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Kansas basketball’s Remy Martin experience ends on an incredible high

Kansas guard Remy Martin (11) looks for the applause of the crowd as the Kansas Jayhawks celebrate their 72-69 win over North Carolina in the NCAA National Championship game on Monday, April 4, 2022 at Caesars Superdome in New Orleans.

Kansas guard Remy Martin (11) looks for the applause of the crowd as the Kansas Jayhawks celebrate their 72-69 win over North Carolina in the NCAA National Championship game on Monday, April 4, 2022 at Caesars Superdome in New Orleans.


New Orleans — Of all of the wide smiles, huge hugs and starry-eyed looks that took place on the stage where the Kansas Jayhawks collected the 2022 national championship trophy, there was one moment that proved to be the perfect exclamation point to a crazy season.

Just minutes after the Jayhawks’ — from Kansas, not Kansas City — held up their shiny new trophy for all the world to see, Kansas coach Bill Self looked to his left and saw a squirrely KU guard experiencing complete euphoria.

While dancing and smiling and posing and laughing, KU point guard Remy Martin caught the eye of his head coach and the two exchanged a quick high-five. It was nothing special, nothing unique, just a moment between a coach and one of his players that some thought might never come.


Kansas guard Remy Martin (11) reaches out to slap hands with the band as the Jayhawks celebrate their 72-69 win over North Carolina in the NCAA National Championship game.

Throughout what can only be described as one of those you-have-to-live-it-to-believe-it seasons by Martin, Self waited patiently for the transfer guard to trust his injured knee enough to get back on the floor. Once he did, the Jayhawks took off and Martin added his name and chapter to the book of the legends of Kansas basketball.

His stats won’t stack up, of course. But his impact will. Simply put, the Jayhawks do not wake up as national champions today if not for Martin.

Self said as much on more than one occasion this postseason. He said it again on Tuesday at the welcome home celebration at Memorial Stadium.

But before all of that, before the pictures with the trophy, the celebrations through the night and even a hug between a coach and a player who grew to love each other, there was that high-five.

The fact that it came on the stage where Kansas was officially crowned this year’s national champion was exactly the way Martin pictured it when he decided to come to KU.

“These guys have been awesome,” Martin said of his coaches and teammates during the celebration of Monday night’s 72-69 win over North Carolina. “I’ve been injured, going through ups and downs and these guys stayed consistent. I’m just so happy that I could help this team win a national championship. I’m honored to wear this jersey. I love Kansas and I love Bill Self and my teammates. Thank you to everyone.”

That love is most definitely mutual, and Martin and Self, as it turned out, wound up being good for each other.

In Self, Martin found a head coach who could push him to levels he never knew he could reach. He did it by demanding more, expecting perfection and not letting Martin fall short of living up to the standards that exist within the Kansas basketball program. As a result, Martin became a national champion.

In Martin, Self found a player who forced him to operate out of his comfort zone — even if only for a little while — and a maddening player who could be so dynamic and electric one moment and so painstakingly careless the next. But Martin’s presence, as well as his importance, forced Self to grow comfortable watching and coaching that type of player. As a result, Self picked up his second national championship.

Both Martin and Self had plenty of help in getting them to Monday’s stage.

Martin said throughout the season that it was his teammates who kept him positive and his spirits high as he tried to return from the bone bruise in his right knee that kept him out for a month late in the season.

“These guys have been amazing throughout the whole process,” Martin said of his teammates on Monday night. “They’ve always kept me going and they always gave me confidence. I couldn’t ask for a better group.”

The patience and support of that entire group — many of whom first met Martin just last summer — always seemed easier for the players than it was for Self. That’s where his growth came into play.

After seeing the vision he had for what Martin could and would be at Kansas become cloudy, Self held on tight. And then he let go. He reached a point, at least publicly, where he decided the best move with Martin was to hope for the best and plan for nothing. Martin, Self knew, would return when he was ready. And while all kinds of people hoped that would happen earlier than it did, Self discovered that it was best to move forward without so much as a glimmer of hope for what Martin would be when, or if, he came back.

