Thursday, August 25, 2022

2 KU football players arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault

University of Kansas football players Tanaka Scott, left, and Trevor Wilson, right.

University of Kansas football players Tanaka Scott, left, and Trevor Wilson, right.


Updated at 4:25 p.m. Thursday

Two University of Kansas football players were arrested Thursday afternoon on suspicion of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, according to the Douglas County Jail booking log.

Lawrence police arrested Trevor L. Wilson, 21, of Tallahassee, Fla., and Tanaka Artisma Scott, 20, of Lawrence, shortly after 12:30 p.m. Thursday in the 2300 block of Haskell Avenue, according to the booking log. Both men are suspected of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, which is a felony. Their first appearances in Douglas County District Court are scheduled for Friday.

According to Laura McCabe, a spokesperson for the Lawrence Police Department, police were called to the QuikTrip on the northeast corner of 23rd and Haskell about 11:30 a.m. Thursday. A man told them that two men driving two different vehicles displayed two separate weapons, then drove away. McCabe said one car was described as a red Dodge Charger and the other as an orange Dodge Challenger. The man said he was sitting in southbound traffic on Haskell Avenue approaching 23rd Street when the Charger's driver pulled up next to him, opened the door, stood up and displayed the weapon. He says the driver said a few words, then got back in his car and drove into the QuikTrip lot. The Challenger followed the Charger, and that driver also displayed a weapon as he passed by, the man said, according to police.

No one was physically injured.

Police found the two vehicles described by the man, as well as two men and two weapons at the nearby Club Carwash. Both men were arrested and taken to the Douglas County Jail.

KU Athletics spokesperson Daniel Berk said in an email to the Journal-World that “We are aware of a situation involving two of our student athletes and take all allegations very seriously. We are working to gather more information and will have no further comment at this time.”

Charging documents had not been filed in the case as of around 3 p.m. Thursday, and further information about the incident was not immediately available.

According to the KU athletic department website, Scott played in two games last season for the KU football team, and Wilson played for KU last season after transferring in from the University of Buffalo.


Brett McCabe 3 months ago

Aggravated assault....I know nothing about criminal charges but that seems like an odd charge for the incident as described.

Not making light of it in any way. If, in fact, they did this it deserves a severe punishment. Due process will do its process. I'm guessing that two scholarships just opened up, though.

Benny Armstrong 3 months ago

Apologies for getting lawyerly... In Kansas, assault is "any intentional act or threat of action, coupled with the apparent ability to carry out the action, that reasonably causes a person to feel afraid of impending violence." Battery is where you actually carry out the threat. So if you threaten to beat someone up and ball a fist to illustrate your ability to hit them, it is assault, but if you actually hit them then it becomes a battery.

The presence of deadly weapons (guns) in this case is what elevates this to aggravated assault per the statutory definition. So by flashing a gun at someone, they could consider that a threat that you would follow through with shooting them.

Either way, this is not what the team needs right now and it is unfortunate that they felt the need to run around Lawrence with guns (loaded or otherwise) in their possession.

Micky Baker 3 months ago

It wouldn't have to be a gun. It could be a bat, baton, stick, knife, etc.

Andy Godwin 3 months ago

Good start to the 2022 football season.

Dirk Medema 3 months ago

Good clarification Benny.

To Brett’s point though, I’m guessing there’s a lot more to the story than what’s reported. Regardless of what else though, it’s definitely not the culture Coach has been preaching since he got here. I’m not sure a scholarship has opened, but I do feel confident that we won’t see either on the field until at least October, and maybe closer to next year.

It should at least get everyone else’s attention. Addition by subtraction?

Gotta take care of business on the field and off.

Brad Watson 3 months ago

They are just kids...part of the learning process...if they are bounced from the team and lose their scholarships...that will be worse than jail....ruin your life in one stupid moment...I would forgive the players...but let the players decide their fate...up or down vote.. and if they vote to keep them...then make them run a lot of stadium stairs at 5am for a couple of weeks and let the players decide additional punishments etc.

Brad Watson 3 months ago

Let the team decide their fate...up or down vote...

Greg Ledom 3 months ago

And two players that were going to receive a fair amount of snaps from the get go. Pulling a Ron White saying, “you can’t fix stupid,” I hope they get a second chance to prove that wrong, and regardless of “what else” may have occurred, that was just stupid. That’s a 180 from the culture Coach is putting in place. Was it enough to get kicked off the team? Time will tell. Damn fellas, think!!

