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Texas, OU take first formal steps to leave Big 12; questions about future of KU’s conference grow

In this Oct. 7, 2017, file photo, a Big 12 pylon marks the end zone at Darrell K Royal Texas Memorial Stadium before an NCAA college football game between Texas and Kansas State in Austin, Texas.  (AP Photo/Eric Gay, File)

In this Oct. 7, 2017, file photo, a Big 12 pylon marks the end zone at Darrell K Royal Texas Memorial Stadium before an NCAA college football game between Texas and Kansas State in Austin, Texas. (AP Photo/Eric Gay, File)


Oklahoma and Texas took the first formal step Monday toward moving to the Southeastern Conference, notifying the Big 12 they would not be renewing an agreement that binds the league’s members through 2025.

The schools sent out a joint statement that made no mention of the SEC and said “the universities intend to honor their existing grant of rights agreements.”

“However, both universities will continue to monitor the rapidly evolving collegiate athletics landscape as they consider how best to position their athletics programs in the future,” the schools said.

The “grant of rights” gives the conference control of the school’s media rights and runs concurrent with the Big 12′s television contracts with ESPN and Fox, which expire in 2025.

The Big 12's TV deals make up the bulk of the conference's revenue. The conference distributed $345 million to its 10 members this year ($34.5 million apiece), down from the previous year because of the pandemic.

The SEC announced an average payout to each of its members of $44.6 million in January.

Texas and Oklahoma have been in discussions with the SEC about joining the league, though neither school nor the powerhouse conference has acknowledged that publicly.

Joining another conference with the grant of rights still in effect is a nonstarter. Texas and Oklahoma would bring no value to their new conference and it would cost the schools tens of millions of dollars per year.

Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby released an official statement Monday afternoon via the league's website regarding the recent news.

“Although our eight members are disappointed with the decisions of these two institutions, we recognize that intercollegiate athletics is experiencing rapid change and will most likely look much different in 2025 than it does currently,” Bowlsby said. “The Big 12 Conference will continue to support our member institutions’ efforts to graduate student-athletes, and compete for Big 12 and NCAA championships."

"Like many others, we will use the next four years to fully assess what the landscape will look like in 2025 and beyond," Bowlsby added. "The remaining eight institutions will work together in a collaborative manner to thoughtfully and strategically position the Big 12 Conference for continued success, both athletically and academically, long into the future.”

The Big 12 announced Sunday that its executive committee, including Bowlsby, held a video conference with the presidents of Texas and Oklahoma.

The remaining eight Big 12 schools — Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State, Oklahoma State, TCU, Baylor, Texas Tech and West Virginia —- are still hoping to persuade the conference’s flagships schools to stay put.

“The meeting was cordial, and the executive committee expressed a willingness to discuss proposals that would strengthen the conference and be mutually beneficial to OU and UT, as well as the other member institutions of the conference,” Bowlsby said in a statement. “I expect that we will continue our conversations in the days ahead and we look forward to discussing thoughts, ideas and concepts that may be of shared interest and impact.”

Without Texas and Oklahoma, the Big 12 is in danger of falling apart. Even if it were to stay together by adding other schools, the value of the league would likely be severely diminished when it goes looking for its next television contract.


Matthew Pyle 11 months ago

It's passed time for KU to vigorously pursue membership in the Big 10 and wash our hands of this league. I don't care what happens to whatever is left of the Big 12.

Ashwin Rao 11 months ago

In due course. I don't think we should have moved earlier. I am sure talks are under way. We should receive the payouts from OK & TX, then make the move.

David Atchley 11 months ago

Its simply a matter of economics. Jay Hartzel, the President at Texas...and a former professor of economics at UT, along with Chris Del Conte, the Athletic Director, have been diligently working towards this for a year. Texas fired a Head Coach who had just gone 7-3 in favor of a more "SEC" type Head Coach in Steve Sarkisian and one who had been the offensive brains behind its kingpin program. Texas replaced their Head Basketball Coach in favor of one of the best recruiters in college basketball. (look at their portal recruits) While Commissioner Bowlsby has been asleep at the switch for the past years, failed to make it an actual Big 12 Conference with 12 teams, or aggressively building the Conference to generate more revenue, and has been satisfied with the status quo.