“Guys, he didn't contribute much,” Self reminded reporters on Monday night when asked to reflect on Martin’s journey one last time. “He averaged 3 points a game in the league for the year.”

Through all of those quiet moments, though, Martin remained confident behind the scenes. He worked. He healed. And he prepared himself to do whatever he could to help Kansas make a run. That was the whole reason he came to KU in the first place, you’ll remember. And there was no way Martin was going to go down quietly.

“He was hurt,” Self said Monday. “But he told me all along, ‘Just wait ’til March.’ Well, crap. So you expect me to trust you in March when you haven't showed us all year long?' He said, ‘I’m not healthy. When I’m healthy, just wait ’til March.' And he sure enough delivered on what he said.

“He’s an amazing guy,” Self added. “I don’t know that there’s many out there that can flip a switch like he potentially can.”


Steve Zimmerman 4 months ago

It's like Martin's determined he's a champ. That sequence of what he did in the last minutes were just incredible. Shot after shot made, then a block. This is Remy Martin we're talking about, a guy that fans have been complaining about for his lack of defense instinct. He blocked Love's layup from behind - like some fans describe him as - flying squirrel - a clean block! That block just demoralized UNC even more. Martin is no doubt, MVP of this team throughout the whole tourney. Good that Harris recognized his contribution or at least mentioned Martin's name in the press conference after that final.

Good luck for whatever it is your next journey going to be, Martin! Thank you!!!!!!

Brett McCabe 4 months ago

If Remy had played the full year, I'm pretty convinced we would have been the Overall One Seed entering the tournament. Not that it really matters now, but Self would have had much more time to figure out rotations, actually coach Remy and help him develop, etc.

Really glad how this all ended for him. And really glad we had him - because without him - we don't win.

Bryce Landon 4 months ago

Thanks for coming to Kansas for a year, Remy! And thanks for bringing him aboard, Coach Self! He was the best thing that could have happened to Kansas basketball in the 2021 offseason. Rock Chalk National Champions!

Mallory Briggans 4 months ago

We should be glad that Self who is normally stubborn if a player doesnt play Bill Self style of basketball ............finally let Remy be Remy . Self lacked patience during the season with Remy if he missed a couple shots or missed a defensive assignment ......Self would yank him out of the game . Self trusted Remy more starting with the Big 12 tourney thats when the team seemed to have been energized and Remy started scoring ,Self realized although he loved Harris on the floor, he knew Remy could get you buckets ........and glad Self realized it and not let Remy spend his days on the bench

David Robinett 4 months ago

“… forced Self to grow comfortable watching and coaching that type of player. As a result, Self picked up his second national championship.”

Yes! Bill always talks about playing with a free mind, but he didn’t always let players do that. Remy made him adjust and that made all the difference. When Agbaji and Braun were hesitant to shoot Remy always came out firing.

Matt Gauntt 4 months ago

Love this young man's enthusiasm. Really hope he gets the chance to play at the next level. If not, he will make a HELL of a coach - intelligent with tons of energy.

Dirk Medema 4 months ago

I would suggest that the gap in his play was pivotal for both him, Coach Self, and maybe the future.

Remy had to sit and watch others learn from Coach. He got to peer coach Yesufu, to coach up his confidence and focus on all the little things. Few players come to KU with even a fraction of the little things knowledge they need. Remy was only beginning to learn that as he was “yanked” from the game for the short teaching moments. By sitting, it all got to ruminate a bit more. Coach McDermitt commented on him being night and day different from asu.

Coach has grown tons over the years. There was a video about how coaches used to dictate exactly where everyone would be and how every shot would be taken. Coach has commented on incorporating more dribble drive freedom, though he is also widely recognized for his set play brilliance. He does still have that tendency towards perfection, but it seems to me that part of his growth has been away from “expecting” it and more towards aiming for it.

