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By the Numbers: Indiana 103, Kansas 99 (OT)


Dick Williams 6 years ago

Take the great example of Frank Mason Josh and take the ball to the hoop. Sure there will be a learning curve due to the differences of your high school experience but you have all the tools and then some so watch and listen to Frank and you will be the next Jordan/James when it comes time to go professional. It will guarantee you the #1 pick and the highest paid contract in history as well. Most importantly the combination of you two along with all the other talent will make us unbeatable come tourney time and you can have a National Championship in your belt as well.

I have been watching KU Basketball for 50 years now and do not remember another guard doing this as well as Frank Mason. You are the most confident freshman I have seen in a long time and that is all that you need, along with your great abilities, to put up the kind of stats that we have not seen in many years of McDonald's All Americans we expected great things from. So glad that you picked the greatest collegiate basketball program in history. You already have shown great wisdom in your pick of colleges and I have great confidence that you are finally the 'one and done' freshman that will actually make a phenomenal impact in your only year even though my greatest wish, of course, is for you to get your college degree and smash all records along with acquiring multiple National Championships for the insurance if something bad were to happen where you could not play anymore. You would have your pick of great paying jobs in the friendliest area in the country or anywhere else for that matter as this would show a great amount of maturity and intelligence. Sincerely and with the greatest regard, Dick Williams

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