Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Lopsided Sunflower Showdown ends with all-out brawl between No. 3 Kansas and K-State

Kansas forward Silvio De Sousa (22) picks up a chair during a brawl following the Jayhawks' win against Kansas State, Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2020 at Allen Fieldhouse.

Kansas forward Silvio De Sousa (22) picks up a chair during a brawl following the Jayhawks' win against Kansas State, Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2020 at Allen Fieldhouse.


An otherwise uneventful Sunflower Showdown spiraled into chaos in the final seconds Tuesday night at Allen Fieldhouse, as a fracas surrounding Kansas big man Silvio De Sousa spilled into the courtside seats.

What began innocently enough, with Kansas State freshman guard DaJuan Gordon stealing the ball from De Sousa, turned into an all-out brawl involving players from both rival teams at the conclusion of Tuesday’s 81-60 Kansas victory.

De Sousa raced to swat away Gordon’s layup attempt, and after the substitute forward stood over his opponent, the confrontation didn’t end with words being fired back and forth.

A few of the Wildcats who were on the court took umbrage with De Sousa’s decision to show up Gordon, and in a matter of seconds, all hell broke loose.

Though some players from both teams tried to split up the heated scrum, it didn’t do much good, as other players and coaches from the two programs escalated the altercation.

As bodies clashed and stumbled, De Sousa at one point found a stool and lifted it above his head, appearing ready to swing it at one of his opponents.

During the melee, assistant coach Jerrance Howard rushed to attempt to take the stool out of De Sousa’s hands before the junior forward could swing it.

“I actually saw that,” said KU head coach Bill Self, who repeatedly called the skirmish embarrassing. “I was there when that happened. Regardless of what happened, it’s a terrible image and there’ll certainly be consequences for that.”

Both teams, which left the floor thinking the game had ended, had to return to the court from the locker room as 1 second was put back on the clock, ejections were handed out and a technical foul was assessed.

Self explained that the only players who weren’t ejected in the game’s final seconds, per the officials, were the 10 who were on the floor when the fight went down. Every player from KU and K-State who was on the bench at that moment, with the game all but over, was ejected for leaving the bench area. De Sousa also picked up a technical foul for taunting.

Videos of the fight showed both De Sousa and K-State forward James Love III, who did not suit up for the game, throwing punches.

“I know that we were in the wrong,” Self said of everything that transpired. “I’m not saying that both parties weren’t in the wrong, but I know we were involved.”

Self said he was in the middle of shaking hands with K-State coach Bruce Weber as the final play was going down on the other end.

“I did not see what transpired until everybody started running down there,” Self said. “That was an embarrassment on our part. There will be consequences that I’m sure I’ll announce (Wednesday).”

No players from either team were made available for postgame interviews.

Weber said he didn’t see how the incident unfolded because his back was to the action.

“You win with class, you lose with class. Disappointing that anything happened at the end,” Weber said.

K-State’s coach explained he had told his players not to press or foul in the final seconds, but young players were on the court and they didn’t follow his lead. “I had told them not to foul. I told them back off.”

While Weber said during his press conference that he hadn’t seen any video of the fight at that time, he added that the actions of K-State’s players were his fault, because they were his players.

“They obviously just came here wanting to have a game and compete. Probably some frustration, especially from the young guys,” Weber said, adding he hoped they would get “life lessons” from the experience. “Good fortune no one got hurt.”

Because the confrontation mostly took place behind the baseline in the south end of the fieldhouse, there was some fear afterward that some fans might have been injured as a result. However, KU officials said after the game there were no reports of any such incidents.

“That was our first priority,” Dan Beckler, associate athletic director for public relations, told the Journal-World. “The safety of our fans is the No. 1 priority of Kansas Athletics.”

While fielding questions on the incident, Self looked disturbed by the fact that the scuffle took place where many KU fans in wheelchairs sit to watch home games.

“At least take it on the court or whatever,” Self said. “It’s ridiculous that they would go into the stands.”

KU Athletic Director Jeff Long also released a statement about Tuesday’s events.

“The conduct of a few of our student-athletes at the conclusion of tonight’s game versus Kansas State was simply unacceptable and not reflective of who we are,” Long said. “Coach Self and I will review the incident, along with the Big 12 Conference and Kansas State to determine appropriate consequences. There is no place for this conduct in college athletics or here at KU. I would like to apologize to the Big 12 Conference, Kansas State University, Gene Taylor (K-State athletic director), Bruce Weber and all fans for the lack of sportsmanship from members of our team this evening.”