Jeff Coffman 3 months ago

I guess this NIL has gotten out of hand and dont get paid for mugshots.

I know I shouldnt make light of a serious situation, but I'm also curious how they got the muscle cars and the muscle for that as well. Wondering if their days are numbered as Jayhawks.

Kay Jensen 3 months ago

I. Just. Cannot. I get they’re kids, but this has got to be just about the dumbest thing I’ve read in recent memory. Reflects very poorly on Coach unfortunately too. So disappointing.

Doug Roberts 3 months ago

Dumbasses. I'd cut them. "Being a stupid college kid" is skipping classes or cheating on a test, NOT brandishing a deadly weapon in broad daylight.

Len Shaffer 3 months ago

Well said, Doug. Total f'in morons.

Chris Bailey 3 months ago

Or just getting drunk and being stupid. This is way beyond that. And these kids have to know when they get in trouble the entire KU community knows about it because they play at a power five school.

Dirk Medema 3 months ago

Brad - If you watch the “Blueprint” video series about the program, the team as a whole does extra work for failing to meet the team standards. Miss a class? The whole team does extra. Late to a meeting? The whole team does extra. If they’re part of the team, and the team remains consistent, then they all pay the price.

Sometimes peer pressure is good. Sometimes there’s a need for more.

Chris Bailey 3 months ago

I hear everyday how police are racist and that we have a problem with black kids being punished. That may be true but if you stop carrying weapons and every time things gets real you pull out a gun maybe the cops wouldn't be so quick to judge or be so on edge? I don't think it's typical for a Kansas kid to just pull a gun on someone for the hell of it or in a situation like this. I'm sure I'll take heat for this but this crap has got to stop. I'm a pro-second guy and own many guns but I'd never pull a gun on someone. The only time I'd use a weapon is if my life, my families life or the life of someone else were in eminent danger. And that is how it should be not just carry a gun looking for trouble. Stop it! This is stupid! I'm not being racist I'm being honest. Every time we see a firearm issue it's almost without fail on this site a black student. Why is this the culture? We gotta do better than this. We gotta be better role models. We have to be better stewards of our children. Come on, act like men, not like children.

Brett McCabe 3 months ago

The 2nd Amendment expressly lays out the right to bear arms by a well regulated militia, it says nothing about individual gun ownership, so I assume you support the actual amendment, not the made-up version? And, as a side note, the amendment was included so that slave owners could organize militias to protect themselves against slave uprisings. You also support that, correct?

In regards to the issue that it is a culturally-imbedded problem, I agree. Kind of like Republicans lying about elections - just a part of their culture.

There is a simple way to stop all of this: outlaw handgun ownership by individuals and make the maker, seller, designer or facilitator criminally and civilly liable for any crimes committed with a handgun or assault rifle. The only guns that should be allowed in the country are sporting rifles, and ownership should be limited to trained, certified, registered owners. There is no purpose for any other gun in the country. Get rid of the supply, and you will see that it will impact the culture....including mass shootings by mostly white guys.

Benny Armstrong 3 months ago

We'll ignore the second and third paragraphs of your comment and just focus on the first one. The "well-regulated militia" line of the amendment has been misinterpreted so often because we're using today's definition and not the one when it was originally drafted. Using the original definition, this line is not commenting on the types of laws or limitations that were to be imposed on the militia, but rather is stating that it will be "well-organized, well-armed, or well-disciplined" and in fighting shape. Further, the text states that this is "the right of the people" and the legal consensus is that this statement is applied to individual ownership. Now to be fair, using the same framing as the first part, this is looking at the rights of people at that time, so I won't argue that it excludes large groups from that definition, but it's inaccurate to state that this "says nothing about individual gun ownership."