The future revenue from television and streaming services, combined with the Name/Image/Likeness, and attracting 4 and 5 Star Players for all sports, are the reasons for departing the Big 12. Kansas has continually eroded any chance of a competitive football program. They are arguably the worst football program in the Power 5 Conferences, and the bell-cow, ,basketball has not been as competitive and has missed-out on key recruits due to the NCAA cloud over its program.

The AAC with Houston, Central Florida, Wichita State, Memphis, SMU, Temple, Cincinnati, Tulsa, Tulane, etc. seems to be a better Conference for Kansas to consider, The majority of schools in the AAC have outstanding basketball, and competitive football programs and schools the Kansas Football program would have a better chance at being competitive. A merger with the remaining Big 12 schools, would make it a larger conference and one that may be able to attract a sizeable TV contract. Combining the two conferences would also have the majority of the schools in the middle part of the Country. Iowa State to the Big 10 makes sense with their in-state rival Iowa already a long-standing member. West Virginia never made sense for the Big 12 and belongs in the Big 10. Kansas and Kansas State to the Big 10 does nothing to make either school competitive.

Clarence Haynes 11 months ago

So condescending! As General Anthony McAuliffe said to a German demand for surrender during the 1944 Battle of the Bulge, NUTS!

Dirk Medema 11 months ago

Kansas ranked third of all Big 12 schools in revenue the year before the pandemic, per USA Today, so the Jayhawks do have something to offer despite a struggling football program. The latter is not inevitable and the former has been consistent for many more years. It’s also good that we have a little time for Coach Leipold to start turning things around in the latter and improve the former all the more.

Len Fleske 11 months ago

Unfortunately it does appear that OU and Texas are headed to the SEC so what happens to the BIG 12? On the surface it appears that many of the KU fans would love to be in the BIG 10 because it is a very prestigious league and from a monetary point and an academic point of view that is very desirable. However, how has that worked out for Nebraska? It seems to me that they are much less relevant in football and when was the last time we’re they ranked in the top 10? I believe KU would maintain their relevance in basketball wherever they go.If the BIG 10 would even consider KU then they would have to significantly upgrade their football facilities which would involve essentially a new stadium or renovation! I know it will never happen but if Nebraska and Colorado and perhaps Houston would move to the BIG 12 then we would remain relevant.As an after thought I think KU fans would like to move on from their fellow in -state rival , K-State and I think that drives a lot of the enthusiasm for the BIG 10!!

Jeff Coffman 11 months ago

Are you worried that our football program would get worse in the Big 10 then what has been happening the last decade in the Big 12 to us?

If the Big10 offers, KU should immediately accept, no questions asked.

Keith Gellar 11 months ago

This move clearly shows KU where it stands and what its bball program is worth. And for those guessing- the answer is not much. Clearly football is all that matters. Had bball mattered, it would have be TX, OU and KU.

I keep hearing ku peeps mad at TX and OU for not caring forgetting we did the same thing when it came to playing MU. Knowing well KU-MU rivalry would benefit MU more, but we chose to say "well...doesn't really help us". UT and OU doing the same and suddenly we are all butt hurt.

Reality check for everyone - football dominates. Bball can carry you so as long as you are relevant and winning national titles.

But in all honesty, we really should be happy with this move and hope we get into the Mountain west or some other watered down conference. Clearly, if you look at the last 2-3 decades, what's really mattered to our fan base is the streak. Its what everyone talks about primarily because we've only have one championship in that time. So, by that logic, if we go to the mountain west - we will break the big 12 streak with no effort and probably get to 50 and imagine any other school coming even close to that.

Jeff Coffman 11 months ago

Actually most of the basketball revenue is not in the GOR, so we actually might be better off than you think. Also, you are assuming that we would want to go to the SEC. I would say the Big 10 followed by the ACC, then the PAC would all be better alignments for KU than the SEC.

But right now, I just want a P4 conference and I'll be happy.

Eric TheCapn 11 months ago

Keith, the Mountain West would be so easy for our basketball program (we'd be the Gonzaga of the MWC), and the games would be so late and noncompetitive it would kill our TV revenue and therefore our recruiting, facilities, etc. In other words, joining the MWC would mean seppuku for our basketball program. 3-star recruits would be the norm in our not-too-distant future.

Austin Lopez 11 months ago

Honestly this may be just empty threats by both schools to get more of the revenue. I believe that the BIG12 should look at adding Houston, SMU, Memphis and look at getting one of the Florida schools and the BIG12 just might survive this.