The players have commented on it a lot in the past month; on how attention to all the little details are important. Hopefully, it can become more of the program mantra, because the next crew, or the next crew, will arrive thinking they execute well and play hard. There’s another level that this crew has learned, and relearned game after game.

Bill Pitcher 4 months ago

As they say, it's never too late for some Remy, some beaming, irrepressible Remy. We'll love this guy forever, as much for what he taught Coach Self as for what he contributed to a memorable season.

Brian Mellor 4 months ago

Personally, I think Remy being out for most of the season made him almost a secret weapon when he finally did hit the floor. I think it was Creighton(?) that was sagging off Harris to guard our wings, leaving the 1 spot as the weak link because scouting on Harris was that he was not a great shooter. Put Remy in and suddenly, oh hey, the 1 is the most electric player on the floor. He gave KU a dimension that they didn't have through the year right at the time they needed it.

I know someone commented here at the start of the tournament that we were going to go as far as McCormick and Martin took us. They were the X-factors, and it turned out they were pretty good ones when it mattered.

Dirk Medema 4 months ago

Maybe we all can learn from this as well. Many were ready to jettison Remy for defensive lapses and David too, not realizing he was still healing, or had reinjured his foot. It’s not uncommon to expect a new player to arrive with all the knowledge gained by experienced players from Coach Self over the years. IMO, their growth is part of the fun even if it sometimes is a painful reality.

Dirk Medema 4 months ago

Brian - Wasn’t it the next game where Juan lit things up from 3 when they again sagged off him? Guessing some of the confidence rubbed off. Juan talked about Remy coming into their room. Sure some was just fun, but guessing some was Remy talking up Juan’s confidence.

Dirk Medema 4 months ago

Remy won’t have an individual banner hung, but he’s commented all along that wasn’t his goal. His goal was the banner that was hung. Whenever he returns, he will be even more beloved for the one that will be raised.

Dirk Medema 4 months ago

3 nets in one month after never having cut one previously.

Brett McCabe 4 months ago

For some reason, I can't thumbs up or reply to a comment.....

Brian: I think that you could be right about Remy. Had he played the whole season, I think that we win the league outright and go into the Tourney as the 1-1. But that doesn't mean we would have won it. It's a crazy tournament and, unless you simply have a dominant team or player, there really is no sure path.

Having Remy as a sort of surprise guy may very well have been better for us in terms of winning the NC.

And as mentioned above....that block! How huge was that!

Lee Short 4 months ago

"His stats won’t stack up, of course. But his impact will. Simply put, the Jayhawks do not wake up as national champions today if not for Martin" NEEDS to be clarified.

No one on the KU team had better stats per minute than Remy for the portion of the season he was healthy. I am just thankful we won with him being on the floor for only half to 2/3rds the time as the starters. In a close game, the difference between Remy playing 60% of the minutes compared to 90% (approximate average of most starters) could have been the difference in winning or losing.

We were clearly better in net scoring difference when the healthy Remy was in the games vs. when he was not. Plus, his attitude was completely infectious. And, while his offense was incredible, once healthy, he got better and better defense. We don't win the Big 12 (which helped our seeing) or the NCAA tourney without Remy, even if he didn't play the number of minutes as that of the average starter played.

No way a healthy Remy, all-season playing 90% of the game minutes, would not have ranked up there with Frank and Devonte as being one our best guards, ever, in addition to being 1st-team All-American and Big 12 POY. He would have simply improved upon his PAC-12 POY performance.

Remy, best of luck. Thank you for coming to Kansas and contributing to Kansas doing so well in the NCAA tourney.

Rodney Crain 4 months ago

Dirk that is a lot of posts even for you? Did we just become best friends? LOL

Having been a critic of Remy's I would like to Thank him for his contributions on offense the last 5 weeks. His scoring was the difference in quite a few games down the stretch. To me he was not the X-factor or difference maker like some think. We had a lot of them, it was a team effort. But he is clearly in the center of the picture of the top 7 players on our team in the post season.

