turnermustgo 10 years, 6 months ago

Well it is certainly the same broken record that has played the past two seasons so maybe you are right.

Michael Leiker 10 years, 6 months ago

Started to listen...stopped. It's just hard to give a sh!t

turnermustgo 10 years, 6 months ago

Another week, another press conference full of HCTG saying nothing. Obviously the team is making progress and his plan is working because this is the first FBS team that we only lost in single digits during his tenure. Nevermind that this was a team that is better than only one other Big 12 team. Uh, yeah, that one other would be us. It is laughable that he continues to talk like the coaching staff is doing the right things and it is on field execution. This loss hurts more than the rest because we had a chance, our last chance at a win this year. I hope the coaches spend a few hours "discussing" and "evaluating" and "analyzing" things this week.

Hey, I have an idea, or at least an update to last week's idea. Let's erase the entire season and just win the last 3 weeks of November because that would put fear into people and prove the plan is working. According to HCTG it's how you finish not where you end up. Does he really believe there is still time to turn the season around? I want to go to the fantasy land where he lives.

The encouraging this is that we have more talent than a couple of Big XII teams that have beat us so if we can get decent coaching we could be right back at .500 or better with this same group of players.

I would love to joke about the highly talented but perpetually outcoached team that is headed to the SEC but even though they are the underachieving laughingstock of the conference even they are laughing at us. At least they aren't offering tickets on groupon. How embarrassing is that??

I am fed up so much I don't care anymore.

loyalforever 10 years, 6 months ago

It's like you could play the post game from the beginning of the season and play it for this game. He has nothing new to say. Is he a robot?

His confidence level is that of a child learning to ride a bike for the first time.


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