Saturday, January 5, 2019

Benton Smith: Dedric Lawson not yet take-charge leader KU needs

Kansas forward Dedric Lawson, left, drives around Iowa State forward Cameron Lard during the second half of an NCAA college basketball game, Saturday, Jan. 5, 2019, in Ames, Iowa.

Kansas forward Dedric Lawson, left, drives around Iowa State forward Cameron Lard during the second half of an NCAA college basketball game, Saturday, Jan. 5, 2019, in Ames, Iowa.


Ames, Iowa — The stage was set for a Dedric Lawson takeover.

The Jayhawks would have to play without 7-footer Udoka Azubuike in their first Big 12 road game of the season, inside one of the best environments the conference has to offer.

Lawson, a 6-foot-9 redshirt junior forward from Memphis, Tenn., had carried the offensive load before. And Saturday at Iowa State, a virtuoso performance from the most fluid scorer wearing KU’s road blue uniforms seemed inevitable, because it was exactly what the No. 5 Jayhawks needed from him at Hilton Coliseum.

A likely first-team All-Big 12 performer, Lawson never found any momentum, though, in a 77-60 Cyclones victory that moved ISU to 2-0 in league play and KU to 1-1.

“I thought Dedric was going to have to get 25 today for us to have a good shot,” Kansas head coach Bill Self said afterward. “But I actually thought he could. And usually when we’ve needed him to step up and put up numbers, he has.”

A 1-for-5, four-turnover first half for Lawson muddied his start, and the offensive domination he’s capable of delivering never transpired.

“Today, we got the ball to him, not as much as we would like,” Self said. “But he had some easy opportunities early and came away empty. It wasn’t our day, but it certainly wasn’t his day either. He’s had a lot of good games for us, but today he struggled a little bit.”

Although Lawson obviously played a part in his lack of productivity, what with his six turnovers and 5-for-11 shooting on a day that he came through with his 10th double-double of the season (13 points and 12 rebounds), his subpar showing wasn’t completely his fault.

There were 18 other turnovers by Jayhawks at ISU, and with Azubuike nursing a right wrist bruise, the Cyclones gladly made Lawson the focal point of their defensive game plan before he could become the center of KU’s offense.

“It felt crowded at times. I think that’s where my six turnovers came from. Some games I have more room to work,” Lawson said, adding that he should have kicked the ball out to teammates more often.

Even so, because Lawson is a team-first player, he didn’t mind shouldering the blame after KU dropped to 0-2 in true road games and 12-2 on the season.

“I played terrible. I had six turnovers,” Lawson said, caring not one bit about his double-double. “There’s a lot of things I could’ve done more. I missed a couple easy layups around the basket, I didn’t get guys open shots. So a lot of this falls back on me and my leadership tonight.”

It seemed appropriate that Lawson, clearly KU’s best overall player, used that particular L-word after a road “L,” because that’s one intangible quality Self is still seeking from his Jayhawks.

There is no Frank Mason III. There is no Devonte’ Graham. And there is no veteran guard by any other name to carry this team when obstacles turn into near impossibilities. It’s hard to perform miracles down double digits in a hostile venue. That just happened to be one of Mason’s and Graham’s many specialties.

“We’ve played like crap a lot up here and somehow we hang around at the 10-minute mark and veterans figure out a way. There was none of that today,” Self said. “And as young as our guards are, and this includes Lagerald (Vick, a senior who turned the ball over seven times in 29 minutes), we played very, very, very immature today.”

KU’s 16th-year coach didn’t want to characterize the Jayhawks’ play as egocentric, but in at least one way, he pointed out, they were.

“I guess it is selfish, but not from a basketball standpoint. It was from everybody went into their own little cocoon when things were going poorly, as opposed to galvanizing a group,” Self assessed.

As the coach, who spoke to his team at length in the visiting locker room afterward, reflected on some of KU’s “best” victories in recent years, he referenced an implausible rally and win in 2018 at West Virginia, when his team played “awful” for 30 minutes and somehow won.

“And those old kids just kind of hang around and hang around,” Self recalled fondly. “That never had a chance to materialize today, because Iowa State was better than us, but also because we didn’t have the leadership — yet. That needs to develop so we can be in situations like this and actually perform better.”

Although Lawson seems as natural a No. 1 as any player on this roster, it remains to be seen if he can take on that load.

It would be ridiculous to ask any current Jayhawk to reproduce the type of dominion Mason or Graham pulled off. That’s not going to happen. What KU needs is some reasonable facsimile of that.