Dirk pegged how Self would use him off the bench, Matt T. too, weeks ago and I agree with them. It was the perfect way to fit him into the game.

I appreciate what he did for us this year.

Dirk, and only Dirk, hurt or not he grades out poorly on defense every game. Learn from that. No matter what excuses real or created you can think of changes he struggles playing that side of the game. When folks on here write about it, comment on it, on other boards, even on TV during that last game, you cannot just dismiss it out of hand. If he scores 10+, drives the lane, and helps our offense go, you can live with the mistakes. Jettison? The Midwest MOP? Never. Not even me, as long as he scoring.

Brett, Yes I saw the block near the end of the NC game. It was a key moment. Should be on his highlight reel.

Brett McCabe 4 months ago

RandomQuestion: Nijel Pack anyone? Any chance?

Jonathan Allison 4 months ago

Brett, Pack may be a bridge too far. could make for some fun interactions with the wildkitties next year though

Jonathan Allison 4 months ago

Rodney, Where Remy was worst was in help defense situtations. He would overhelp when help was not needed or underhelp when help was needed. He would recover too slow to prevent a shot or a blow by and get burned.

He got better at that, but he actually was good defensively late in the season in situations where was was either the on ball defender or denying the ball from being passed to the lead guard.

Part of the reason of course is that he was Mr. Fresh legs when he came in. And while he may not be the lockdown guy that Bill Self loves, like Harris. He was able to come in and shut down RJ Davis for a few minutes at a time and he was pesky as heck.

He impressed me a few times in the tourney with his man to man defense. Really the whole team did. They played man to man defense more relentlessly in this tourney, as a team, than I can remember seeing from a previous KU team.

Jim Dickerson 4 months ago

I have seen you rag on Remy all season long and I don't see you a a very loyal Jayhawk fan. Yes he has made mistakes on defense but who else on the team has not. As far as the Tourney, I think his defense was pretty damn good, He pretty well shut down one of UNC's shooting guards in the Big Game. His offensive contribution was out of sight. What more do you want, Friies with the crow that you need to eat?. ..

Dale Stringer 4 months ago

IMO, the thing that Remy brought to this team the most was attitude. I think last year's team was very lacking there most of the time with only Mitch busting out after a big play. Remy is different thought. He seemed to be pumped up before a play no matter which team had the ball. I don't every remember another KU player slapping the floor on defense like he does. That attitude rubbed on CB and DM.

Bj Cassady 4 months ago

When Remy was in the game we played faster and when we play faster our defense is better as is the offense. He is like the supercharger on our engine. Love the guy, he is too short for the NBA, hope he plays one more year with us how dynamic would that be?

Allin Herring 4 months ago

I totally agree Agbaji was NO WHERE CLOSE to the MOP. Either Remy or David

Rodney Crain 4 months ago

Jonathan what part of the post "Dirk, and only Dirk" did I not make clear. Since we can't reply to anyone it was just a reply to his post. :)

I am still smiling after that great comeback and win. Let's just celebrate.

Trust me no one, including me, wants to dive deep anymore about Remy's shortcomings on defense. We cut down all the nets, won all the prizes. Remy got to check off some of his goals. He even won an award.

About his fresh legs, my thought was Remy off the bench provided a way for Self to play someone who could help us score when the other teams starters were resting around the lengthy TV timeouts. It added a difficult match up on offense they would have to deal with. If he was hot Self could let him play and rest a starter. He could play him with Harris and add another dimension. Self had a swiss army knife on offense that he could go to. Anything on defense he got from him, including taking a few fouls, were an added bonus. Like that block late, it saved points.

We won it all. It's been a awhile, which makes it taste a little bit sweeter.

Rodney Crain 4 months ago

Jim, what I can say? I would like to reply to you in detail but I just can't stop laughing at your post.

