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Kansas basketball junior Emma Merriweather led the pack during Friday's march, which came about when Merriweather and her teammates met Thursday to talk about what they could do to fight for social justice.

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Lost opportunity for Kansas basketball to win a title highlights the top KU sports stories of 2020

A new year is upon us and one of the craziest sports years in recent memory is now finished. Here’s a quick look back at the biggest events and happenings in the world of KU sports in 2020.

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Hundreds of KU athletes, coaches, supporters stage Black Lives Matter march across campus Friday afternoon

An emotional conversation inside the Kansas women’s basketball locker room on Thursday turned into a Black Lives Matter march of nearly 1,000 KU athletes, administrators, coaches and supporters on KU’s campus Friday. By Matt Tait


Chris Bailey 2 years ago

Yes black lives do matter. Now let us address the issue at it's core. Let's do our best to make these young black women and especially men understand that we need to put parents back in the home. I know some people aren't going to like this and that is ok but we have to address this if we ever want to fix the issues that plague society. For the record single parent homes in the black community have been around 65-70% for the last 50 years contrast that to white which has been around 25% and you start to see why we have a problem. When you have no role model in the home you have no one to look to for guidance. Yes, mothers do their very best to raise these boys and turn them into men but without a father to teach them how to be a man we will never truly solve this problem. I've offered to mentor young, black children that are having problems. They don't want to hear what they're doing wrong from a white man. The black MEN in these communities need to stand up and say enough is enough with this mess. Love each other. We are all God's children and He blessed us all with a life on this amazing planet. It is our duty to make the world a better place. Stop calling each other Hispanic American, African American, or whatever. WE are ALL Americans and we are ALL MEN and WOMEN not to be separated by color or creed.

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