Sunday, October 2, 2022

Kansas ranked again in both major college football polls

KU comes in at No. 17 in USA Today Coaches Poll & No. 19 in AP Top 25

Kansas linebacker Rich Miller (30) celebrates after a missed Iowa State field goal during the fourth quarter on Saturday, Oct. 1, 2022 at Memorial Stadium. The Jayhawks defeated the Cyclones 14-11 to remain unbeaten.

Kansas linebacker Rich Miller (30) celebrates after a missed Iowa State field goal during the fourth quarter on Saturday, Oct. 1, 2022 at Memorial Stadium. The Jayhawks defeated the Cyclones 14-11 to remain unbeaten.


The Kansas football team’s streak of 674 consecutive weeks of being unranked ended Sunday, when the Jayhawks jumped into both the Associated Press Top 25, at No. 19, and the USA Today Coaches Poll at No. 17.

Kansas is one of 11 unbeaten teams in this week's AP Top 25.

Kansas, which just missed being ranked a week ago after moving to 4-0 with a home win over Duke, left voters little choice this week by knocking off a 3-1 Iowa State team, 14-11 at David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium on Saturday.

The win moved the Jayhawks to 5-0 — the best record in the Big 12 Conference and KU’s best start in 13 years — and put Kansas just one win shy of becoming bowl eligible, with seven games still to play.

In short, if KU can win one more time this season, Lance Leipold’s team will go to a bowl game for the first time since the 2008 season. If this group, which is gaining confidence and swagger by the week, can win more than that, the level of bowl in which they will play will improve.

KU jumped from unranked (at No. 26 last week) in the AP poll to No. 19 this week, jumping over in-state rival Kansas State in the process. K-State, which just beat out KU for the final spot in the Top 25 last week, is up to No. 20 in this week's poll, one spot behind Kansas.

It marks the first time since Oct. 14, 2007 that both KU and KSU were ranked in the same week.

Despite scoring just 14 points in the Saturday win over Iowa State, Kansas still is averaging 41.6 points per game, which ranks 12th nationally, and 421.8 total yards of offense.

Throughout the week leading up to Saturday’s win over the Cyclones, several Jayhawks were asked how much they cared or how much they paid attention to the national polls. Most said they thought it mattered very little and that the Jayhawks’ focus would remain on the process that got them to this point — hard work, humility and striving to be 1% better each day.

Asked after Saturday’s victory if he would be eagerly awaiting the release of the polls on Sunday, KU linebacker Rich Miller said simply: “I’ll be wondering a little bit, but, honestly, I told teammate Kalon Gervin — we always talk about it — I didn’t even want to be ranked until we were 6-0. I love being an underdog. I love keeping a chip on my shoulder. That’s how I made it this far. So keep us an underdog. That’s going to make us hungrier. But be careful if you’re going to keep us an underdog.”

The last time the Jayhawks were ranked came in October of 2009, when they were 21st in the coaches poll and 24th in the AP poll at 5-0. They lost the final seven games of that season and have not been ranked since.

KU will look to move to 6-0 at 11 a.m. next Saturday, when 4-0 TCU (No. 17 AP and No. 18 Coaches) comes to town fresh off of a beatdown of Oklahoma that dropped the Sooners from the polls.

ESPN’s College Gameday is coming to Lawrence for the fun, and the Horned Frogs are an early 3.5-point favorite over the home team, just the way Miller likes it.


Dale Rogers 2 months ago

I see 5 sections of the stadium are already sold out, 4 have just single seat tickets remaining, one has moderate seats available and the remainder are designated low availability. Anyone wanting to be at the game and have decent seats needs to act quickly.

Dale Rogers 2 months ago

Just an opinion... Had we won the ISU game with our offense, with our defense being just so-so like in the previous games, I think we are ranked in the 22-25 range. But now it is shown that we have a good defense and good special teams in addition to a high-powered offense, and that got us into the teens in both polls. As said, just personal opinion.

Ryan Mullen 2 months ago

Hi Lance! You tell us what you want and we will do it. And here is a blank check.

Joe Ross 2 months ago

Dale- I think I heard ISUs offense was last in the Big 12 going into the game. If that’s the case then Yesterdays game is not the measuring stick for our defense.

