Kansas defeats Iowa State, 14-11

  • 2:30 p.m., Oct. 1, 2022
  • David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium, Lawrence, KS

Saturday, October 1, 2022

5 and Oh My: Kansas survives late scare, hangs on to beat Iowa State 14-11

Kansas quarterback Jalon Daniels (6) drops back to pass against Iowa State during the first quarter on Saturday, Oct. 1, 2022 at Memorial Stadium.

Kansas quarterback Jalon Daniels (6) drops back to pass against Iowa State during the first quarter on Saturday, Oct. 1, 2022 at Memorial Stadium.


Iowa State's Jace Gilbert missed a 37-yard field goal attempt with 32 seconds remaining, allowing Kansas to hang on and win 14-11 to improve to 5-0 for the first time since 2009.

Behind a series of defensive stops, the Jayhawks jumped out to a 14-0 lead midway through the second quarter and had complete control of the game.

KU’s first touchdown at the 11:30 mark of the second quarter broke a scoreless tie, and the defense then did its part to aid in the scoring.

Cobee Bryant’s leaping interception of a Hunter Dekkers pass set up the Jayhawks deep in Iowa State territory and KU quarterback Jalon Daniels picked up his first touchdown of the day a few plays later.

KU led 14-8 at halftime and continued to watch its offense stall in the third quarter. The Cyclones cut the KU lead to 14-11 late in the third quarter and went looking for a go-ahead touchdown early in the fourth.

After KU elected to punt on two fourth down tries in its previous two drives, the Cyclones converted two fourth downs on their drive but came up empty when kicker Jace Gilbert hit the right upright on a 45-yard field goal try that missed. Earlier in the game, Gilbert hit the right upright on the other end of the field.

Kansas took over from there but went three-and-out and punted. The punt was muffed by the Iowa State return man and KU's Torry Locklin recovered it at the ISU 29, giving the Jayhawks a golden opportunity to pick up points for the first time since the 5:25 mark of the second quarter.

Two plays later, however, Daniel Hishaw fumbled while fighting for yardage on a 9-yard loss, giving the ball back to the Cyclones at their own 42-yard line with 9:05 to play.

That set the stage for the wild finish.

KU's offense never did get back on track, but the Kansas defense held when it needed to and the celebration started when Iowa State's effort to tie the game with a field goal with 32 seconds to play missed left. It was the third missed field goal of the day for Gilbert.

KU still had to kneel to officially kill the clock, but that was merely a formality and did nothing to push pause on the celebration that was under way.

Next up, KU will place host to TCU next weekend, looking to move to 6-0 and to clinch bowl eligibility.

Stay tuned to for much more from this one...

How They Scored

2nd Quarter

11:30 – Daniel Hishaw Jr. 4-yard run. Jacob Borcila kick.

The Jayhawks were the first team on the board in this one, driving 79 yards in seven plays and 3:59 to put up the day’s first points. The drive featured a completed pass by back-up QB Jason Bean, a pass interference call on Iowa State and a perfect option pitch from Jalon Daniels to Devin Neal, who rumbled for 30 yards to set up the TD. (KU 7, ISU 0).

5:25 – Jalon Daniels 2-yard run. Borcila kick. KU cornerback Cobee Bryant’s interception on the previous drive gave the Jayhawks a short field and KU punched it into the end zone in four plays from there. The drive covered 19 yards in 2:31 and featured a Daniels completion to Quentin Skinner for 10 yards on first down to set up a first-and-goal opportunity. (KU 14, ISU 0).

2:51 – Easton Dean 9-yard reception from Hunter Dekkers. Blake Clark 2-point conversion run. After falling behind by two scores for the first time, the Cyclones responded with a six-play, 75-yard scoring drive that took 2:34. The drive featured a pass interference call on KU’s Bryant and a 53-yard pass from Dekkers to Dimitri Stanley to set up the touchdown. (KU 14, ISU 8).

3rd Quarter

5:27 – 35-yard field goal by Jace Gilbert. After Iowa State held the Jayhawks on the opening series of the second half, the visitors marched 62 yards in 12 plays to cut into the KU lead with a field goal. Iowa State nearly got more on the drive, but a big hit by KU’s Kenny Logan Jr. on wide receiver Xavier Hutchinson in the end zone knocked the ball loose and prevented a touchdown. (KU 14, ISU 11).


Rodney Crain 2 months ago

I'd would rather be lucky than good.

Marc Frey 2 months ago

Hats off to our D. Bend don't break worked out. Now go figure out how the get JD more involved next week.

Al Martin 2 months ago

Two doinks and another miss; I'll take it. Defense stepped up, and we survived a tough game against a good team. Beautiful day at the Booth, band sounded great. Wish I could have been there.

Just another great day to be a Jayhawk!

Randy Bombardier 2 months ago

Great day for defense. Offense needs to get their heads right. Coach K didn't impress me this week.

Len Shaffer 2 months ago

I'm with you, Randy. He's made so many great calls this year, but that end around with Jason Bean on third-and-long (which was exactly what they'd already done earlier in the game) was a real puzzler.

In fact, I thought in general they were way too conservative, including punting on third and three in ISU territory. They were awfully lucky to win.

And thank God ISU chose that last FG attempt instead of going for it, because I don't know if the defense could have continued to keep them out of the end zone.

Dale Rogers 2 months ago

Were those two field goal attempts deflected or just bad kicks/holds?

Lonnie Ross Dillon 2 months ago

Just bad kicks. The two doinks (gotta love that word...thanks Chris Berman) were solid pushes. The shank I gotta think was just kicker's nerves.

