Monday, December 13, 2021

Virginia prep QB Ethan Vasko commits to KU football

Kansas University football recruiting

Kansas University football recruiting


Kansas football head coach Lance Leipold and his staff found their prep quarterback for the 2022 recruiting class when Ethan Vasko announced Monday evening his commitment to the Jayhawks.

A 6-foot-3, 205-pound QB from Chesapeake, Virginia, Vasko just this past weekend helped Oscar Smith High win its second consecutive Class 6 state title.

Rivals currently rates Vasko as a two-star prospect, while 247 Sports’ composite rating grades Vasko as a three-star talent.

His pledge to KU came a day after Vasko announced he was decommitting from Old Dominion. Vasko also previously picked up scholarship offers from Charlotte, Connecticut, South Florida and Virginia Tech, among others.

One of those offers was from Buffalo, and it came when Jim Zebrowski, now the QBs coach at KU, was still at UB with Leipold.

Vasko told Jon Kirby of Jayhawk Slant that Zebrowski, who has been recruiting him to KU, likes that the young QB doesn’t play tight.

“I have a loose throwing motion and can make plays on my feet as well,” Vasko said. “He likes that I can get out of the pocket and make any throw on the field. He said he likes my character, how I lead on and off the field, and the way I can connect with players.”

The QB’s announcement made it eight recruits between the prep and juco ranks who are currently committed to KU’s next class. It’s expected Leipold and his staff will use the transfer portal to fortify much of the 2022 class, and they’ve already landed transfers from Michigan State, Nebraska, Ohio State and Buffalo.

KU’s recruits have the option of making their commitments official when the early singing period begins on Wednesday. National Signing Day for the 2022 recruiting class will be Feb. 2.

KU football Class of 2022 commitments

(Rivals rankings)

• Anthony Davis — 3-star Texas CB

• Kaleb Purdy — 3-star Missouri S

• Joey Baker — 3-star Texas OT

• Mike Smith — 3-star Mississippi juco LB

• James Livingston — 2-star Michigan OT

• Tevita Noa — 2-star Utah juco TE

• Mason Ellis — 2-star Mulvane DB

• Ethan Vasko — 2-star Virginia QB


Vern Sheldon-Witter 5 months ago

Every time I leave my screen, we get one more. We seem to have found the road out of Football Hell!

Rodney Crain 5 months ago

Seeing a lot of commits Nice job Coaches!

Dale Rogers 5 months ago

I can't explain exactly what two-star means but can tell you Rivals also had Jalon Daniels as a two-star, with both Vasko and Daniels rating at 5.4. 247sports has both Daniels and Vasko as 3-stars with Daniels at .8139 and Vasko at .8336. But I suspect the important thing is what our coaches see in them that they can develop.

Dale Rogers 5 months ago

For those interested, here is a quote from Rivals' Jayhawk Slant article:

'Calling Vasko’s high school career a success would be an understatement. In his three years as a starter at Oscar Smith, he led them to three state championship games winning two of them.

He is the three-time 6A Offensive Player of the Year and is the odds-on favorite to be the reigning Tidewater Player of the Year. In his career he has thrown for 9203 yards and 134 touchdowns."

David Kelley-Wood 5 months ago

Good Lord! He may pull a few more top flight prospects in with him.

Chris Bailey 5 months ago

Is it just me or is this the oldest looking high school senior pic in the country this year? My techs both thought it was a coach in his mid-thirties. LOL

Dale Rogers 5 months ago

Here is a better picture, from 247sports.

Len Shaffer 5 months ago

Gotta love both his size and his tremendous history of success (not to mention his stellar stats). I'm surprised he's not rated higher.

Dirk Medema 5 months ago

Robert - Rivals has an article on the star rating system if you want to google it. I think I copied a link a month or so ago. It goes something like: 5 - A major college star from day 1 and future nfl player. 4 - college star. Possible next level player 3 - Possible starter after a couple years of development. 2 - Possible contributor or lower division player.

Dirk Medema 5 months ago

Benton - With the number of transfers starting to announce and the expected number, it would be nice to have a second category below the ’22 class that lists the transfers. They’re really not different than a jc, and part of the addition to next year’s roster.

Marc Frey 5 months ago

How many QBs do we have, now? 5,6? One would hope we can find a bonafide D1 QB. Daniels seems to be the closest.