Chris Bailey 3 months ago

Funny I could have guessed you would open with the first rebuttal and have something negative to say. Let's ban all guns. Let's forget about personal responsibility. Tell me why when I was in high school kids brought guns to shop class often and many had rifles in the back windows of their truck on racks yet today we can't even mention gun in a school without some woke liberal losing their $#it? Why is it wrong to meet a problem head on? Instead of addressing something after the problem is there why not head it off in the beginning? That was exactly my point with having absent fathers. Explain to me why 72% of all black mothers are unwed? Why the men have no presence in their child's life or if they do it's a transient relationship. Compare that number with 40% of white mothers who are single parents. Is it any wonder why we have unruly children? Mom's doing the best they can with no father figure around. I don't care if you think this is a touchy subject because it needs to be fixed. We need to teach our young men to be responsible and accountable. It's not a badge we flash to show we're taking care of our children. That's what we're supposed to do. If you don't want kids then don't have sex or make damn sure you're doing things to prevent it. Wear a condom and use spermicide. Hopefully your partner is on birth control as well. Stop showing movies/TV that portray young black men as criminals. Stop showing them selling drugs or getting high. Stop with the gun brandishing. It's not cool. Deal with the problem and fix it. Stop blaming republicans for your lot in life. I think back to how I was raised. I was raised in Smallville, Kansas. Look it up we exist, if only for a day. I was raised that you treat others with kindness and respect. You treat people like you want to be treated. You trust. You lend a hand when someone needs it. You offer your help. You cook someone a meal when they have a death in the family. You show compassion. You give selflessly with no expectation in return. Simply because it's the right thing to do. I love people of all walks of life. I'm a KU grad and a Wichita State grad. I've learned many things in my 49 years on this earth. One of them is that political rhetoric never solves a damn thing. You wanna point the finger at everyone else. Blame everything on the other side. Stop with the bs Brett. Wake the F up and see that people are inherently good and we owe it to our future generations to be better than our parents and better than us. This has nothing to do with politics but you've decided to make it that. I'd give someone the shirt off my back if they needed it. I've helped many people throughout my life and done without because of that help. Most people have no idea because I don't do it for recognition or fame I do it because it's the right thing to do.

Chris Bailey 3 months ago

You judge me because I'm conservative yet my beliefs have led me to live a life few would consider to have many faults. I've made some mistakes and I've said stupid things. I've apologized for those as well because that is what you do when you are a man and take responsibility for your actions. I'm not afraid to meet many people. Even people you or some might consider a little sketchy. I have friends with money and friends with nothing. I have never chosen a friend based on socioeconomic status, race, religion, sexual preference or any other criteria. Yes we tend to get thrown in with like minded people but when we're not we adapt.

As for your rebuking of the second amendment the supreme court ruled in 2008 that the right to bare arms belonged to the people. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Shall NOT be infringed. It's funny how they put that line in there. I wonder why the founders did that? Well possibly because they knew someday we may need that right to overthrow a dictator or to maintain law and order which includes ones property and life.

Chris Bailey 3 months ago

You are a typical anti gun person who doesn't know the difference between an assault rifle and a sport rifle. I can lay two guns side by side that are identical and one you would ban and the other you'd say was a sport rifle. The black gun with the picatinny rails looks so scary! So mean! Why do these kids have guns on campus? That should be the question we're talking about not why handguns aren't illegal. You're right if you take all the guns away you will see a shift in murder weapons to other forms. You will also see violent crimes skyrocket. Let me ask you a question? If you are a criminal and you know my house is well armed. I keep guns all over my house in strategic locations in case of an intruder. And my neighbor is you. Someone who is anti-gun. Which house do you suppose will be more likely to get broken into? And which person has the better chance of losing their life, the life of a loved one or being injured seriously? Let me help you it sure as hell isn't my home! Break in my house and I will shoot you! If you don't like that then don't come in without invitation! Stop blaming the right for all the damn problems in this country. The left has done nothing the past 18 months controlling the presidency and both the house and senate.

If you'd like to explain to me how Joe Biden, one of the most inept civil servants of the last century, got the most votes ever by a presidential candidate 81,000,000 votes, I'm all ears. It didn't happen without outside intervention. He isn't that well liked. He didn't even really campaign. And the fact his mental faculties have been leaving him faster than come on mans is a sign pointing to nothing but an unfair election. It's funny the left jumped up and down for 4 years saying Russia hacked our election and that Trump was an illegitimate president, yet when we see someone like Biden garner the most votes ever we shouldn't question it. I'm wondering what the results would have looked like for in-person voting rather than what we see in the chart I attached. My guess is Trump would have won in a landslide.

Chris Bailey 3 months ago

As for the mass shootings by white guys I find it funny that almost ALL of them are leftists. People who know nothing about guns or can't handle anything in life. So instead of just ending their life they go and kill a bunch of innocent people. It's funny the media never talks about that because that doesn't fit their narrative. I'm so glad you turned this into a political post and debate. You clearly think you are superior to everyone on this site. You have been that way for as long as I can remember reading your posts. You're right and everyone around you is wrong. If you want the law enforced then by God it better be enforced but if you don't like it then we need it removed so you can live in your bubble. Don't waste my time with this nonsense unless you have something meaningful to say because I don't care what you think about politics. We will never agree because you will never give an inch. The right seems to be the one who always compromises and thus I usually end up doing the same for the betterment of any situation. If you'd like to address the root of the problem in this story, fine. Anything else and I don't want to discuss it with you. My time has more value to me than typing out this diatribe to your vitriol of a response.