Jonathan Allison 11 months ago

I wish I could agree with you, but not this time. Last time conference realignment happened I believed that the Big 12 would survive and stay together losing NU, MU, CU, and TAMU. But the questions were how strong would the Big 12 be coming out of it, and for how long could they hold it together.

This time around, it looks like OU and UT already have their foot out the door, and right now it seems like the only thing that could bring them back would be a surprise vote by the SEC members to not let them in.

Without OU and UT the Big 12 can't and won't survive as a power 5 conference. Power will be consolidated in the SEC, ACC, B1G, Pac-12. The Big 12 would be weaker than then AAC. And good luck getting anyone to come aboard a sinking ship.

Kenneth Johnson 11 months ago

I recommend that the Big 12 sue OU and TU.

Jeff Coffman 11 months ago

For what...they notified the conference that they will not be renewing their GOR after the 2025 season.

They will negotiate a buyout prior to that timeframe.

Suing won't solve our problem, we have to position to get into a P4 conference.

11 months ago

bowlsby is the biggest 🤡

Tony Bandle 11 months ago

Random Thoughts:

1] I know this would be a hardship for KU but wouldn't it be kind of fun to watch Texas and OU get slapped around every year by Alabama, Georgia, etc.?

2] Unless the anchor called Kansas State is severed, the good ship U.S.S University of Kansas is not sailing anywhere!!

3] Pac 10 is too far with a bad time zone, the Mountain is too irrelevant, the SEC doesn't want us, the Big Least is worse than nothing, the Big 10 is too full....pipe dream but KU in the ACC would at least have a lot of great BBall games!!

4] What we COULD DO is have each of the eight remaining Big 12 members offer 1/4 each of their share of their revenues to OU and UT and thus each non OU/UT team would 5% of the total league revenue and OU and UT would each get 30% and we would have the honor of these two fine universities staying in our conference.

5] Take suggestion #4 and shove it where the sun don't shine with OU and UT!!!!!!

Dirk Medema 11 months ago

Keith - Your selective memory seems to be leading you into rabbit holes.

Basketball matters. It just doesn’t matter much to the people of the cow and wagon. The next move will show what matters to others.

The indifference towards mizzoo begins with them leaving; them choosing to break the relationship. It’s just the opposite now. I still say, Let’m go.

Spencer Goff 11 months ago

Absolutely, our motto should be "Let em go."

Spencer Goff 11 months ago

We all keep seeing these reports that these schools are gonna be left behind by the great, awesome super mega schools that are OU and Texas and blah blah blah...

And they always say "well this school doesn't have this, or this school doesn't have that..."

Here is the reality for the three conferences not named the SEC after this move. The schools coming out of the Big 12 after this collapse are the last already built up athletic brands hitting the market anytime soon. If the conferences wait too long, they will go to one of the competitors.

My guess is Oklahoma State finds a home, Kansas finds a home, West Virginia finds a home all in Power 5 conferences. They simply have too much money floating around in their athletic departments.

And to be quite blunt, even if we end up in the Mountain West or the AAC, we are no worse off than we are now. Those conferences make plenty of money to fuel a basketball team and kids today are going to play where they are paid. If Gonzaga can make Final Fours as a 2A school in Spokane, Washington, I am pretty sure our basketball team will be just fine.

And it isn't like our football can get worse.

Jeff Coffman 11 months ago

P4...but you are talking about $35mm versus $10-15 mm annual payouts.

KU needs to land in one of the four, else it will hurt us no matter what.

I think of the remaining teams, KU is the most marketable.

Len Shaffer 11 months ago

“The meeting was cordial, and the executive committee expressed a willingness to discuss proposals that would strengthen the conference and be mutually beneficial to OU and UT, as well as the other member institutions of the conference,” Bowlsby said in a statement.

To translate: "We begged and pleaded and kissed their asses for several hours, desperately hoping that they would stay. But they shunned us anyway and lorded their superiority over us."

Brett McCabe 11 months ago

Spencer has a good point. I’ve heard some thoughts on the AAC that do make some sense. You don’t have to build a new football stadium. We could be more competitive in football, and our basketball program loses nothing. The arms race in the SEC or Big Ten level is never ending. The ten years of incompetence in the AthDpt as it relates to football may have just really come home to roost. But worse things could happen than us land in that conference.

Brett McCabe 11 months ago

And you could also hold tight and pick off Houston, UCF, Memphis and Cinc. That’s not a terrible league.

