Jayhawk48162 16 years, 6 months ago

Rock on for some awesome on location spodcasting. Today's games were more my style. Let's see... Texas by single digits and KU, well, it wasn't exactly a "blow-out", but I didn't have to throw things, my heart stayed beating regularly, and I even got to enjoy watching the guys hassle Mario while he was having his post-game interview by smacking him in the head as they went by! Very funny, and a nice, relaxing (for me) win. Now its time for Coach to get out the game film from last time, and fix where we were broke. Bring on the 'Horns... again!

Jared Grillot, Monroe, MI Class of '98

HardcoreJayhawk5 16 years, 6 months ago

The loss at Texas for KU was to say the least, very dissapointing, I watched it through the second half, till they were down by 20+, then fell asleep, i was already pretty tired, and just didnt see much hope for KU. I usually still have hope for them when they're down by less than 20, but its its more than that, and against a team like Texas, especially when they're hitting all their 3s its tough to see a comeback, but like we've seen before, KU is a team that can beat the odds, that can make pretty nice comebacks, like the one against Oklahoma, down by 16 with about 6 minutes to go, i believe. The game on Sunday will be great, probably close alot of the way, i see KU winning by single digits. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK! GO KU!

pitthawker 16 years, 6 months ago

Kudos to you guys. I cant imagine how tired you guys were after a long day of covering basketball, but you guys found the time and energy to make a spodcasters. Honestly, I wasnt expecting one from you guys this weekend. I agree that KU will blow out Nebraska. I also think that its a perfect situation. By playing Nebraska, we can rest a lot of our guys...something Texas wont be able to do against A&M. Thanks again for the devotion, you guys played almost as hard as KU last night.


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