KU football: Wrapping up 2012 and identifying needs for 2013


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KGphoto 10 years ago

Couple of glaring omissions at LB:

Huldon Tharp and Samson Faifili. Especially Tharp. Poor Tharp has already been jumped in the minds of, by a JUCO transfer with no D1 experience. Boooo. Boooooooooo.

Just kidding, of course. I do believe it's possible he could jump either Love or Tharp, and I hope it's a knock-down, drag-out competition for a starting spot.

Faifili is interesting. On tape he actually DOES look like Polamalu. Complete with hair, sound tackling, and a killer inside blitz. At 240 pounds you would expect him inside, but he's guilty of chasing guys down from sideline to sideline with regularity. I only have the scouting reports and that one highlight reel, but if he really is a cousin of Monti Teo, I'll have to believe at least a little of what I see, and that's a very good thing.

Of all position groups for next year, LB is going to rival RB for top gun. And when you consider that the group seems solidly 2 deep at three spots, where does that leave Kande? Does he get to go back where I've been begging him to go? A position we'll be thin at? Does he get to play his natural safety spot again? I hope so. I still have no idea why he hasn't started back there, but I bet if I asked Weis, he'd let me know in a very straight forward way ; )

SLB: Tharp / Faifili

MLB: Heeney / Miles

WLB: Love / Jenkins-Moore

SS: Kande / Linton

FS: Mitchell / Shaw

Outside of this, the QBs and the RBs, I wouldn't even know where to begin guessing potential depth charts.

Bville Hawk 10 years ago

Good wrap-up to the season, guys. I enjoyed listening to all of these.

William James 10 years ago

I'm gonna throw in my two cents. Charlie Weis's first year was a failure. It can happen to the best of us. It happened to Mangino in his last year at KU. However, Weis has done nothing yet anywhere to convince me he is that much better of a head coach than Gill is. So, you can make an arguement that things are slightly improved now then under Gill, but I don't think that is even close to good enough. If in two years, the program is not SIGNIFICANTLY better than it is now, and KU can afford yet another massive buyout, Weis will need to go. What is significantly better? Getting the program bowl eligible would be pretty good in my opinion. If Weis can do that, or at least come very close, than he is earning his paycheck.

DXJhawk 10 years ago

lol at Jesse's non-bowl team comment on LA Tech

Doug Cramer 9 years, 12 months ago

Enjoyed the discussion guys...and Matt did a fantastic job of covering the football team this year.

For the talent level we have...there is still way too much optimism. Hearing posters predicting 5 wins next year is rediculous expectations. Weis and Campo are good coaches...but they simply do not have the talent...and I don't think they'll get what we need in this year's class either.

I watched every single game this year...and I think we would of won three games under Gill. He would of beat UNI and Rice.

Here is my reasoning...the offense would of already been in a run first mode. It took Weis way too long to figure out...that was our strength...which was after the UNI and RIce games.

Not a Gill supporter...but I'm having a hard time saying that this team improved this year. The D-line got pushed around like Gill's lines did...the O-line couldn't pass block very well...and the special teams were attrocious.

Hopefully I'm wrong...and we get some studs in this next recruiting class.

One thing I will say...I liked seeing all the trench guys coming to town for visitations. Looks like Gill is going after D-line and O-line guys...which is exactly what he needs to do.

Thanks Guys !

pbouldenv 9 years, 11 months ago

I always enjoy listening to these. Thanks guys.

machinegun 9 years, 11 months ago

Keegan needs a shot of adrenaline. Last season was a transition year. No big deal. Does anyone realize the great things that are coming our way? Coach Weis is going to turn things around!

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