Jonathan Allison 11 months ago

This could be the only way to save the Big 12, but I find it hard to believe that those 4 schools would leave the AAC which has been a conference on the rise ever since the last realignment and would join a sinking Big 12.

Spencer Goff 11 months ago

Brett, obviously first choice is to move to a Power 5, but what I am saying is the world won’t end when we break up with our crazy girlfriend. Gonzaga makes it work, we can too. We might have to sell ourselves to Nike though.

Charlie Gaughn 11 months ago

The harsh reality is that our athletic department has been run by idiots for way too many years. Perkins ran the best football coach we'd had since arguably Jack Mitchell. Then Zenger came along and bayonetted the wounded. Long had good intentions just lacked ability.

We've had this attitude that basketball would keep us in a power 5 conference. It won't. I'll go one step further than Spencer and say that the best thing that could happen to our program right now is to move to the Mountain West. It's the only option for KU to try to resurrect a football program. This won't be the last conference shuffle and if we could get to where we're a perennial bowl team the chances of getting in to a P5 and being competitive would be much better.

On another note, I'm so tired of hearing the term "student athlete". This would imply that a kid attends a university for an education and then elects to go out for football, basketball, etc. Let's call this what it is, a minor league for NBA, NFL, and MLB. Frankly if it were my call, recruiting and scholarships (and obviously NLI) would all be banned. College teams would be made up of students that had a desire to play a sport for a school that they are passionate about. It hasn't been all that many years ago that this was the case.

Brian Wilson 11 months ago

Spot on Charlie. College athletics is no longer amatuer. Scholarship should be banned. They are not for academics they are for playing a sport. Fact is these teams wouldn't have a built in fan base if it wasn't for the fact they were playing for the school. All of these teams need to pick a new name and play at public arena's and let's see how well they do financially.

Glen Miller 11 months ago

Mountain West is a terrible move. West Coast time zones for everything and not even close to the revenue sharing. Also, if you think recruiting football is hard now wait till we are in this crap league. It is not our ONLY option, I'd rather go to the AAC if we move conferences and the Big 10 isn't in the cards.

Mike Barnhart 11 months ago

So the Big 12 falls out of the power 4 which is bad for… what? A miserably uncompetitive football program? No! A prestigious basketball program? Hardly! 12 of the top 25 basketball teams in the final AP poll won’t be members of a power 4 conference in 2025 and Kansas, Baylor, Tech, Gonzaga, and Nova are all recent final four teams.

Maybe this is good for KU. Basketball will be fine and not facing a juggernaut schedule didn’t seem to hurt the nine non-power 4 football teams that finished in the top 25 last fall!

Kenneth Johnson 11 months ago

Here’s my take on the Texas/Oklahoma proposed departure from the Big 12: Good riddance!

Texas has been nothing but trouble for the league from the beginning. They’ve never been a team player, starting with their creation of their own TV network, rather than working with the others to create a Big 12 TV network. Also, they were the reason, when the Big 12 was formed, that the former history of the league was ignored on the league web site, mainly because Texas wasn’t in the Big 8 or its predecessors.

So the Big 12 should sue those two schools for criminal negligence, taking them for whatever the league can get out of them, kick them out of the league, and say ‘good bye’ traitors. And, while they are at it, kick West Virginia out too. They’ve been nothing but a huge travel expense for the other teams and their fans.

Then the Big 12 should invite Colorado, Nebraska, and Missouri back to the league, where they belong. If that doesn’t work, then KU and Iowa State should join the Big 10 - a league that has always worked well together.

Mike Nicco 11 months ago

My goodness, the apathy I’m reading. What low self esteem and regard for our 3rd highest Big 12 revenue athletic department. Don’t let your jaded view of our past football coaches records relegate us to a conference below our standards. Nobody gets the position they want by being melancholy. You need to dig deeper and find our jewels and diamonds in the rough. Did Bill Self not leave Illinois to come to Kansas. Will he stay if we’re relegated to the MWC or AAC.

Spencer Goff 11 months ago

Ftr I don't think we are headed there. The Big 10, ACC and Pac 12 will all be attempting to take pieces that have value before their competitors do. What I am saying is, worst case scenario, basketball can still be just fine in any conference in the United States.

The Big East is always a very strong conference and they don't know what a pigskin even is.

The only scenario that would down me is if we cow toe and "convince" these two they should stay and "take our money to slum it." Let's have some pride, help them pack.