Micky Baker 2 months ago

That is true. ISU averages 26 points a game accounting for yesterday's total. That includes 5 games with 10 against Iowa which is the 6th best scoring defense in the country and 11 against us. That would mean they averaged about 29 before playing us. They scored 42, 43, and 24 in their other 3 games. Maybe that puts it a little more in perspective.

Joe Ross 2 months ago

I’m glad to be ranked. But the season is not over, and we have not even achieved bowl eligibility at this point. Am I enjoying the ride? Yes. But the ride is still in progress and we’ve proven with yesterday’s game that there’s still a lot to work on.

Ranked? Great. But lower rank teams beat higher rank teams all the time. Let’s keep our heads down and keep sawing wood.

Bryce Landon 2 months ago

Welcome back to the polls, Jayhawks! Let's make it a lengthy stay this time around. :)

Brian Skelly 2 months ago

All this is fun and exciting. But until we're bowl eligible, Im not going to lose my bleep.

If I recall at the end of Mangino's tenure we started 5-0 and then lost 7 straight.

I have full faith that's not going to happen with this team.

But until we win 6 or 7, Im holding off on pouring my self a glass.

Tony Bandle 2 months ago

My brother, who lives in Lawrence and is a Jayhawk alum like myself. texted me to let me know that it was ugly but KU won. My response is to indicate when it comes to Jayhawk football NO win is ugly!!!!

Rodney Crain 2 months ago

Oh Oh

  • undefeated

  • ranked

  • Sold out stadium

  • lucky win

  • Hysteria at an all time high

  • College Gameday on campus - for football

  • All eyes on us

If we win, Coach will be on top of the short list for numerous programs, if he is not already. If we lose, all eyes will be on us to see us fall in the bright glaring spotlight.

We are winning, but we are inconsistent. Even the most ardent fan has to wonder what happened in the second half to our offense. Is our defense the one who played very well against the weak offense of ISU, or a concern as noted on this very site before the week before game?

I would have liked to be bowl eligible before we had all the bright lights on us. Especially before we play all these tough teams left on our schedule.

Al Martin 2 months ago

Dude, you find the cloud in every silver lining :-)

Understandable, given the history of this program. I'm choosing to enjoy this for what it is: five fun Saturdays in a row. The anvil may fall on my Wile E. Coyote head next week, but I'm going to be blissfully happy until it does.

Rodney Crain 2 months ago

Thanks AI.

Just like to keep my feet on the ground is all.

Ryan Mullen 2 months ago

Well bad bad news. Wisconsin fired there coach today.

Rodney Crain 2 months ago

Well I was kind of right, they don't fire you when you lose to OSU, it is losing to IL that will get you fired at WI.

WI is a good job, and they do like running the ball there. Coach L. I don't think he would be their first choice. I am pretty sure they are going to give the job to Jim Leonhard, their current DC, and intirem HC now. He is highly thought of since he is WI born, played at WI and the NFL, before returning to WI to be the DC. He is 39 and knows how to recruit and coach. He will have to lose the job this year, to not be named their new HC next year.

Rodney Crain 2 months ago

Bryce I think the CO job would be worrisome, considering its in the P12. It would limit who they could get with so much uncertainty about the conference. Maybe its an option if the money is right???

Doug Roberts 2 months ago

Has anyone heard anything about Hishaw?!

Matt Tait 2 months ago

I reached out to KU and Lance this afternoon but did not get a response. Sure didn't seem good on Saturday and the guess here is that he's out multiple weeks, possibly longer.

Will stay on it.

Brad Watson 2 months ago

I mentioned last week that we should be concerned about Wisconsin...and here we are....I appreciated the rebuttal comment I got from the house troll...I knew what was coming and now you know....I hope he gets the job if he wants it...he is a great man and has earned any job he TRULY wants...being from has to be at the top of the list...they love their state just like we do...long snowy cold winters make for a very close knit community and I am sure he misses the snow...they are reaching out to him via back channels already...TRUST ME!

Rodney Crain 2 months ago

Head Troll here -

Brad, I lived in WI for 12 years myself, Whitefish Bay, I liked it. They like Jim Leonhard a lot. Ask around.

Dirk Medema 2 months ago

Technically, collage gameday and for football is redundant.

Good recall Brian, though you are also right that this situation is different. Glad we have coaches that are communicating positive messages to the players. Hysteria is at an all time high, which is fine as long as the players stay grounded, getting 1% better, and there aren’t lethal injuries on the bandwagon when we hit our first bump.

