Recapping SEMO and Peyton Bender's KU football debut

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Joe Ross 5 years ago

Reserved optimism is not skepticism, and in fairness it would be nice if that distinction were reflected to a greater degree in some of your comments.

I'd also like to point out a perspective that Bill Self says often that I have heard few people--journalists included--find disagreement with. The gist is this: the heavy expectations of a fan base can be (and in the case of the basketball team actually is, if you believe Coach Self) a motivating factor in generating and sustaining a high level of play. Keep in mind that this is a fan base that is classically conditioned to have high expectations given that we are a blueblood basketball school. Nevertheless, that same expectation carries over, and it seems a bit...what's the word..."disingenous"? suggest that because our football has been bad over the course of the last 8 years, that fans who have held their breath until they are blue in the face and can stand it no longer can now not hold our football team to a high standard. Here's the bottom line: only by having high standards in expectations will our team ever hope to resurrect itself out of obscurity!

Given the above, and given the time and influence in the system that Beaty has been granted thus far, it is entirely reasonable given the caliber of team we played last week that fans should expect that Beaty's stamp on the team show itself against a team like SEMO.

I understand your guys' views that fans should not be overly pessimistic given last Saturday. I GET IT! But if reactions should be restrained, its hypocritical to suggest that such reservation should not exist across the spectrum! One should not get too hyped or too down about last weekend. Consider Mark Mangino's timely words in an interview, which I feel fully encapsulates this issue: "Things are never quite as good or as bad as you think they are." And yet I see articles coming forth exhorting the fan base to rejoice at Bender's performance. You know the ones...

I'm sorry gentlemen. That's fair!

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