Chris Oestreich 11 months ago

Mike, I agree with you. To many of the people on here don't realize what it means to be a UAA school and how that is going to impact moving forward. They are also giving away the fact that we were/are the third highest revenue producing athletic department in the Big 12. There will be a solution but it may not come as soon as we all want. Our new AD will search out the best opportunity and consider the timing of a public announcement. The bigger concern may be if the legislature tries to tie KU to KSU. That could be the same for OU. Rock Chalk and keep the faith!

Jason Spangler 11 months ago

Performance on the field (or court) has very little to do with what's going on. It's all about brand, image and revenue.

Kansas ranks 3rd in the Big 12 behind only Texas and Oklahoma in athletic department revenue. In fact, OU is closer to KU in revenue than they are to Texas.

If KU was in the Big 10 today we would be 10th out of 15 schools in overall revenue. The same would be true in the ACC. Is this equal to UT and OU in the SEC? Obviously not, but KU isn't as worthless as many in the national media would have you believe.

Personally I think the Kansas administration should be working around the clock to prepare a university prospectus that does everything humanly possible to impress these other conferences. I think all of the conferences are still in play... the B1G, the ACC, the Pac-12 as well as the SEC.

I know the thought of joining the SEC is cringeworthy to a lot of KU fans... but the conference has shown that they take basketball very seriously. 4 of the 10 highest paid head coaches in MBB are in the SEC. No other conference in America has more than 2 in the top 10.

I agree that culturally the SEC is the last place a school like Kansas wants to end up... but for years people thought the same thing about Texas. Bottom line is that you need to do EVERYTHING in your power to ensure that you secure an invite to one of these 4 conferences.

Sam Constance 11 months ago

"If KU was in the Big 10 today we would be 10th out of 15 schools in overall revenue."

And that's not even accounting for the fact that the B12 revenue sharing pie is $20mm smaller than the Big Ten revenue pie. On an even playing field, KU would be the 6th largest athletic department revenue generator in the Big Ten... and that's with a terrible bottom-feeder of a football program and a relatively small media market.

Kansas' football program makes this a slightly trickier question than it would be otherwise, but the reality is that KU is actually a decent prize for a conference as long as the conference in question isn't expecting a Texas-sized addition.

KU's biggest risk right now is the potential need to drag KSU along with us, since my understanding is that the Board of Regents would have to approve the schools separating into different conferences.

KSU just doesn't have anything that the Big Ten would be looking for.

Brian Skelly 11 months ago

For sheer dollars sake, ending up in one of the P4 conferences (we can probably kiss the P5 goodbye after a few years) makes any and all efforts to do imperative.

 The Big 10 seems like the most natural fit,  but do you think the Big 10 counters the SEC's adding of OU/UT with... KU and Iowa St???  I just don't see it.   I could be wrong.

 The ACC seems only slightly more insane than the Pac-12 to me.    In some sense, WVU ending up in the ACC (other than it's academics, which the ACC ignored for Louisville and others) seems well more logical.   Why would the ACC add KU, a team only a 1000 miles from the Atlantic Coast?

 The Pac-12 seems even MOST insane.   The only way this happens is if a bunch of coastal elites (Stanford, Cal, UCLA, USC) decide to amuse themselves.   I've seen talk about Baylor and TCU, but the Pac isn't taking small denominational schools.   They're just not.   If that "idea" happens,  I'd think it would be KU, KSU, OSU, TxTech.   Why?   They're still big state universities.    But outside of KU, the culture of the other 3 would never mesh.   And it's not likely to mesh with KU's either.


If we don't end up in a P4 (let's be honest a P2), making the Big 12 work by adding what schools would make the most sense seems logical.    Is this a huge step down?   Yeah.   Will our athletic departments be slashing jobs like crazy?   Probably.   But even a weakened Big 12 is still better than the AAC and MW -- especially if we pluck the stronger schools from those places.     While this is the scenario I think we'd enjoy the least,  it's the most likely one.   Unfortunately.

