Grading Carter Stanley's Sunflower Showdown start

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Jim Stauffer 4 years, 11 months ago

I can't get past the comments by the 9th grader whose voice has just changed. He harps on the point of points scored under Bender as if we are better off scoring 30 points and losing by 25 than by scoring 20 and losing by 10. He also makes the point Bender led the team to 30+ points against teams better than KSU. The only possible case for that being true would be the loss to WVU. I don't even remember if KSU has played them or not but WVU is not head and shoulders above KSU. What he completely overlooks in these comments is that Bender is no longer bending. He is broke. Why did we not score in two consecutive games. Two things. Better competition and Bender shaking in his boots and just throwing the ball anywhere to get rid of it. He had trouble even completing short passes. He had trouble looking for receivers. His confidence was shot. Finally, there is the problem that scoring fast on one series and then 3 and out really fast on the next puts the defense in a terrible situation and ultimately wears them out. With Stanley the team competes. Pure and simply the truth. No more Bender for me.

Brian Hosfelt 4 years, 11 months ago

it was a wasted hour of time....someone made a comment that they have seen better play from a QB this season for KU....please, that first game crap don't count...and then to say KU coaches made the change because it was KSU and Baylor next and there both not good....I think KSU has lost very close games in all of their losses....and yes Carter had time to throw. But maybe that is because you cant blitz him like Bender due to the threat of him running...Carter proved himself last year in the last 3 games and should of been the clear cut #1 this season...COACHING mistake

John Fitzgerald 4 years, 11 months ago

Glad I read the comments before wasting an hour listening to this. Does the staff really think Bender should still be the guy? Stanley isn't great by any means but he doesn't play scared. He looks in control and when the line breaks down he can make things happen. Did you guys not see the throw where he escaped the sack, stepped up and threw a perfect pass to Steven Sims for the TD? Bender flops on that play and just lays on the ground like a helpless child. I really don't understand this love for Bender. I said from day one he shouldn't start. I wasn't impressed by his highlights and I wasn't impressed by the spring game. And to this day, I'm not impressed by anything he's done starting from his 2 interception performance against SEMO and ending with his 9 quarter scoreless streak.

Jim Stauffer 4 years, 10 months ago

John, I don't think they believe Bender should be the guy. What happened is one of them tried to play devil's advocate and defend the passing numbers of Bender. IMO he went overboard and said Bender was leading the offense to 30+ points per game against better teams than KSU. I simply challenged the veracity of that statement along with its value. Bender can score 30 but his 3 and outs and 9 ints have led to our opponents scoring in bunches. Most of his early action was when the defense was struggling and he added to it with the hurry up and go 3 and out. I don't need to set a point total. That is what Air Raid guys get all caught up in. What I need as a fan is for my team to go out there and compete with the other team in ways that lead to victories. The last think I want us to become is Texas Tech. They put up numbers like crazy but wilt when they meet the good teams. I want us to be competitive no matter what offenses are run in this league. Our example for growth should be Iowa State.

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