Other than "I have seen you" the rest of it is comical. It is truly one of the funniest posts I have seen on here in quite awhile. Thanks for the laughs. Shut down? LOL One of your likes, if you have more than 1 is from me. Hilarious.

Brianna Zaleski 4 months ago

Rodney, 100% agree with you on your post about Remy. Coach used him the way he fit best with this team, down the stretch. At the perfect time, you could say. Great point about him being brought in right about the time the opposing teams starters are looking for a breather. Could you imagine, just as you’re trying to catch your second wind, and you’re starting to recognize what Kansas is doing, both offensively and defensively, here comes Remy to the scorer’s table? You ever tried to catch a water bug?… To those who think that Remy’s stats would just extend out, having been given more mins., leading to undefeated/overall 1 seed/best team of all time/etc., are lacking perspective. Remy was severely limited on defense. Did he get better? Sure. He was even effective at times. He was especially good at denying his player the ball on throw-ins. I know that’s pretty random, but how many times have you seen a player step over the baseline when they try to throw in a ball? Yet Remy helped force 2 of those, this postseason that I can remember. But his defense over 30-33 mins, would have been a total liability, and opposing teams would have feasted on him, totally negating his offensive boosts. Coach Self figured out how he was best fit for this team. And I also believe that had he been healthy all season, his effectiveness in the postseason might not have been as stark. Teams would have been well aware of the “spark” off the bench, and would have game planned him accordingly… I truly believe this was destined to be our year. We had a ton of things fall our way this postseason, and as it turns out, earlier this season as well (Remy’s injury actually helping his effectiveness in postseason). We caught break after break in the tournament. 3 of the 6 teams we faced, were down important players due to injury. 3 players were injured the game before we played them. All late in the previous game too! Eerie… But hey, we took advantage of those breaks. Not everyone does. You need a bit of luck to win the NCAA tournament, and we certainly got ours this year, and thank the Lord Jesus in Heaven, we were able to capitalize. Breaks like that don’t come every year.

Brad Watson 4 months ago

Thank you Remy!!!!...Good luck!!!!

Rodney Crain 4 months ago

Bri I have never seen one TO where a player steps over the end line like that. Self should file that move away going forward. Its an easy possesion.

Yes, What about the pure luck we had in the NCAA's? All the other #1's gone, Auburn gone, Moore of Villanova gone, Duke gone, Becot nursing that ankle. It was nuts that so many things broke for us. We deserved some breaks not complaining but that many that clearly helped us. That was crazy. We still had to win every game we played. But still if you could scratch off teams and get injuries pile up in front of you no one could script it any better.

I did not feel sorry for all the TBS talking heads who were crushed that Duke and Coach K was not around though. They wanted them in the final so bad it was still obvious Monday night lol.

Jonathan Allison 4 months ago


great post, but one thing... "throw-ins"? What is this; soccer?

Sorry... I just had to.

He did a very good job at denying them getting the ball to their PG, not just on inbounds passes, but also when they were trying to get it back in the hands of the PG in order to set up on offense.

He seemed to do much better when he knew that he was supposed to fight through a ball screen vs. switching etc.

During the Crieghton game they talked about how Alex O'Connell described some of the challenges transitioning from the defensive philosophy he was used to at Duke to a new philosophy playing for MCDermott. Instead of forcing players toward the baseline and trapping, they were corralling them into the paint and contesting shots or something like that and it was hard to get used to.

I don't know much about how they play D at Arizona State, but Bill Self has his own way and it doesn't come naturally to most players

Robert Brock 4 months ago

There will be those who boo-hoo about Carolina’s aches and pains. It’s not like KU didn’t have injury issues to overcome as well (Dave’s injured foot and Remy’s banged-up knee). That’s just a tough part of basketball.

