Jesse Newell 11 years, 10 months ago

I'm not having any problems with it. Anyone else having issues?

Alan Mills 11 years, 10 months ago

No problems. Couldn't agree with Coach Self's comments more. We played as poorly as I can remember a KU team playing. Looked like mental midgets at times. The Morris twins were as bad as they have ever been. Coach Self shrugged off the #1 ranking issue, but the Morris twins and Tyshawn played as if K-State would tremble in fear of playing the #1 if we deserved something because of that ranking. Coach Self talked about the play of the game...Pullen passing on a shot to get 40 against us. I'll throw in another play that just summed up our performance. After a superb backdoor cut and dunk, Johnson gets a taunting technical foul? Really? Down 15, getting rolled, and he's trash talking? Wow! Mental midgets. It might be time for Reed to call out a few teammates after this one. He's the only player who has remained mentally tough throughout the season, game in game out. Great teams rise to the challenge. We continue to bask in our press clippings, then shrink. Perhaps, just perhaps, this is good timing for this group. Last year, they shrunk the most against Northern Iowa. Maybe this,coupled with that Texas loss at home, might finally give these boys a mission to play for. They need it.

BCRavenJHawkfan 11 years, 10 months ago

Regarding EJ and the taunting call. I thought the same thing UNTIL, you look at the playback a few times, and you should find EJ was upset about the K-State player trying to undercut him on the dunk. Still, no excuse. But let's see it for what it was.

texasdochawk 11 years, 10 months ago

I think Coach Self is probably learning a good lesson this year in recruiting. You can't always recruit great talent alone and expect those young guys to come in and adopt great character. Sadly, our key junior leaders, though great basketball talents, have very poor character. True character is seen in difficult situations like what we witnessed today as a Jayhawk nation, that is to say (and I quote Self here) getting a beat down at the hands of KState. When the chips were down our star players resorted to cheap shots and crying to the refs instead of being men and playing there hearts out.

I feel bad for guys like EJ who showed great frustration after that pass OOB and then the technical he received for taunting. He has had a difficult year because he hasn't been able to really get any momentum and confidence going all year long. I think he is a good kid, and I hope he remains positive, because I do think he has a future in basketball.

The guys I really look up to, although not always leaders in stats and minutes include tyrel, brady, releford, mario, and of course, thomas. Those guys come to play every night, leave everything out on the court, remain composed, show good poise, and always display encouragment to their teammates. They are tough. I will say it again. They are tough, not because they stomp around with chips on their shoulders all the time but because they play hard-nosed basketball and make aggressive basketball plays, not these cheap shots that are beginning to define the careers of the twins.

Rarely do I see this type of toughness with the twins. Yes, they talk a lot and show lots of bravado, but when games really get tough they just kind of disappear like they did tonight. Foul trouble was part of it as well. Did you see Kief's "butt slap" jesture after receiving a foul in the second half? It never ends with these guys!!

Instant replay misses nothing. In my opinion every flagrant or intentional foul the twins have received this year was a good call. In fact, one could argue that on a couple of occassions the intentional fouls just as easily could have been called flagrant, resulting in ejection.

Hopefully the team can learn from this loss and discover what a detriment it is to the cause of winning when all the negative attitudes, pouty body language, and poor effort is displayed by several of the team leaders.

This was a very selfish team tonight, showing a very ugly side. Coach Self is always able to get the guys to respond in a positive manner regarding attitudes, focus, desire, etc. Let's hope he can get them to recommit to this again.

Rock Chalk

Saad Saifeddine 11 years, 10 months ago

Excellent post texasdochalk. good analysis! sad but true

spittage 11 years, 10 months ago

You sound so stupid texasdochawk.. Your a typical fan looking at the game from the outside in... There is nothing wrong with being fustrated with yourself.. Every athlete in every sport shows frustration.. Far as cheap shots.. What are you considering cheap shots? Posting up hard creating contact when your tryin to get position. I know you was probably a soft boy growing up. Basketball is a mans game.. The Iowa State game MK did through a cheap shot.. Did not affect the game at all.. The 08 team was a great team with great players. Can't compare every team to that 08 team.. A true fan supports there team all the time, not when they are just winning. Another thing is did anybody make a big deal when the kid from Cal threw a punch a T rob on national T.V.. These big 12 refs suck in my eyes.. See the whole game instead of focusing on 2 guys

blindrabbit 11 years, 10 months ago

Recruiting is the real issue! Bill Self is willing to recruit kids that Roy Williams would have probably passed over. I'm no Roy fan, but he did avoid those issues for the most part. Being a mid-westerner, I admit I am biased about the East Coast Life Style (having lived there 15 years); but I would limit my recruiting from some of those troubled areas. Roy had great success on the West Coast; very few problems with kids he got out there! Just the reality of the situation!!!

candyapplered 11 years, 10 months ago

Tyshawn and Johnson should be cut from this team immediately!

EyeQue21519 11 years, 10 months ago

First i would like to add my kudos to the pot,for:texasdochalk,crimsoninracine. Both of your post were insightful and truth laden. However i have a cherry to add to the top> College basketball is a guard-play game yes big men are the engines of successful team, but you cant drive a car with out a key, or steering wheel. Taylor is not giving us what we need.. when he does we win when we lose he is out of control,mistake pron and lackadaisical on defense. Mark my word any shooter will kill him. all day all game if he dose not calm down, change his motivation, and stop running our offense like an xbox live video game. Now this next part is a generalization but bear with me. Big men all act like the morris' very few bigs are the leaders of there team they are inherently dependent on others thus relegating them to being reactionary and some times over the top. not an excuse an observation . when they get the ball in perfect position of a great pass you can tell "who" they are by how they react in transition. If they look up and give the obligatory jock point . (as to say good looking out). or if they are chest bumpin and pounding their own drum..i think the twins are good kidz they are just still a little to filly. Which if you know any Philly dudes it aint going to change. love em to death but they get caught up in the moment and are easily taunted into "lets take to the streets" not litteralyy just in the chippy cheap shots that everyone refers to and there is only one cure for this disease in the streets agood ole fashioned a### Whoopin!!! take two of these and call me in the morning !!! No refills!!!!

spittage 11 years, 10 months ago

For cryin out loud KANSAS UNIVERSITY MENS BASKETBALL TEAM LOST 2 GAMES THIS YR. Stop making it seem like its the end of the world.. FANS CAN SOMETIMES BECOME TOO SPOILED.. AND FORGET THAT TEAMS HAVE BAD GAMES.. losses are learning expriences.. They goal is to win the Big 12 tourny and win the national championship..

wyansas 11 years, 10 months ago

Thing is though, spittage, this wasn't just another loss in the eyes of a lot of fans. For a lot of people, myself included, this was the most disgraceful showing of a KU mens basketball team they've ever seen. Losses ARE learning experiences though, and let's hope they can get their heads screwed on right by tournament time.

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