As for how it all began, with Gordon going for a steal and layup that would not impact the outcome, Self said he didn’t think KU should take offense.

“I’m not going to place any blame on Gordon going and taking that ball,” Self said, also calling De Sousa going up to block the shot “fair game.”

Self called the whole ordeal “inexcusable.”

“This doesn't have anything to do with competition,” KU’s coach said of the fight. “Those were selfish motives.”


Joe Baker 3 years ago

Hard to tell exactly but after watching and rewinding it several times, it appears the little KSU player and the the guy in the black polo and white pants clearly started something. DeSousa is clearly in a defensive posture as this guy in the black polo and white pants attacked him. Who is he? He is your culprit from most appearances. If the kid is going to steal the ball and attempt a layup, it’s live and can be defended. DeSousa took him down, likely a flagrant foul. But the guy in the black polo and white pants provoked the whole fight. Once again, this is orchestrated by KSU players just like the fan at KSU who tried to provoke KU by bumping into Traylor.

I’m not condoning DeSousa, but they guy was attacking Silvio. I didn’t see Silvio throw punches at all. I saw Big Dave run over to the guy in black and white toward the end. He saw something too. Dave didn’t appear to be aggressive.

Dane Pratt 3 years ago

From what I could see it looked like a K-State player was the first to get physical. I think it was Sloan. That said, Silvio needs to be suspended and for more than one game. And he should stay home for the return match in Manhattan.

Joe Baker 3 years ago

Definitely suspend him from Manhattan. I think that's a given. It could get real UGLY and guarantee fans will be hyper-charged. Actually, I think all the players are going to be at risk in Manhattan. Maybe they could change the venue? Maybe play at Intrust in Wichita? But then you might have fan fights either way. I have a feeling ksu is going to attack anyone in Crimson and Blue or with a Jayhawk.

Dee Shaw 3 years ago

What's sad is that Sousa is even on the court with the walk on's at that moment of the game. Remember he was a 5 star recruit. A 5 star recruit! Playing at garbage time of the game. The KU coaching staff paid this kid to come here? Not the greatest investment and return on Sousa. Get his ass out. Embarrassing.

Len Shaffer 3 years ago

WTH are you talking about????? The KU staff did NOT pay De Sousa; an Adidas rep paid De Sousa's GUARDIAN. Facts are dangerous things.

That being said, I also don't know WTH Joe Baker and Dane Pratt are talking about. How could you say you didn't see De Sousa throw punches??? Not only did he throw punches, but he picked up a frickin' chair!!! And not only that, but De Sousa started everything by standing over the KSU player after he had blocked his shot. Yes, the guy shouldn't have stolen the ball, but De Sousa made him pay for it by blocking his shot. That should have been enough without De Sousa then having to show him up.

Apparently missing an entire season wasn't enough for De Sousa; he wanted to miss some games this year as well. Pathetic.

Joe Baker 3 years ago

Calm down. Remember, they are still young guys with great big emotions. I guarantee you Self will chew and tear him a new one. Silvio will issue a public apology. But let's not forget if Silvio is simply held to maybe a foul or flagant, or maybe even taunting, this game is over. NO...the ksu kid provokes Silvio by attacking him. Why should Silvio be expelled? He was simply defending himself for the most part. The stool thing was a short thought but he never used it.
Maybe you should ask Self why Silvio was on the court in the first place.

I think the refs should take more control of a game like this during the last 20 seconds. I think when there is a 10 point plus lead by one team, the losing team should simply stand down. Then, the last 10-15 seconds should be essentially a "dead ball" type situation where if a player makes an attempt to initiate any type of play, "for no obvious reason than embarrassment," the refs should call the game over. Especially with these heated rival type games. PERIOD

Speaking of refs, did I see Higgins in the mix.

Luan Do 3 years ago

Maybe this will help bring out some toughness in them.

