Friday, November 5, 2021

Kansas volleyball falls flat at West Virginia for second day in a row


The Kansas volleyball team dropped a critical match in Morgantown, W.V., on Friday, falling to West Virginia for the second day in a row, 29-27, 13-25, 20-25, 15-25.

The Jayhawks entered the match ranked 32nd in the national RPI rankings. West Virginia sat at No. 42. By Monday, when the new rankings come out, the two programs could flip-flop spots.

For the second straight day, the Mountaineers bullied the Jayhawks, out-hitting them on offense and out-scoring them in bunches on the scoreboard.

Outside of the two sets that required extra points to be decided, WVU (16-7 overall, 6-6 Big 12) outscored Kansas (12-11, 4-8) 125-81.

After hitting .302 and showing signs of life in Friday’s first set, the Jayhawks followed that up with efficiency numbers of .000, .104 and .156 to finish the match with a hitting percentage of .145 overall.

That was slightly better than Thursday’s .018 total, which included the Jayhawks dipping into negative numbers in the opening set of the 25-18, 30-28, 25-15 sweep in that one.

Freshman outside hitter Caroline Bien led the Jayhawks with 19 kills in the two matches and senior Rachel Langs added 14 combined kills.

With just two weekends remaining in the regular season — vs. TCU Nov. 19-20 and at Kansas State Nov. 26-27 — and their goal of making a trip to the NCAA Tournament still very much in the picture, the Jayhawks need to win as many matches as possible down the stretch to put themselves in position to earn an at-large berth.

After winning nine matches in a row earlier this season, the Jayhawks now have lost eight of their last nine, with the lone win coming last weekend over Oklahoma at home.


Layne Pierce 11 months ago

Its all been said before. Way too much talent for such mediocre results.


Bville Hawk 11 months ago

This team is going south fast. WVU took our outside hitters (Mosser, Bien, Szabo) out of the game completely while the WVU outside hitters seemed to just whale away and hit winner after winner. I really like Cam Turner's game and maybe it's just a coincidence but we were much more competitive when Elise McGhie was full or part-time setter, I don't think McGhie got on the court today at all.

I think it was Larry Brown when he was our basketball coach who said that the only thing he could really control was playing time. Maybe as a means of salvaging something of this season the players who aren't producing need to sit and watch the next match. I'm talking about Mosser, Szabo, Angelo, maybe Bien.

For those of you ready for a coaching change the associate AD over volleyball is Nicole Corcoran. She can be reached at: 785-864-5999

Layne Pierce 11 months ago

Bville I don't think the team likes their coach, and they don't play really hard for him. There is talent all over this team, but no real concept of how to use it.

Teams with less talent, look much better coached and they have a plan for how they are going to win.

I believe a coaching change is necessary.


Bville Hawk 11 months ago

You might be right, Layne. I kind of felt like they are playing like they're getting mixed signals from the coaching staff, too. One assistant saying "do this" and another assistant saying "no, no thay's wirong, do this instead." Either way, it all falls on the head coach to get everyone on the same page and pulling in the same direction.

I really felt like after we got past Texas and Baylor that we could run the table thru the rest of the conference season. Was I ever wrong!

Layne Pierce 11 months ago


Once again Coach is jacking people around, and all it is doing is demoralizing the team. He has jacked liberos and setters. I think the 6-2 with 2 setters is quite workable for us, and I think both Turner and McGhee bring great skills and should be utilized. That is one of my gripes, underutilization of talent, and no real strategy and plan for victory. Wait and see there will be transfers after this season.


Chris Condren 11 months ago

Bachard is simply a terrible coach. He has everything he needs to build a national power but all he does is lose. The KUAD has seen that the program is going nowhere yet it does nothing. If the new athletic director is going to act to change the strongly entrenched culture of losing here is the place to start.

Layne Pierce 11 months ago

Great Points, Chris.

Great facilities, talented players, and an area that is rich in volleyball talent, and we are subjected to underachievement.


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