Thursday, December 16, 2021

Kansas running back Amauri Pesek-Hickson enters transfer portal

Kansas running back Amauri Pesek-Hickson looks to evade defenders during a spring practice at the Jayhawks' indoor facility in April of 2021.

Kansas running back Amauri Pesek-Hickson looks to evade defenders during a spring practice at the Jayhawks' indoor facility in April of 2021.


Kansas running back Amauri Pesek-Hickson has entered the transfer portal and will play college football somewhere else during the 2022 season.

Several recruiting outlets, including the site dedicated to tracking the transfer portal, reported the news Thursday morning.

A 6-foot, 230-pound redshirt freshman from nearby Blue Valley North High, Pesek-Hickson appeared in 15 games for the Jayhawks during the 2020 and 2021 seasons, recording 363 yards rushing on 100 attempts.

He dealt with injuries throughout the 2021 campaign, but still managed to play in 11 of KU’s 12 games, including the season finale versus West Virginia, where he tied a career-high with 12 carries — for 60 yards — while filling in for injured starter Devin Neal, who missed the game.

Shortly after the news broke, Pesek-Hickson posted his own thoughts about his departure to social media.

"It's all love," he wrote, before adding: "Thank you to all of the coaches who have impacted me during my time at the University of Kansas. Without them, I would not be the human being I am today. I want to thank all my brothers as well. I know they will get to where they want to be because of the type of resilience and talent those men have. I will forever appreciate the relationships I created."

Pesek-Hickson becomes the latest on a list of Jayhawks who have elected to leave the program.

While some have left, first-year KU coach Lance Leipold also has hit the transfer portal to add bodies, including former Nebraska running back Sevion Morrison.

More movement, both into and out of the KU program, is expected in the weeks to come.

Also on Thursday, junior wide receiver Jamahl Horne and Miles Fallin, a former walk-on quarterback, also announced their decisions to enter the transfer portal.

KU players who exited via portal

Were on the 2021 roster in August

• Velton Gardner, jr. RB

• Steven Parker, RS-soph. DE

• Conrad Hawley, fr. QB

• Miles Kendrick, RS-sr. QB

• Garrett Jones, RS-fr. OL

• Amauri Pesek-Hickson, RS-fr. RB

• James Wright, fr. LB

• Nick Williams, RS-jr. OL

• Jamahl Horne, jr. WR

• Alonso Person, RS-fr. LB

• Jordan Brown, walk-on RS-fr. WR

• Miles Fallin, RS-sr. QB


David Robinett 8 months ago

Didn't want to compete with the Nebraska transfer?

Doug Roberts 8 months ago

Dang it! ANOTHER local guy leaving. I think he'll be pretty good wherever he ends up, but man I hate to lose these local guys.

The good news is these guys are leaving because we are presumably bringing in better talent. I hope that's the case, but still.

Live by the portal, die by the portal.

Bob Strawn 8 months ago

The only thing wrong here is that the writer assumes he'll get another scholarship. More than half the youngsters entering the portal do not find another scholarship and far less find P5 programs. It's with considerable risk that they leave.

Dirk Medema 8 months ago

Amauri was apparently at least 2nd string behind Neal and maybe more. Not quite sure how injuries impacted his usage during the year. In a violent sport like football, the quality of a team will be measured in the quality of the depth of players, both for resting during the game and overcoming injuries during the season.

It is disappointing to lose a local kid though ultimately we want players committed to working extra hard together for the program.

Good luck Amauri.

Dale Rogers 8 months ago

I'm really sorry to see him go. I personally think he had a bright future at Kansas. I wish him the best wherever he ends up but actually hope he changes his mind and sticks around.

Waylon Cook 8 months ago

Bye to his looney Mother. Alison, seek help!

Dirk Medema 8 months ago

Noticing that Jamahl was added to the list as well. He’s supposed to be super fast but never seemed able to show it.

Bob Stawn - Is your comment about most transfers not getting offers based on something you read or your own personal analysis?

Glen Miller 8 months ago

I hate the transfer portal. I know we have benefitted from it, but it's just too easy to give up without any consequences. He had Neal, Hinshaw and the transfer guy to compete against and you want to see a kid go after it, not give up. With injuries and COVID, 3rd or 4th on the depth chart probably will play significant minutes during the season. Good luck to this young man wherever he winds up, I hope this move was the right one.

Robert Brock 8 months ago

The transfer portal makes college sports FLAKY.

Dirk Medema 8 months ago

The transfer portal is what many fans asked for when coaches could switch schools but players couldn’t. Not sure anyone envisioned the effects.

Someone also commented recently that most players that enter the portal don’t get new scholarships. That might be an effect that will go on being missed though with good and bad consequences. Some kids are loosing their chance for a college education (?value?) while chasing the glory/$, but also means open roster spots for more young players.

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