Andy Godwin 3 years ago

ESPN analysts set from Game Day at Allen Fieldhouse are already calling for DeSousa and McCormick to be suspended for the rest of the year. Dick Vitale, who was not even at the KU game had to weigh in that DeSousa should never play another college basketball game. I couldn’t believe when DeSousa picked up the metal stool with the intent to hit someone. That image will be shown for the rest of the season and is clearly another stain on KU basketball (still ongoing NCAA investigation). And McCormick stomping K-State instigator, forward James Love III, who was on the ground after being tackled by one of the KSU coaches will also be shown over and over. He was the primary instigator after DeSousa’s bush league one up some ship. The classless act by a KSU player ignoring Weber’s instructions not to keep pressing will ultimately hit KU much harder than KSU, whose team is bad (KU could have won by 30 plus). I don’t have a ton of respect for Weber and to press KU’s walk ons when Self is trying not to run up the score is another example of how petty Weber truly is. Furthermore, as indicated he instructed his players to back off, yet they didn’t. Maybe he has lost control of this team and this will lead to his termination. Can’t believe a worst time for ESPN Game Day to come to Lawrence. Silvio showed no control and might be done. David will also be suspended, but for how long? I guess we will find out in the next day or so after the Big XII officials rule. Mitch might be giving up his redshirt if the worst happens - and the ESPN analysts have their way. Who cares what happens to KSU players, they are bottom dwellers anyway, but the ESPN analysts heaped most of the blame on KU players, starting with DeSousa and then the bench “who participated instead of de-escalating the problem”.

Eric TheCapn 3 years ago

@Dee, bruh, I didn't even see the game or the fracas because I was on a plane, but your comment.... 🤔 Silvio's development was brought to a screeching halt by the NCAA (a.k.a. the megacorp making billions a year by forcing its best employees to be unsaid amateurs) over a small payment from an Adidas rep to the kid's evil, greedy, nonparental guardian without the player's or school's knowledge. It sounds like he might deserve a suspension for... reflexively reacting to being punched (is that right? I honestly can't imagine a young man responding by not fighting back, but still...), but you're the embarrassment who can get out and go support Hog State.

Mallory Briggans 3 years ago

Dee i agree with you on 1 thing ....why is he playing garbage time ......What has he done not to get ANY playing time ......none ...Did we forget how he played during our final four run ....that argument that he isnt playing like he did 2 years ago.......he sits the bench game after game .....Maybe his frustration reached a tipping point. .....

Joe Baker 3 years ago

Exactly. It's interesting how everyone is judge and jury. It's interesting how KU "fans" are calling for Silvio's dismissal. The kid has been through pure HELL and he's handled really really well. He's been a model player during the whole shoe whore incident. He's pissed and I don't blame him. People need to calm down. He should be disciplined for his play and behavior prior to the Phog Brawl. The semi flagrant foul because he was embarrassed for the steal and then the posturing is wrong. The kid in the black polo and white pants is your problem. Why was he even at the game in plain clothes? He stays in Manhattan and this game is over and we're talking about a steal, block, and a un-sportsman like play.

Joe Black 3 years ago

He hasn't been getting playing time because he absolutely sucks every time he walks on the court. He acts completely lost on offense and defense. You don't play him just because he played well two years ago. His playing time is based on his ability to play the game and right now he is barely better than the walk-on's.

Brian Skelly 3 years ago

DeSousa and McCormick are going to miss time. Whatever the punishment, will be earned.

That said, the K-State player not in uniform better get hammered as well. He instigated the physical action that turned into a brawl. If that guy doesn't go after DeSousa, it does not turn into the cluster #@%#$^ that it became.

Disgraceful all around though. Not a good night to be a Jayhawk.

Tony Bandle 3 years ago

Random Thoughts:

1] The picture that will be transported around the world will be Silvio holding up that chair ready to clunk someone......I am afraid his season may be over.

2] Big Mac is going to riding the pine at lest for a few games for sure......hey, ya feeling???

3] Braun's game gets upstaged by the fight.......look out for this kid.

4] I noticed virtually every KU fan in the proximity of the fight trying to be peace makers, thank God!

5] Stealth highlight #1....Braun's career game, stealth highlight #2.....Dok swishing a pair of free throws, stealth highlight #3......Silvio's game ending blast!

6] This does no good on getting past of our pending punishment from the NCAA..

Joe Baker 3 years ago

The chair and Snacks(?) trying to grab him. That is going to be iconic. The posture of Slivio is a little funny. Then he quickly puts the stool down. Interesting that he's in the heat of a brawl and has the sense to put the stool down. I think there's too much junk on around the court. Can we clear the crap except for the benches and scorers table?

RJ King 3 years ago

The stool had no doubt been used by a cameraman or his utility during the game, and was abandoned as the fight broke out.