“That’s what I actually talked about to our guys in the locker room for a while about,” Self said, stating further that he’s not completely certain how to cultivate it. “It’d be nice if anybody were able to step up. But in my experiences it needs to be somebody that’s a guard.”

According to Self, he saw one such player suited up for ISU (12-2 overall, 2-2) in senior guard Nick Weiler-Babb.

KU needs an alpha who, as Self described it, “basically can take the heat, send coach’s message” to the players.

“And we don’t have anybody that’s an extension of that yet,” the KU coach made clear. “Right now, I don’t know how it’s going to play out and how we’re going to get better at that.”

Point guard Devon Dotson may one day become that player. But that’s a lot to ask of a freshman.

So that extension of Self might have to become Lawson — at times a guard in a forward’s body. He’s certainly mature enough and sufficiently unique as a big man to take on that type of responsibility.

Lawson holds himself to high standards. His teammates enjoy and respect him. If anyone can be tasked with carrying the offense, crashing the glass and demanding the most from the Jayhawks around him, it’s Dedric Lawson.


Steve Zimmerman 3 years, 11 months ago

“Today, we got the ball to him, not as much as we would like,”

Are you kidding me? how many of those passes got deflected? How many times he was swarmed by 2 -3 more athletic players when he got the ball in his hand? How many times did he get trapped to baseline and caused TOs? Look at McCormack, he received a perfect pass with the tip of his finger, he used jump hook instead of dunking or shooting while facing the basket.

Please turn this team around before it's too late. This team is the least athletic team I've seen in KU history. But coaching staff can still make them a winner by shaping their skills and come up with BETTER bball strategies that fit their strengths. I don't mind losing to a better team when our team played well, but watching our team play like sh** is not fun at all. It's not good for fans, players, the university and recruitment.

Michael Leiker 3 years, 11 months ago

Athletic squad like ISU bad matchup for Dedric. Unfortunately lots of athletic squads in the league.

Steve Zimmerman 3 years, 11 months ago

Too bad, coaching staff doesn't recognize this^^.

Allin Herring 3 years, 11 months ago

I am not sure why the Media is beating up our best player even if he did not have one of his best games. But it had much to do about too many triple teams and receiving contested passes all game. Instead lets spend some time on why Garrett is playing 28 or more minutes a game? Oh you say he plays defense so,that is why he is in there. I SURE did not see any D in the first half when he let his guy drive right past him to the goal with one score and another close,miss two possessions in a row. With a team that finds it very hard to score we need 5 players that have a chance to,score. Well Garrett is the worst,offensive KU players I have seen in many years. He is a complete liability. Want to,write a story? How about writing how,we can greatly reduce his play time.

Steve Zimmerman 3 years, 11 months ago

I've been very hard criticizing Garrett's offense before, but let's cut him some slack. He hit 4 of 8. He did position himself open twice at least and was able to score easy bucks. That's what we need from other players, too. Well, only if the coach agrees to have them play that way. Garrett has hops, he just doesn't use it. If he is coached the right way, he can be very very explosive. One move he can try is euro-step. Quick steps 1-2, then fly to dunk. He CAN do that.

For the whole KU team, make chaos inside the opponent's defense, instead of them creating chaos to our offense!!

Allin Herring 3 years, 11 months ago

Yea he has hops ok . So good last game he jumps so high his shot hit the bottom of the rim so hard it almost went up through the net from the bottom. He usually can not finish a contested layup. And please please do not let him shoot a 3,point shot. When he hits rim with his shot it a miracle. Self should fined if he lets Garrett shoot another three point shot this,year. He is the poster image of,our poor offense! And we are told he practiced all summer on that shot.

John Joseph Gorski 3 years, 11 months ago

This is what happens when you have one and two year players. There's no 3 or 4 year players to take on the leader role like the Mason's and the Graham's of years past.

Jeff Kallmeyer 3 years, 11 months ago

Wrong, there's Vick & Dedric is in his 3rd year. There is something going on with Vick, perhaps drugs?

Michael Leiker 3 years, 11 months ago

Geez, quite the accusation unless you have some info?

Clark Groseth 3 years, 11 months ago

Yah, well...not too many teams will win on the road when they turn the ball over 24...Good Grief 24 times. And Dok or not, KU ain't gonna defend their conference championship if they fail to fix this.

Marius Rowlanski 3 years, 11 months ago

You just don't learn how to be a leader. It's something you have naturally or you come by it through experience.

Not everybody has it.

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