Michael Maris 5 months ago

It will be great to see an actual breakdown of ALL of the scholarship players (once the December signing date has been completed). Looking back at KU recruiting classes since the Mangino Era to present day...... It seems that Jayhawks fare a LOT better with players who are ranked by Rivals who are more 5.2 to 5.7 star ratings (than 5.8 to 6.1). That means that Jayhawk players who are HUNGRY and wanting to prove themselves are the players who make for a successful football program......

Of all of the 5.8 or higher ranked recruits, Toben Opurum, Bradley McDougald, Keeston Terry, Brandon Bourbon, Anthony "Tony" Pierson, Anthony "Pooka" Williams & maybe Co Harris are the best of the 5.8 or higher ranked players. But, how many of those players made it to the NFL? And, how many of the lower ranked players made an NFL Roster?

I tend to say that the lower ranked players are more successful @ making NFL Rosters (vs. the higher ranked recruiting prospects). Sound nice to get the higher ranked players...... But, what's been their overall hunger factor vs. the lower ranked and willing to LEARN to be developed and maximize their football potentials......

Charles Gordon - 2 Star Ranked Derek Fine - 2 Star Ranked Jon Cornish - 2 Star Ranked Aquib Talib - 5.2 Chris Harris - 5.2 Dezmon Briscoe - 5.5 Darrell Stuckey - 5.5 Kerry Meier - 5.6

So, I trust that Coach Liepold and staff KNOW how to recognize talent and how to best utilize recruits for their Offensive & Defensive system......

Focus on the KS Top 10 to 15 kids and keep them @ home...... That's what Mangino and staff did.... And, it worked....... K-State's going to get their share as well... But, FOCUS on KS & KC Metro Kids........ Make them a priority and win their family's trust....... Someone (on the staff) needs to make 8 man programs a priority and seek out the kids in SW Kansas who are able to play (as well). Make connections with the 8 Man Coaches and encourage them to get their kids to Jayhawks Footballl camps.... I say this with the knowledge that there are 8 man players who can contribute to D-1 programs (Luke Reimer @ Nebraska is a prime example). Luke grew up in Ashland, Kansas (his mother moved them to Lincoln after Luke's dad had passed away from Cancer to be closer to their oldest daughter's family). Luke ended up playing @ Lincoln North High (and was an unknown player and had to adjust to 11 man football). Luke walked on @ Nebraska and now gets significant playing time....

Luke's parents use to live next door to me (when I was in highschool in Protection, Kansas). The Reimers are ALL very talented athletes (as Luke's dad & Uncle grew up in Meade, KS and were all football stars themselves for Meade back in the late 70's and early '80's).

Learn ALL In-State football programs and make them a PRIORITY...... The players are out there..... AND, these players are HUNGRY..........

Dirk Medema 5 months ago

Michael - You mean like Jared? We’ve been a dumpster fire for so long it’s hard to establish the instate footing. There might not be as much talent as some other states but there’s lots if we can keep them in state with the good guys. The majority of top players have gone out of state to be stars. Jared might be the poster guy for walkons showing they are bigger than their HS exposure.

Doing a bit of googling. Saw a comment that Ethan’s high school is dominant even in the VA big school class. Benefits from a great OL. Needs to fill out in a weight program.

All that sounds good to me. He doesn’t need to save the program from day 1. Come in and develop with everyone else. He does seem like he has a nice foundation to start with. Wouldn’t hurt if he brought some of his teammates.

Michael Maris 5 months ago

Correct Dirk,

Jared would be prime example of an In-State kid who was HUNGRY......

Isaiah Loudermilk is another kid who comes to mind (who played 8 man football).

When, the Coaching Staff makes KS kids a priority, the kids will take notice and doors will begin to open......

Jared Casey is the kid who's kicking in the door for the future of KS (rural area) kids to follow his lead......

Dale Rogers 5 months ago

There have been articles reporting the coaches are doing just that, establishing relationships with high school coaches all over the state. It's a big state, lots of schools. It will take time to overcome the bad taste from prior coaches but the reports are they are making inroads and those coaches they have visited with have been very impressed. Of course, results, like taking more KS recruits have to follow or the words mean nothing. I suspect they are working diligently at finding those hidden gems in our state and the KC metro area.

Dirk Medema 5 months ago

Marc - From the KU Athletics website/roster: Jalon Daniels Conrad Hawley Jordan Preston Ben Easter Jason Bean

Miles Kendrick & Fallin are currently listed but redshirt seniors. Not certain if that includes super senior or not.

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