Brian Skelly 3 years ago

Anyone still think Silvio De Sousa is worth all the trouble he's caused KU?    Billy Preston?

Maybe KU needs some better judgement when it comes to these kids.   I don't care how good they are -- and it turns out neither is consequential to the team.    Except for negative stuff off the court.

Joe Baker 3 years ago

He's caused? You better try again. There were many people involved and most of them were grown adults. What has Silvio done off court? He's done nothing like Preston at all. So you want to bring up history and dump it all on a young kid? Geez, I can sleep better knowing we have perfect fans on this board, let alone an adult judging a young man in a heated moment.

I don't condone what he did, but he should pay for the stupid block and the posturing. This is really all he's done. But again, there was plenty to go around. SO let's add insult to injury and end the kid's life. I know another kid that was not only flagrant on the court, but his HOF coach let him play. Le'ts not take a high road while other coaches and programs continue to insult the game of bball. It's not like Silvio was tripping people.

Also, KU can't win at all. Remember, when EJ stole the ball in Ames and dunked it? I loved it, but he was berated by Self and physically threatened for his actions. A young guy was actually threatened with his life for stealing and dunking a ball. Stupid play, but again no one gave Johnson praise for "playing through." I hate this double standard thinking. When KU does it, it's all wrong and kids need expelled or "this is not KU bball." Geez

RJ King 3 years ago

Maybe you could give Coach Self your magic crystal ball that allows you the infinite wisdom and ability to predict the future. You are only using it to post on this site, whereas Coach Self could reinvent basketball using all that hindsight judgement.

Bryce Landon 3 years ago

Remember how hard and how long the KU athletic department fought to get Silvio's NCAA suspension overturned? And this is how he repays us, by making a complete jackass of himself on national television? Truly reprehensible.

Mike Morris 3 years ago

Quite frankly, the junior forward should have been more mature than the freshman guard. So what if he stole the ball in garbage time? DeSousa made a great block and should have left it at that. No need to get in the kids face. His playing time has dwindled into the end of blowouts. He needs to put his head down and put in work. Not trash talk like that. I get why the kitties were upset. They just got whipped on the scoreboard. But we should have won with more class than that. Pretty ugly.

Steve Zimmerman 3 years ago

It's a great win. KSUcks started it all, but Silvio should've turned the other cheek after a stellar block. Other than the brawl, that's the best 3pt showing & passing we've ever seen from our team. Great D. The best D so far. Keep killing on the court, keep chilling off the court! ROCK CHALK!!!

Oh, be ready for another brawl in KC. I hope they'll place massive security. It's gonna be bad, otherwise.

Jim Chastain 3 years ago

I appreciate the difference this angle makes but I'm afraid the fact that he picked up the chair at all is going to be the issue that sinks him.

Mallory Briggans 3 years ago

Bryce maybe the KU athletic dept should ask Self why he doesnt play him.....They should be more upset with Self for their waste of time. And put in work ......he practiced everyday not knowing if he would ever play again .....he waited patiently for a decision. Is it a coincidence that Selfs name was linked to the Adidas investigation and DeSousas not getting to play ....... Sometimes I wonder

Chris Condren 3 years ago

This is a complete embarrassment for KU. It diminishes the entire university. I hope the administration imposes severe discipline on those who committed this egregious conduct. It shows that KU probably has some player(s) on the team who should not be in a Kansas uniform. This is a major stain on Kansas basketball.

Robert Brock 3 years ago

K-State is not worth brawling over.

Michael Maris 3 years ago

There's no Brawling in Basketball (in a Tom Hanks voice mode).

Joe Baker 3 years ago

Now this is funny...gotta find humor in bad situations

W Keith Swinehart II 3 years ago

Don't rush to decisions until cooler heads confer. Keep in mind that kids emotions on two sides are in high gear in the moment.

In the meantime, consider what started the incident. This is the second time in recent memory that a player has stolen the ball in a moment when the game is already decided. Nonetheless our player, our of inattention and carelessness, has allowed a needless turnover. Waning moments at games and are no excuse for poor play. Coaches must make this point clear so that this will not happen. Otherwise unintended consequences can happen.

Joe Baker 3 years ago

Agree and as I stated let's address the steal, block, and the stupid posturing. I think the kid in the black polo and white pants takes full responsibility for this mess. But PC says we gotta be fair and punish everyone. The kid in the black and white is expelled. Silvio misses the ksu game in Manhattan. I think this is more than fair.

