Wednesday, June 3, 2020

KU student-athletes set department record with 3.43 spring GPA

Allen Fieldhouse is shown in this Journal-World file photo.

Allen Fieldhouse is shown in this Journal-World file photo.


The University of Kansas athletic department overcame an unusual spring to set a department record with a combined 3.43 grade-point average, KU announced Wednesday.

According to a news release, all 14 of KU’s varsity programs posted a GPA of 3.0 or better “for the first time since GPAs were reliably tracked in 1986.”

Men’s and women’s cross-country and track and field were listed as combined programs in the release.

In addition, 10 teams set individual program records for the 2020 spring semester and 76% of KU’s student-athletes landed on the honor roll.

KU’s women’s swimming & diving team recorded KU’s highest spring GPA, breaking a department record with a 3.95.

Kansas volleyball (3.83), women’s golf (3.76), rowing (3.7), women’s soccer (3.63), women’s track and field (3.62), baseball (3.53), women’s basketball (3.35), men’s track and field (3.24) and men’s basketball (3.21) joined swimming in setting new program records.

Men's golf (3.47), tennis (3.44), softball (3.43) and football (3.0) added to KU's record-setting spring.

In a statement released Wednesday afternoon, KU Athletic Director Jeff Long said he was “thrilled” with the academic accomplishments, particularly since they came in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic that disrupted the semester and within an entirely new, remote learning system.

“I am so proud of our KU student-athletes for applying the same perseverance and determination we see in athletic competition to their academic pursuits,” Long said.

The second-year AD also thanked KU’s coaches, academic staff and administrators for their support of the Jayhawks.

In all, 92 KU athletes recorded 4.0 GPAs this spring, with 244 more finishing the semester between 3.0 and 3.99.

Kansas Athletics Team GPAs Spring 2020

Baseball: 3.53*

Men’s Basketball: 3.21*

Women’s Basketball: 3.35*

Football: 3.00

Men’s Golf: 3.47

Women’s Golf: 3.76*

Rowing: 3.70*

Softball: 3.43

Soccer: 3.63*

Swimming & Diving: 3.95*

Tennis: 3.44

Men’s Track & Field: 3.24*

Women’s Track & Field: 3.62*

Volleyball: 3.83*

* denotes program record


Brett McCabe 2 years, 2 months ago

So, adding WVU to the Big 12 was the single dumbest thing this idiotic conference has ever done. Based on their Governors’ remarks, that state actually makes Deliverance seem like a Disney movie.

When you sell your soul as a university to support OAD’s, and pay them to come here and build them a “mansion” to live in, it’s not easy to toss rocks. But the state that ranks fourth in the country for “taking” from federal resources is such a sorry replacement for NU and Colorado that it makes me want to throw up.

So here is a plan. Fire the Dirty coach tomorrow. Contact the UAA and ask them if they’d accept a state school with a prominent med school, a law school and a status as a tier one research university into their conference. If they say yes, run their right now. And then wake up tomorrow and feel like a Jayhawk again.

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