Brianna Zaleski 4 months ago


facepalm Lol! To be honest, I do have 2 daughters in soccer at the present time, so it seems that lingo has seeped into my brain a little too far… Good catch. Yes, it was the most specific of things, but he really seemed to take pride in that one aspect of his D. If I remember correctly, I think Coach Self praised that play (where Remy induced TT player to step over baseline), so I can see that motivating him from there. Odd, but effective for sure. Kind of his MO.

Matt Tait 4 months ago

QUICK UPDATE ON REPLIES - Our tech people are aware of the issue and are working to fix it. Hang in there with us. Thankful the comments are back. We missed you all for the 5 or so days they were down!!!

Rodney Crain 4 months ago

Matt was there a moment when after putting all this great content out and no one was commenting that you, Zac went what is happening??? :)

Jonathan Allison 4 months ago

Brianna, I have two little ones of my own, so I get it!

Matt, Could there have been a better time for commenting to go down the days before KU plays in the final four? Hey, if it had happened during football, you may not have figured out what happened till Late Night.

Just kidding of course about football. Lots of high hopes for football this fall.

Matt Tait 4 months ago

The timing SUCKED, no doubt about it. But at least it was back and running for Monday night. And, yeah, I did miss the feedback — good and bad — as well as the banter and ideas that get kicked around.

Some of you can be a bit much from time to time ;-) but the contributions and feedback from our readers is a huge part of this site and always has been. We appreciate each one of you and enjoy what you bring to the fun.

Zac and I were aware there was an issue and aware that they were working on it, so our egos didn't take too big of a hit!

Micky Baker 4 months ago

Remy made some unbelievable plays on offense in big moments. It is difficult to really place the MVP on just one guy for the Final 4, though DMAC probably deserved it the most. But then you have to consider what Ochai's presence, then Remy's, then CB's presence, then Jalen Wilson's presence, and Harris' tremendous defense, CB's big rebound night in the final. All of these things came together to get the win, because if one of these pieces was missing we probably still lose the game, but then again, if all but one performed well in the first half we probably win by double digits. We did get some breaks, but we had some go against us as well. The way the ball bounced to where UNC players were at on rebounds, but it really was the total team effort the first 10 minutes of the 2nd half that wore down UNC and we started getting more rebounds and they started missing more shots which could have been from fatigue. I was not able to watch it live on Monday night, but I recorded it and watched it the next morning. Everyone that went into the game contributed, even if it was simply spelling one of our guys or maybe changing the way UNC defended for a short period. If we had made all the shots at the rim that we normally make in the first half, it would have been a score similar to that over Villanova. I do not feel sorry for the teams that lost key guys. It has happened to us before at crucial times. It was better for us that Remy missed all that time during the regular season and was able to get his legs back for the tourney. If one of the key guys went down right before the tourney or during the tourney, it is doubtful we would have advanced to the Final Four, let alone win the National Championship. These guys deserve a lot of respect. They put their individual egos aside and did what was best for the team and they went out and earned the national title. Brilliant coaching job by Bill Self as well. He showed a lot of patience and the players responded to him.

Rodney Crain 4 months ago

I get that CBS needed TBS to win the NCAA tourny deal, but TBS limitations really showed through this year. Streaming was a mess. This Master's coverage on espn+ is next level today. Tony zero commericals, closeups of the flowers when there is nothing going on just for a few seconds is all. You can follow a pair of groups, there are like numerous holes you can follow, its great. If they are going to make us pay to watch at least deliver something that gives you what you want. We should be able to watch/hear a KU broadcast team, follow different camera's, hang with the KU crowd virutally.

Joe Ross 4 months ago

We don’t win the national championship without Remy Martin.


Steve Zimmerman 4 months ago

"The timing SUCKED, no doubt about it. "

--Matt, trust me. I looked at it as a blessing in disguise. No distraction to the team. We know they have access to You guys timed it perfectly! Yeah, some might have conspiracy theory that coach BS told you guys to block comments from fans temporarily - as this site also provides free scouting reports for our opponents! LOL..

Rodney Crain 4 months ago

Joe, come on really?

Period? What an overly simplistic statement.