David Robinett 3 years ago

The chair is the tipping point.

Also can’t believe Coach has not taught his players not to taunt, which only ever has negative repercussions.

Joe Joseph 3 years ago

People are focusing too greatly on the chair. Take away the chair, which Silvio did not hit anyone with nor did even swing it, and this looks a lot different.

It was a punk move to steal the ball and try to score - down 22 - with just a few seconds left. But nothing, truly, unsportsmanlike. I can't imagine any coach at any level encouraging that type of play.

It was unsportsmanlike for Silvio to stand over the guy. Silvio deservedly got T'd up. But no harm, no foul.

It was a complete violation of NCAA expectations/norms/rules for players from the K-State bench to get involved. THAT is what truly escalated the situation. If dude in the black shirt stays on the bench (where he was supposed to remain), it's highly doubtful this turns into a situation.

There are absolutely NO innocent parties here. Silvio looks the worst because of the chair, but he didn't use it. He deserves to be suspended for several games. Kicked off the team? Seems a bit over the top.

Barry Weiss 3 years ago

well, hopefully the suspensions will not be too long. I guess the decision has now been made on starting off with two bigs. Another possible positive could be this could bring the team closer together, maybe not the way we would all want it to happen.

Mike Greer 3 years ago

I have to wonder if some of you watched the same replays I did. It started out reminding me of another K State game in Allen Fieldhouse, where KU was running out the final seconds and Greene threw an easy one into the hoop with one click left on the clock. It was a poor decision on his part and Coach was pissed. Now put yourself in Silvio's shoes for just a couple of seconds, it's been a horrible season, two bigs isn't working out at all, and you haven't played well when you've been in the game. It's the final 5 seconds of a blowout, and somehow you, a forward, ends up with the ball to run out the clock. 999 times out of a thousand everyone just starts walking back to their bench, but this one time, while you are just running out the final seconds, your opponent decides to make a steal. An added embarrassment to what has already been an embarrassing season, so you run after him to block the shot and are successful. But, you've still been made to look bad so you do something stupid and stand over the guy, just to let him know it was you. Then Shaw comes in and pushes you, you push back and the bench empties and Love, in street clothes, comes in swinging and throwing punches. Your instinct is to protect yourself, so you kind of swing back. Then it gets ugly.

A Silvio who hasn't been frustrated and embarrassed by a lackluster performance all season (he's looked as comfortable on the floor this season as he did his first couple of months on the team), would have just blocked the shot and walked away. His actions are on him, and if he plays another minute in a Jayhawk uniform is certainly questionable. But right up to the point a K State player in street cloths came in throwing punches, there was nothing seriously wrong with what transpired.

Bryce Landon 3 years ago

Oh know it's bad when you're making the news not only on sports channels like ESPN, but on network TV's morning news shows. The story is on CBS This Morning:


Adam Bengtson 3 years ago

If you want humor....Jeremy Case running behind the goal to get DeSousa then get thrown like he was thrown from a car.....I’m sorry it was hilarious.....

Rob Byrd 3 years ago

The only reason that DaSousa didn't throw that stool is because it was yanked out of his hands. And as far as him not getting playing time, Self is going to put the best team possible on the floor, regardless of whether a player had a magical stretch over a couple of games. If they aren't impressing coaches at practice they aren't going to play over someone that is better. Silvio is a turnover machine.

Joe Joseph 3 years ago

We can't be for sure Silvio would have thrown the chair. Plus, watch it closely. He drops the chair. It's definitely not yanked out of his hands. Though he most likely heard Snacks yelling at him to drop it.

W Keith Swinehart II 3 years ago

Silvia was already dropping the chair.

Shannon Gustafson 3 years ago

No, he dropped the chair while snacks was reaching for it (but had not yet touched it). You can see in the replays both of Silvio's hands open up, fingers to the sky. That doesn't happen if it's ripped from his hands.

Barry Weiss 3 years ago

From what I have seen, I would suspend the K-State player who came from the bench throwing the first punches 3 games. Silvio 3 games, DMac maybe one game. That's it.

Todd Hill 3 years ago

What about Garrett? He is seen throwing a couple of punches. They missed of course, kind of like his jump shots.

Mike Greer 3 years ago

@Rob Byrd, as Joe Joseph stated, no one took the stool out of Silvio's hands, he may have been told to drop it, but no one else touched it, much less "yanked" it from him. I don't like that he had the stool above his head any more than anyone else, but if you're going to comment, at least try to watch the replay first. The situation is bad enough without further embellishment.