Bryce Landon 2 months ago

Kansas should be given two W's for this game. We had to beat not only the Cyclones, but an incompetent officiating crew full of wusses who let Matt Campbell push them around on disputed calls.

Speaking of Matt Campbell, his demand for another review when the Ineligible Receiver penalty was already reviewed and overturned was bush-league. No respect for him.

And here's hoping Daniel Hishaw is okay. That sounded like a devastating injury.

So glad to see Kansas get its first win over Iowa State since 2014, its first 5-win season since 2009, and its first season with more than one conference win since 2008!

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

Lonnie Ross Dillon 2 months ago

Since the rules don't allow for a second review, I have to assume that he wanted something else reviewed; the refs should have said what that was.

Al Martin 2 months ago

The referee said, "After review, first down". I assumed that they were reviewing the spot.

Mike Mainzer 2 months ago

Randy - you’re spot on. It’s a gritty win and LOVE being 5-0 and nearly bowl eligible already. I give credit to Iowa States defense but our play calling went from creative to really stale and conservative in the second half. Nine minutes to play and we run the ball for zero yards rather than trying to post more points and get past midfield. It was hard to tell from the camera angle but it looked like ISU consistently had all 11 within 10 yards of the line. Seems like there should have been more opportunities down field than the two missed JD had.

Great win by our boys and HUGE for the program!

Sam Meyer 2 months ago

Ironically, that botched snap on the Cp that got ISU 2 points might have won us the game. If the score were 14-9 down the stretch ISU might have scored a TD had they not had the option to kick the game losing fg.

Brian Wilson 2 months ago

Well it had to happen. KU's OC had an off day. And, officiating was in ISU's favor. So, KU is not only pretty good but pretty luck as well. Two missed FG's! But, KU missed one as well.

Maybe I'm over the top here but...I feel bad for Hishaw. IMO, the officials should have whistled the play dead. Forward progress had stopped. It all happened rather quickly but Hishaw was being held stationary by the ankles and bent over and injured. I don't blame ISU for taking advantage of it. But IMO, pulling the ball out of the hands of a player when there is no forward progress while he is being injured is nothing to brag about and is a play that should be reviewable and turnover reversed. The kind of tackling that results in injuries has no place. Plus, any Junior High player can pull the ball out someone's hand when the other guy is tortured and in pain. I sure hope Hishaw is ok

Despite that...I sure am glad KU won! RCJHKU!

Michael Maris 2 months ago

Great DAY for Alumni, Fans and DEFENSIVE UNIT..........

Cobee Bryant had 2 picks.......

Absolute terrible over-turned call by Referee. Nonetheless, the Defensive Unit carried the load today.......

Credit to ISU for Defensive adjustment after Jayhawks went up by 14.

Last time Jayhawks Football was 5-0, the witch hunt was in full effect.

This time around, this KU AD will have to fend off the Greedy TRAITORS from the Northlands......

Hey Trev Alberts,

Urban Meyer is looking for a new job!

Lonnie Ross Dillon 2 months ago

How can you saw the interception overturn was terrible...he didn't control the ball through the ground. If he had landed inbounds that would have been a catch, but he was OB when he gathered it in. I'm thankful it didn't matter and we actually got better field position when they missed the FG.

Doug Roberts 2 months ago

RIP Jace Gilbert. Wow, I'm glad we won, but my heart goes out to their kicker. What a nightmare of a day for him. I hope he gets better so we can beat him when he's good...

Jeff Coffman 2 months ago

College Gameday is coming to the center of the universe...welcome!!

Michael Maris 2 months ago


He had possession of the ball all the way until his elbow hit the ground. Then, he regained control and the ball did NOT touch the ground.

Yes, it turned out that Kansas ended up in better field position due to the MISTAKE of over turning the interception.

But, I've seen many calls where receivers were given the reception with the same scenario happening and the reception was recorded as the receiver MAINTAINED possession of the ball and the ball never touched the ground/turf.

Nonetheless, great win.......

Micky Baker 2 months ago

If he would have been inbounds, it would have counted as an INT. but he was out of bounds when the ball came loose.

Kit Duncan 2 months ago

I agree with the bad officiating remarks. Besides overturning the interception, there were at least two glaring holds on KU corner blitzes that were about to be sacks. In addition, there was a clear block in the back of a KU defender on an ISU punt return which should have negated ISU’s good field position after the return. One call the officials got right was the kick-catch interference call on ISU that caused a KU fumble and ISU recovery. A win is a win. I just wish JD had not overthrown the two open receivers that would have been touchdowns and made the game a little less stressful.

Blake Brown 2 months ago

I was at the Arkansas/ Alabama game and kept getting score updates throughout that game which coincided with start times. Having displayed such a potent offense, I could not figure out why we were up 14 early and never scored again. Also, it looked like Iowa State had the ball in our territory for most of the game. 3 missed FGs explains a little. I had recorded the game prior to leaving the West Coast to visit friends in NW Arkansas so I'll watch it when I return. How wonderful to be 5-0. Let's keep[ it going. Rock Chalk!

Edward Daub 2 months ago

Made famous by the late, great announcer Dick Enberg.

David Robinett 2 months ago

Agree on the overturned interception. By rule not a catch, but dumb rule rule since by common sense he caught it and it never touched the ground and his foot was in bounds when he initially controlled it.

Brian Skelly 2 months ago

Considering how we rarely win, much less win ugly, I'll take it.

Michael Maris 2 months ago

@ David, Mickey and who ever else,

David Lawrence and Brandon McAnderson, they felt the same way about the 2nd INT as I do. They said it was an INT on the radio vall and sideline analysis.

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