Don't take my word for it, watch the last 10 minutes of the game objectively. You will see - Wilson or OA, or DMac or Braun or Self trying to get Remy to Focus. He was great on offense, but he was lost and out of position so many times on defense, when it really counted, his teammates were getting frustrated with him. We won because it was a team effort.

We won, semicolon, close parenthesis = happy face

All is forgiven, exclamation point

What will the ring look like, question mark

Lee Short 4 months ago

Joe, as usual in your comments over the years, you are 100% correct. I, too, obviously watched the whole game, then watched it again.

The fact that Rodney Crain doesn't think just adds more credibility.

It is absolutely delusional to think KU wins that game without Remy.

Joe, thanks for stating the obvious.

Brian Babcock 4 months ago

Delusional Lee? That's quite a strong statement for a claim that cannot be proven. Unfortunately that seems to be how our society chooses to communicate.

If Remy had not played the game, someone else would have stepped up. Maybe a bigger win. Maybe a loss. I would not call it absolutely delusional to consider winning without Remy especially as it had happened before. More than once.

Fill in the blank: Calling anyone who disagrees with you as delusional while making an unprovable claim is _.

Dirk Medema 4 months ago

Rodney - It’s interesting that for someone that says he wants to move on, you repeatedly rehash Remy’s defensive liability claims. That in no way means I think he was perfect. There were times when it did appear that he was lost, though he wasn’t the only player.

I also noticed that Coach seemed to have him switching different than the other players. He predominantly stayed out of the trees.

You also comment about how poorly he “grades out” on defense and yet those grades don’t appear to be public. Guessing the staff does this, but if you have a link to the staff’s grades or anyone that’s providing comprehensive D stats it would be great to see.

Thank you for the credit on Remy coming off the bench. As with most of my comments, it was more agreeing with Coach than something original, but I do appreciate that you noticed.

Most surprising is that you seem to be unaware of the 2 times the opposing team stepped over the end line while inbounding the ball after a made basket; otherwise not known as throw ins 😉

Mallory Briggans 4 months ago

When we lost to Baylor in Waco .........Baylor fans were telling the Jayhawks " YOURE NOT IN KANSAS ANYMORE

Well guess we got the last laugh ......Hey Baylor " THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY AINT IN TEXAS ANYMORE "

Congratulations Jayhawks


Rodney Crain 4 months ago

Dirk I would love to leave Remy's poor performances alone, but they keep ringing the bell.

You also need to rewatch the last 10 mins. again. For example The foul on Maneck sp.? (Grizzly Adams) was Remy not only being among the trees, but also completely out of position. One of the many, many I say, times Remy has no idea where he should be, He thinks on that play he should be fronting Grizzly Adams, and he ends up directly under the basket somehow under him facing the end line, causing a foul being in the way for a late 2 points for N.C. DMac questions what Remy is doing in the lane under the basket at this point.

I get that you do not read my comments. So to help you, once again Dirk, you just have to scroll up a little. When I post to Bri, about Remy causing the TO on the inbounds, the very first thing I say is --- "Bri I have never seen one TO where a player steps over the end line like that. Self should file that move away going forward. It's an easy possession". I specifically say it a few times somewhere else on here.

Come down from your high horse Dirk, Remy is good on offense and a liability on defense. Next time you rewatch the last game, you can see for yourself that what I am saying is true.

He helped us win in the post season. He was put in to play against subs and if he was hot left in. Thank you Remy for outscoring your defensive lapses. It was a team win.

By the way Dirk how did Remy do in the semi-final. 3 pts in 21 mins. He got a few rebounds too. Sounds exactly like a X factor in a blowout win. LOL

Thanks Dirk. As always I am here to help you as often as you need.

Barry Weiss 3 months, 4 weeks ago

Rodney, you are wrong. Remy saved our bacon in the post season. We all know Remy lives rent free in your head. The more you bash him, the lower your stock sinks. Move on little doggie.

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