KU football: Spring breakdown — Running Backs


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Jay Beakum 8 years, 7 months ago

As long as you’re listing schools who’ve offered these new RBs, I have to throw out the full list that rivals has for Corey Avery. Like you, I don’t know exactly how much weight to put on this, or if it’s because they have him listed as an “Athlete” instead of “Running Back” but it’s an impressive list. Maybe the most impressive I’ve seen for any KU player in my time.

Offers on the table: Texas, Ohio St., LSU, Nebraska, Oklahoma St., Baylor, Kansas St., Texas Tech, West Virginia, Washington St., TCU, North Texas.

Interest from: Florida, USC, Texas A&M and SMU.

The fact that we beat out even one of the top 5 or 6 on that list is amazing. Especially considering the kid is from Texas.

Regarding Matt’s pick of Mann as leading rusher because Weis saw the tape and made a knee-jerk offer. It’s a really good theory. I don’t see Weis making that choice if he didn’t really like the guy. Another idea is that he REALLY wants to redshirt his two stud freshman, and the risk of injuries to his top 3 guys is fairly high. Bourbon has a history. Cox now has a little. That would leave Miller and... ...well if he hadn’t signed Mann, he might have to burn the shirt of either Wrench or Avery.

Any which way they sort out, our RB rotation resembles a clown car of thoroughbreds this year. Thank you Reggie!

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