Randy Bombardier 3 months ago

Kay, its no reflection on Coach. How he handles it will be a reflection on him.

Jeff Kallmeyer 3 months ago

Brett, spoken like a true far left woke liberal.

Brad Watson 3 months ago

The Scott kid is from Lawrence...probably knows everyone at QT...been going there his whole life...being cool with their guns..wanting an excuse to use them...can't shoot anyone...but want some reason to show them off...road rage was the excuse...typical immature behavior..."look at me...look at my gun...isn't it cool" one on the team needs a gun and no one should have my opinion...some kids are mature at a young age...others are not...these 2 obviously aren't grown up enough to responsibly own a gun.

Matt Tait 3 months ago

This isn't the first place I've seen this, but I'm definitely confused.

Scott is listed on the KU roster as being from Mobile, Alabama and having attended Murphy High.

Am I missing something?

Tim Orel 3 months ago

At they list an A. Tanaka Scott Senior, also calling him without the Sr. name, so my guess is people might be confusing Sr. and Jr. I don't know the player or his family so that's just my guess.

Brad Watson 3 months ago's in the 2nd paragraph of the article...I didn't double check it...that's where I saw it.

Patrick Bryant 3 months ago

Gun ownership should be free to individuals that maintain them responsibly. Brandishing them for no defensive reason does not equate to responsible ownership. Take their guns, fine them severely and let the chips fall where they may with HCLL.

Micky Baker 3 months ago

They are still entitled to due process and they are innocent until proven guilty, and they are entitled to a jury trial. They have a right to face all witnesses against them, so the witness better have told the truth or they should be charged for filing a false police report.

Rodney Crain 3 months ago

Did anyone watch the Uvalde TX video inside the hallway? Brett I get what your saying, but if 50 armed wearing body armor waited 70+ minutes knowing where the shooter was to engage, in Texas mind you, I am not sure where the heck the line is anymore. Keep in mind what happened in Japan. Dude made his own gun?

How about all the name calling going on in Golf? They are not arguing over where to drop the ball they hit in the pond. It is about how they get their money. Hit the flipping ball and count your cash.

Oh these two players above, not a good look. Overall with all the things on our platter, this has happened here before, will happen again I am sure. Coach will get it right.

I mean if a NFL football player loses 28 game checks, but signs for $240ml upfront, why would anyone lose any sleep about these two?

Doug Roberts 3 months ago

Brett, your dream society is 1930s Nazi Germany. Good luck with that.

Rodney Crain 3 months ago

Germany was a democracy in 1930-33 Doug. Germany did not start to unravel until 1933 actually when the Nazi's won the popular vote. It wasn't till Hindenburg died in 1934 that a crazy loose cannon leader was able to dismantle it. The Nazi's you are refering to actually were apart from a lot of the German Military. Their own creed, strict rituals etc... Even that madman with the tiny mustache knew that there needed to be a peaceful transfer of power to sway the populace to his warped ideas. During the Berlin games in 1936 Hitler was still trying to show the world he was not who we all thought he was. It was not till UK's Chamberlain, as late as Sept. 1939, finally realised his mistake had given Hitler the time he needed to start WW2 on his terms.

Japan's invasion of Manchria in 1931 preceded Nazi Germay. Now if you would have referenced Japan, well ok then.

It all started by winning the vote though. Tricky thing the vote, as the state of Kansas recently learned, it can surprise you.

This was fun.

Doug Roberts 3 months ago

Thanks for the history lesson, Rodney. Most of which is inconsequential. Hitler , in the 30s, used gun registrations to confiscate and disarm his political opponents and Jews. A disarmed populace is a vulnerable and helpless one. History is full of examples. Take guns away from everyone but police? What would BLM have to say about that? Only allow guns to people who pass a course? Criminals don't obey laws. Put a 1000% tax on gun purchases? Now only rich people have guns. How many leftists bought guns in 2020 during the pandemic to protect themselves and their families? It's all one big Utopia until it's your house being broken into at 2 am and the cops are, at best, 7 minutes away.

