Bill Self shares thoughts on Allen Fieldhouse, calls it 'a treasure'

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Gerry Butler 7 years, 11 months ago

love how coach self talks about on the reasons of staying here when hit hard by Oklahoma state how a major factor was how the players are received here and the love and knowledge the fans have here talking about when kevin Durant was hurt in the game and the ovation he received when he came back. how he doesn't consider coaching at KU a job and i truly believe BILL is here for a long time to come as i feel if he was gonna leave why wouldn't it of been to his ALMA MATER and all the money boone pickens threw at him if he wouldn't go after that then i just don't see him going anywhere for a long time i just don't see him being a pro coach i believe he enjoys college basketball much more and in the college game where would or could he go that would be much better KU is one of THE ICON'S in college basketball

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