Art Jefferson 3 years ago

Sure hope (Due to suspensions) it doesn't cost us any Big 12 games and ultimately the B12 title. We can't afford to let Baylor get another toe up on us. Depending on who is suspended and for how many games, it could also cost us a #1 seed and give us a tougher road to the NC.

Jeff Kallmeyer 3 years ago

"What began innocently enough, with Kansas State freshman guard DaJuan Gordon stealing the ball from De Sousa"... hey Benton, there's nothing innocent about stealing the ball when we're dribbling out the clock! Gordon instigated this mess!

W Keith Swinehart II 3 years ago

Always guard the ball, even in waning minutes.

Jeff Kallmeyer 3 years ago

Waning minutes is one thing, but not the last six seconds of a landslide victory!

RJ King 3 years ago

How about toss the inbound pass back to your point guard???

Shannon Gustafson 3 years ago

It happened to Enaruna earlier in the year and he's a guard/perimeter player. It's not about who's dribbling it, it's about classless players going for the steal when for the last 50+ years when a team is dribbling it out in a blowout on the final possession, you let them do so.

Dane Pratt 3 years ago

Bill should get out in front of this and suspend DeSousa and McCormick indefinitely before the B12 hands down it's punishment.

Robert G Heckler 3 years ago

The one angle shows several K State players going towards Silvio and I agree with several others here that the player in black and white street clothes was throwing fists. Silvio took defensive action, as can be expected. He would not have been thinking anymore. He would be in fight/flight mode.

The K State players were embarrassed about the dominating defeat. Coming off a win with W Virginia, they likely had hopes of another upset.

The steal at that point of the game is frowned upon, but allowed. The block may be frowned upon at that point, but it is allowed. Standing over a player like Silvio did is a technical (taunting) foul. The correct response is to allow the ref to call the foul, shoot the shots and go home. The best angle showed that the K State players let their feelings get the better of them and they aggressed towards Silvio. With that action, two things happened. Silvio went into defense mode and the K U players, seeing what was going on went in to stop the attack against Silvio. The most aggressive player was the one in street clothes. Everyone else was in fight breakup mode. Silvio was not in thinking mode when he picked up the chair, but he seemed to realize that it was a bad idea and he put it down. The look on Silvio's face indicated that he was quite overwhelmed and befuddled by what happened. He may have anticipated getting a T, but he didn't expect to have several opponent players come at him.

Kit Duncan 3 years ago

Here's another perspective from CBS Sports.

What is telling is, it appears that almost the entire KU coaching staff gets into the middle to break up the brawl, while the K-State staff only tries to pull guys back from behind. Jeremy Case makes a flying tackle on James Love III and saves Silvio from injury or from causing injury to Love. (the look on Love's face as he goes down is priceless). Jerrance Howard is the hero getting Silvio to drop the stool before he hits anyone. Coach Self is right in the middle as are Brannon Bechard and Norm Roberts.

The whole thing is ugly and unfortunately, as is often the case, the instigator may not get nearly the punishment the finisher does. The incident gives the Kansas program a black eye that will take a long time to heal. Several KU players may receive indefinite suspensions, Silvio, McCormack, possibly even Garrett (he was right beside McCormack when Love was on the ground, though it appeared that DMac was the only one to actually attempt to strike or grab Love).

The article also makes light of Big Jay standing in the background holding his wings over his eyes.

Robert G Heckler 3 years ago

I think it is misleading to call this an all out brawl. Only a few people were brawling and the rest were onlookers or trying to stop the fight. Controversy and brawls sells however, so expect a blown out of proportion media blitz.

Rob Byrd 3 years ago

Mike Greer, I did watch the slow motion, and you can clearly see a hand with a white shirt and suit jacket pull the stool back and out of Silvio's hand.

Shannon Gustafson 3 years ago

No matter what you think you saw, you didn't see what actually happened. Here is a zoomed in slow motion view of nobody but Silvio touching it:

Rob Byrd 3 years ago

Shannon, my bad. I was going off of the game footage and slowing it down as much as I could. I'm also guilty of assuming that Silvio wouldn't have an instantaneous moment of clarity and drop the stool behind him while in the act of spiking it into his downed opponent. Good view on the action, thanks.👍🏾

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