Rodney Crain 3 months ago

Oh Doug, not sure you thought this through.

He rose on the power of the brown shirts and then killed all their leaders. His "own" people! Yep he killed lots of other people too. Lots. It does not change the fact that he was voted in, as was his party.

Who said anything about disarming the populace? Come down from your high horse. That is never going to fly in this country. Not sure they need to be armed with machine guns. Am AOK on handguns and rifles. Non Criminals break the law too. That is how they become criminals.

There were 50 armed to the teeth policeman in a hallway in Texas with kids in those rooms dialing 911 begging for help. They were waiting on shields??? The police kept parents from rushing the gunman to get their kids out of there. If those parents showed up with guns to force their way past the cops, who do think would have been shot first? The gunman or a parent?

Cops are at best 2 minutes away from me, I can tell I live near a station.

I have already said this on here, I am a crossbow guy. Quiet, easy to load and my ears will not be ringing if I ever have to use it more once. My dog lets me know if anybody is even in my yard, let alone trying to get in. No worries here.

Doug Utopia does not exist.

Chris Bailey 3 months ago

Amen to that Doug! We have these issues due to what I described. No one wants to admit it for fear of being labeled but the facts are right there. Without a father present kids are far more likely to have lives involving law enforcement than with their fathers presence. Teach that in schools. Preach that to your congregations! Let's get fathers involved in their children's lives and if you don't want them then take yourself out of the gene pool.

Dirk Medema 3 months ago

“his warped ideas”

For a reality check, you might want to consider the teachings of the Catholic and Lutheran churches at the time. That would be the majority of the country. It was the defense argument for Eichmann or one of those.

Rodney Crain 3 months ago

Catholic and Lutheran churches for a century before the 1930's have had interesting teachings on the tenants of their doctrines. His warped ideas was in response to Doug's misadventure in 1930's German democracy.

Let's start in the 1930's. When Hitler was getting numerous complaints about one of his warped idea's that Christian Prayer, crosses were no longer to be allowed in the late 1930's, he quietly relented, only to those clergy, parioshners who complained. His reason, well they supported me, there are more important matters to attend to.

Also in the church where he as a boy attended and sang in the choir, directly across from his seat there was a swastika, was still there in the 1960's. Lutz, Austria. He was fond of it. Before the Natzi's abused it, some cultures have used it as well.

Ok let's talk about the way, the Catholic and Martin Luther's take on the way.

Stay with me I will try to be brief. In May of 325 AD the First Council of Nicaea, hosted by Constantine the Holy Roman Emperor of the East, started with less than 10% of "the way's" entire clergy, voted on what should be taught as Christianity. There is that word vote again. Jesus was not considered immortal, until they voted that he was. Lots of things were modified from the teaching of the Apostles. So that everyone could be on the same page. Progress.

From there things got a little more twisted, and you know history is written by those who win and are in power and you can see how things got out of hand a bit.

Martin Luther printed his 95 doctrines of his more strict interpretation on two large doors of his church in 1517.

From Nicaea, through Martin Luther, there are wars against jews, sponsored by the Vatican, spanish inquisitors have their own take, on and on until in 1440 the first book a bible it printed. Again different people have different bibles and on and on. Competition for the faithful.

That the Catholic and Lutheran faith went along with Hitler's warped idea on jews, should not be surprising. Recently I think the pope acknowledged that was not right.

Eichmann's defense was he was just following orders. Mossad caught up with him in 1956.

Brad Watson 3 months ago

Growing pains are never fun...but hopefully everyone in the Jayhawk nation will learn something here...there are actual quite a few lessons here to be drilled down they say "Lets make this a teaching moment"...I know I have definitely learned some things about the state of our society...amongst other cultural things...we live in a country I don't recognize anymore...something has gone terribly it WOKE? it TRUMP? it the Cattle trough media?... or something else completely...who knows!

Dirk Medema 3 months ago

While wandering around all sorts of reality, simple points are sometimes missed.

From at least the time of Constantine and Bishop John Chrysostom, the Golden Tongue, through Martin Luther, and straight into Nazi germany and many other countries, the Catholic and Lutheran churches, and other large swathes of Germany, Poland, Russia, Spain, … preached and practiced the same things perpetrated by the Nazi in the ‘30’s and ’40’s. That was a Nazi defense at Nuremberg. If you are going to have a trial for my actions then the church/most of the society needs to be on trial.

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