Rodney Crain 11 months ago

I wish Texas and Oklahoma all the best, wherever they wind up. They are two great schools with solid sports programs. I have visited both as a KU fan and they are elite in almost every way compared to us. We have zero chance to be asked to join the remaining power conferences. Zero. Our Football stadium is a joke, and our sports teams, other than men’s basketball/AFH, are rarely competitive year to year. We might be able to buy our way into the B10, if you can even do that. We had a chance to protect ourselves with expansion in 2016 but our great conference voted that down. Bowlsby was hired to duplicate what he did in the P12 but he was hamstrung by the powers that be in the conference. If you think he is the reason we are here now, you are wrong. Our short-sided view of "we are fine with 10 schools" will appear on the B12 tombstone. I say we reinvent ourselves or join the Missouri Valley Conference (if it still exists), or bring back the B8. It might be all we can do at this point. Alas, poor B12! I knew ye well, a conference of infinite quality, of most excellent teams. How feared it once was. (my apologies shakespeare)

Sam Constance 11 months ago

I don't pretend to be an expert, but I think people need to move on from the idea that Kansas' future fortunes are tied to our on-field athletic results.

That kind of stuff is great for fans to bicker and argue about, but that's not what is driving all the realignment talk.

I get the impression that Kansas has genuine potential to the Big Ten. We are an AAU school (which matters from the standpoint of earning competitive research grant money), we have an athletic program that has sizeable revenue generating potential, we have a nationally-recognizable (read as: national television audience) brand in one of the two revenue dominant sports. And we bring all that to the table without the Big Ten having to take on the hassle of looney travel schedules (for revenue and non-revenue sports). Oh, and a market in which the Big Ten currently lacks a presence.

If anything is going to be the downfall of KU's potential to land somewhere suitable, it will be the Kansas Board of Regents and having the Jayhawks and Wildcats tethered to each other. KSU does not have any of the benefits that KU does, in spite of having a better on-field product in football over the last couple decades.

Rodney Crain 11 months ago

KU has only basketball potential to the B10. Nothing else. You are overestimating our drawing power. They do not care about having a team in KS. I currently live in B10 country no one is talking about the B12. They look for TV shares and Kansas the state and KC are not markets that are attractive. It also lacks recruits. Kansas is a state they fly over sometimes to go to bowl games and recruit.

Glen Miller 11 months ago

Guess it just depends where you live and your attitude..... I know several people in Big 10 country that have heard legitimate rumbles about KU to the Big 10 possibly. Both last time and this time around.

Rodney Crain 11 months ago

Maybe Glen, no one in the 4 states (7 schools) within 5 hrs from me care. KU is a basketball school. That was earned, cultivated and respected, still is. But with small TV markets, poor recruiting options, and poor facilities, except mens basketball, we are not worth the travel. Rutgers made sense, a NY presence, but KU just doesn't. Wish it wasn't that way, I would love for KU games to be a drive away.

Glen Miller 11 months ago

I see the reasoning, it's all just speculation at this point anyways. I'm afraid the state of Kansas is going to handcuff the purple pansies to us and then it will be AAC or who cares. The Pac12 and Big 10 will not want Kansas State. I do believe that if we have even just an average football team year to year, that our drawing power and support would increase as well as our shine to other conferences. We have a great Campus and Academics program. A standard setting basketball team and other competitive sports teams. I have heard very positive things from folks all over about KU when they actually go and see the campus. We have more to offer than some of the folks on here seem to think and I'm going to just see what happens.

Sam Constance 11 months ago

"I currently live in B10 country no one is talking about the B12"

This is flatly untrue. You can find multiple places online where it is being discussed with just a casual internet search.

FWIW, I also live in Big Ten country. I just think it's weird to flex that as some kind of credibility as to "what people are talking about", since there are millions of people living within the conference footprint and I'm interacting with, at best, hundreds (maybe thousands) of them.

Brett McCabe 11 months ago

The Kansas City television market has some value and KU delivers it better then anyone.

One interesting theory I heard yesterday was the Big Ten actually reaching out and taking both Missouri (St. Louis) and KU (Kansas City). The SEC has no exit fee. Mizzou is also an AAU school and has long wanted in the Big Ten. This would get you two top-30 TV markets, two AAU schools, contiguous locations and KU basketball. Not a horrible addition to your conference.

And you wouldn’t have to be done. I also heard that they might reach out to UNC and UVA.

It’s the wild west right now. This could go many ways because conferences might be thinking macro (merge the PAC and the BIG) or micro (pick off a few schools). No question, though, KU has not done the work to put itself in a good position. Forget about revenue. No one cares. It’s about tv sets and the viability of a conference.

Jeff Coffman 11 months ago

I think you are right, I think that there are going to be P4 to P4 moves that will be advantageous geographically. MU and KU were the better move 10 years ago, but now, it doesn't make sense to disagree now.

If I had to bet though, I would say BYU and KU to the Big 10.

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