Terrance Barros 6 years, 9 months ago

The KU coaching staff talk a lot "EARNING IT" every week. But for what I see so far is the same old coaching BS spent in a difference way to try to hide or explain away the fact they coaches play "the players they like the BEST" not "the BEST players" Here are some of coaches favorite or standard BS lines: He doesn't know they playbook yet! We don't feel we can trust him! BS explanations to try to explain Y the better athlete & better player is not on the field. I played sports, coached and been around sports my whole life. Believe me, Players not knowing the plays is almost never the real reason Y the best players aren't playing.

Case in point The staff went on & on about how good they thought WR Josh Stanford was almost everyday during fall camp - So Y wasn't he a starter in the season opener? Y don't the target him more? I'm sure there are a few teams in country that have 8 or 10 wide receivers better than that Big WR transfer from UAB, Perdue, But KU sure ain't one of them! But ok if U say so coach!

Still not convinced coaches play favorites? Here's a good old school example: Eric Dickerson & that James kid back in the day at SMU splitting time in the backfield! Eric Dickerson is one of the greatest RB in NFL history. I cant even remember that James kid full name!

Feed Back please!


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