Amazing to see so many HC positions open so early in the season. Maybe most amazing is that WVU and Auburn don’t have vacancies - yet.

At this point, looks like we’ll be underdogs against all our FBS opponents until we play OU. Can the season get more bizarro world?

Dirk Medema 2 months ago


College GameDay is an ESPN program that covers college basketball and is a spin-off of the successful college football version.

Rodney Crain 2 months ago

Technically, YUP. Ever since 2005.

If you ever watched it, they have been at KU for basketball 4 times. It is a sport brand Dirk. A brand is something that you can use on many different things.

I called it out in my little post, so people who know sports, would not get confused with the basketball version.

Ryan Mullen 2 months ago

Brad Watson, you're my friend are a troll.

Brad Watson 2 months ago

I rarely reply to other comments unless it's Matt...I just make comments.... like everyone else. Trolls...IMO... are those who pick at other peoples comments on a regular basis...and there is nothing wrong with it...this is a comment /discussion place...but it is what it is and I call it how I see it. This is a rare reply back.

Brian Skelly 2 months ago

Look folks... if end up in Bowl -- and I believe we will -- odds are great KU will throw as much $$$ at Coach Leipold as it realistically can (and maybe more) and he'll likely end up staying here.

Now, could Nebraska or Wisconsin probably throw double that amount at him? Probably. I just don't think he's in this for the short term. Im confident he didn't view this job as merely a springboard to a larger gig.

It'd be naive to think there won't be pull to coach Wisconsin though. Likely well more than Nebraska.

Jeff Coffman 2 months ago

I thought a lot of Nebraska leadership would be watching Saturday. It was an ugly game and personally I dont think that game made Leipold the top of their list.

Leipold has been great for Kansas, I dont think Nebraska would have the patience needed for the turnaround there.

I always have said if Nick Saban wanted to prove he was the best coach, he would need to come to Kansas. LL really wants to prove he is the best and that is why it is a 6 year commitment.

David Kelley-Wood 2 months ago

It's great to be ranked, but am just a little surprised at a jump of 7 spots based on a win that wasn't especially decisive. We've come up 15 spots from 34th to 19th in just two weeks. Heady stuff! (Note: "a little surprising" does not equate to "unwarranted.")But, our upward mobility pales when compared to Oklahoma's plunge, going from 6th to 39th over the same period (I'm tuning my violin). We're going to go into Norman favored!!! Right now, ahead of K-State, Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri. Screenshots, anyone? Old Lodge Skins (Chief Dan George): "It's a good day to die."

Jonathan Allison 2 months ago

"ranked better" does not necessarily correlate into "favored to win". For example ESPN's FPI currently gives KU a 32% chance against TCU and a 20% chance against OU. In fact of all of the teams on the remaining schedule, our best chances are against TTU at 35.9% and against 7th ranked OK State at 35.2%.

Benny Armstrong 2 months ago

I think the jump is due to KU being 5-0 (obviously) and the ranked teams between 15 and 25 that lost this past weekend. So those two factors caused us to probably wind up a little higher than we otherwise would have been.

Andy Godwin 2 months ago

Amazingly, 2 representatives from the Cheez-It Bowl (scheduled for December 29th, 2022) were in Lawrence scouting KU on week 5 of their football season. They stopped by the tailgate I was attending and enjoy Dr. Steven Soper’s freshly cooked jambalaya. This bowl matches an ACC with a Big 12 team. Last year, Clemson took down ISU 20-13. And now ESPN Game Day in Lawrence. Don’t wake me from this dream. Rock Chalk.

Blake Brown 2 months ago

Respect finally from the disbelievers. Now, let's keep it going. Rock Chalk!

Marc Frey 2 months ago

We are 5-0! Enjoy it! Go back in Mr Peabody's Wayback Machine to 2021, 2020, 2019, and beyond and read the stories and comments back then. Our conversations, tweets, and news stories now are beyond what any of us thought we woukd be reading and enjoying! Even just 3 months ago. Enjoy the ride!

Ryan Mullen 2 months ago

Brad Watson, What am I supposed to think? We have been horrible for 15 years and our very BCS lives are on the lines. And we are talking about 100's of millions of dollars and nationwide recognition, and you are saying you would be so happy if Coach left take another job? That sounds like something a Wildrat would say.

James Miller 2 months ago

Lance ain't goin' no where. Believe that!

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