Relay (P)
5:25 pm Women's 4x100m Relay (P)
5:45 pm Men's 4x100m Relay (P)
6:05 pm Community 4x100m Relay (S)
6:10 pm Girl's 800m Run (F)
6:20 pm Boy's 800m Run (F)
6:30 pm Men's Steeplechase (F)
6:45 pm Women's Steeplechase (F)
7 pm Girl's 4x400 Relay (P)
7:25 pm Boy's 4x400 Relay (P)
7:50 pm Women's 4x400 Relay (P)
8:10 pm Men's 4x400 Relay (P)
8:30 pm Women's 4 Mile Relay (F)
8:55 pm Men's 4 Mile Relay (F)

Saturday, April 22

Field Events
8 am Boy's Discus
10:30 am Women's Pole Vault
10:45 am Women's Discus
11 am Men's High Jump
11 am Boy's Long Jump
11 am Men's Long Jump
1:30 pm Girl's Discus
3 pm Girl's Long Jump
3 pm Women's Long Jump
2 pm Men's Invitational Pole Vault
3 pm Men's Inviatational Shot
3:30 pm Women's Invitational Pole Vault
4 pm Men's Discus

Running Events
9:00 am Boy's 110m Hurdles (P)
9:15 am Men's 110m Hurdles (P)
9:35 am Girl's 100m Hurdles (P)
9:50 am Women's 100m Hurdles (P)
10:10 am Girl's Sprint Medley Relay (F)
10:30 am Boy's Sprint Medley Relay (F)
10:50 am Women's Sprint Medley Relay (F)
11:05 am Men's Sprint Medley Relay (F)
11:25 am Masters 4 x 100m Relay (S)
11:30 am Grade School 4 x 100m Relay (S)
11:35 am Girl's 4 x 200m Relay (F)
11:50 am Boy's 4 x 200m Relay (F)
12:10 pm Girl's 2 Mile Relay (F)
12:35 pm Boy's 2 Mile Relay (F)
12:55 pm Women's 2 Mile Relay (F)
1:05 pm Men's 2 Mile Relay (F)
1:15 pm 200m Joggling Race (S)
1:17 pm Masters 800m Run (S)
1:20 pm Hy-Vee Shopping Cart Race (S)
1:25 pm Youth 50m Dash (S)
2:00 pm Women's Invitational 200m Dash (I)
2:05 pm Men's Invitational 200m Dash (I)
2:10 pm Girl's 100m Hurdles (F)
2:15 pm Women's 100m Hurdles (F)
2:20 pm Women's Invitational 100m Hurdles (I)
2:25 pm Boy's 110m Hurdles (F)
2:30 pm Men's 110m Hurdles (F)
2:35 pm Men's Invitational 110m Hurdles (I)
2:40 pm Girl's 100m Dash (F)
2:45 pm Women's 100m Dash (F)
2:50 pm Women's Invitational 100m Dash (I)
2:55 pm Boy's 100m Dash (F)
3:00 pm Men's 100m Dash (F)
3:05 pm Men's Invitational 100m Dash (I)
3:10 pm Women's 800m Run (F)
3:15 pm Men's 800m Run (F)
3:20 pm Girl's 4 x 100m Sunflower Showdown
3:25 pm Girl's 4 x 100m Relay (F)
3:30 pm Boy's 4 x 100m Sunflower Showdown
3:35 pm Boy's 4 x 100m Relay (F)
3:40 pm Women's 4 x 100m Relay (F)
3:45 pm Men's 4x100m Relay (F)
3:50 pm Men's Invitational Mile (I)
4:00 pm Women's 400m Hurdles (F)
4:05 pm Men's 400m Hurdles (F)
4:10 pm Men's Invitational 400m Hurdles (I)
4:15 pm Girl's 400m Dash (F)
4:20 pm Women's 400m Dash (F)
4:25 pm Women's Invitational 400m Dash (I)
4:30 pm Boy's 400m Dash (F)
4:35 pm Men's 400m Dash (F)
4:40 pm Men's Invitational 400m Dash (I)
4:45 pm Women's 1500m Run (F)
4:50 pm Men's 1500m Run (F)
4:55 pm Women's Main Event - Invite 4x100 (I)
5:00 pm Men's Main Event - Invite 4x100 (I)
5:20 pm Masters 100m Dash (S)
5:25 pm Girl's 1600m Run (F)
5:40 pm Boy's 1600m Run (F)
5:55 pm Girl's 4 x 400m Sunflower Showdown
6:00 pm Girl's 4 x 400m Relay (F)
6:05 pm Boy's 4 x 400m Sunflower Showdown
6:10 pm Boy's 4 x 400m Relay (F)
6:15 pm Women's 4 x 400m Relay (F)
6:20 pm Men's 4 x 400m Relay (F)