Fan stories

We asked readers to send us stories about their shrines, their rituals, and anything else they wanted to share about being a Jayhawk fan. Read their stories below. Check out our tournament Fan Photos as well!

Jayhawk Fans in China

We have always followed Jayhawk basketball closely, so when we took teaching jobs in Shekou China seeing the team play got, well, complicated.

After the game

When it looked as if KU was not going to win the game, I asked our Camp Commander if I could fly the KU flag over the Camp if they won. He said it was not likely for them to win, however if they did I could fly for the day. This is a few minutes after they won. The flag is flying over Camp Cropper in Baghdad Iraq, with baby Jay here.

Aftermath of victory can make you forget priorities

This basketball season has been a memorable year of reunions for my myself and family. It began last Thanksgiving when my sister spearheaded a trip to bring us all together for the first time in 18 years, meeting in Albuquerque, NM.

Way to go Jayhawks from a Cards fan!

Way to go Jayhawks,from a Louisville Cardinals fan ... Kansas has always been my second team after the cards! Congrats guys ... go Cards!

Die hard fans from the Forties

We used to watch the Jayhawks in Hoch Auditorium when we were students at KU.

Bringing KU fandom to other countries

I work as an Educational Assistant at St. Francis School (grade 4-8) in Fort Frances, Ontario.

A new baby Jayhawk

My grandmother and my mother went to KU and now my first grand-child will be born Monday.

Jayhawk in a Tarheel world

I grew up in Kansas ... lived in Lawrence for several of them and love my Hawks!

The Three Little Jayhawks and The Big, Bad Tarheel

Adapted from Coach Don Fambrough's The Three Little Jayhawks

I wrote the following for our Final Four Pep Rally at the nursing home in Eudora. I took liberties with Coach Fambrough's story: The Three Little Jayhawks. I hope he doesn't mind. Steve Jensen gave voice to the story. Our residents loved it. Best wishes to the Jayhawks and Coach Self!

Last night's game

I was surprised Friday night to receive a half-time call from my jubilant sister in California because Lesta doesn't watch KU games live.

Basketball all night

Hello, Lawrence, Kevin and I are in Cambridge, England, on vacation.

All my friends call me Mr. KU

On any game day if you are in Buhler Kansas and you drive down Maple street you will see the pride I have for my Jayhawks.

Finding the right outfit

I like your articles so far. My particular good luck behavior involves my outfits.

Office shrine

Our shrine is in our office rather than our home. The first attachment is the first thing everyone sees when they enter the office. The pen and ink drawing in the blue frame is a photograph of the original Jayhawk drawing by Hank Malloy. The inscription is to Allan's Grandfather. The original is in the Kansas State Historical Museum.

Rituals for '88 will work in '08

I was a freshman at KU during the 1988 National Championship run.