Sunday, May 27, 2018

Former Ohio State OT to join KU as grad transfer

Kansas University football recruiting

Kansas University football recruiting


Just a few years ago, Kevin Feder was a four-star prep offensive lineman with enough potential to sign with national powerhouse Ohio State.

Playing for the Buckeyes never quite worked out for the 6-foot-9 tackle from Ramsey, N.J., as foot injuries marred Feder’s first two years in the program. After piling up his hours during this past spring semester, though, Feder found a path to graduation. And the offensive tackle announced Sunday night his plans to transfer to the University of Kansas.

Feder, listed most recently on OSU’s roster at 6-9 and 303 pounds, signed with the Buckeyes in 2015, and was rated as high the No. 16 tackle in his signing class at one point by Rivals.

As a prep, he reportedly picked up offers from Miami (Fla.), Michigan State, Maryland and Rutgers, as well.

Because Feder redshirted during one of his three seasons at Ohio State, he will still have two years of eligibility remaining to play, assuming he can overcome his injury history.

The former OSU tackle only appeared in one game in 2017 for the deep and talented Buckeyes.

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Aaron Paisley 4 years, 1 month ago

He's a body at a position KU desperately needs depth at.

Mike Bennett 4 years ago

He better be more than a body as bad as our line is and has been.

Dirk Medema 4 years ago

It is nice to get experience players from successful programs, and even better when they are immediately eligible and have 2 years to play. A big OT is about as important as it gets for KU or any program, but it's still hard to see a major player choosing us over all the other options. It is impressive that he completed 31 hours this spring in order to graduate (Phog).

Jim Stauffer 4 years ago

While I would be surprised if he became a starter he will certainly help strengthen the overall depth of the position and more than likely will play during his 2 year stint. And who knows what might happen when he gets regular reps. The more the merrier right now.

Mike Bennett 4 years ago

He better become a starter. Our O-line is awful.

Sam Allen 4 years ago

Kevin Feder transfers to Kansas: Former Ohio State OL lands in Big 12

He’s also 6’9 303lbs

Sam Allen 4 years ago

Now coach beaty needs time search for L that basketball height!

Sam Allen 4 years ago

Now coach beaty needs time search for L that have basketball height! The bigger the L, the more protection we have such as our QB, even if that means going to different countries to find 6’6 and taller/muscular.

Sam Allen 4 years ago

As you walk where you are, if you see people that you think are tall, I mean anyone with muscles that you see around in society, then you could/might as well ask, hey would you like to try out for my football team? Get them the workouts!

[''] 4 years ago

Step away from the bong dude. Height has zero to do with begin a good OL. In fact, with the QBs we have, they will be throwing into the heads and shoulders of 6'9 lineman.

John Brazelton 4 years ago

Since the new Athletic Director will be hired on the promise that he can turn the football program around, Coach Beaty needs 6 wins and bowl game to save his and his assistant coaches jobs. The offensive line is our weak link, every little bit of depth will help.

Randy Bombardier 4 years ago

I'm going to read something into this. One can dream. What if, the coach who recruited him (Ed Wariner) had something to do with this and anticipates heading to KU himself? I've been high on him for some time. Thought that ship had sailed, hoping i am wrong. Common denominator of two of KUs most successful coaches (Mason, Mangino) are former oline coaches from Ohio (where they know how to run, block and know the importance of trench warfare. Maybe just dreaming.

[''] 4 years ago

I hope you are not saying Warriner for Head Coach. I think he is a good position coach and coordinator but no Power 5 team should be hiring a guy who has never been a successful head coach. PERIOD.

Jim Keen 4 years ago

I think Randy is on to something here! I just read Ed Wariner's bio, and I'm liking this a lot. The fact that he was an assistant under Mangino with the 2007 Orange Bowl team even makes it sound better. Of course, we're getting way out ahead of things with this idea, but one could only wish.

Dirk Medema 4 years ago

Or we can wish for success instead of assuming defeat - quitting on the current.

Dirk Medema 4 years ago

It could also be that when Kevin decided to transfer, he reached out to his old coach that he trusted, and Ed remembered enjoying working with Coach Beaty and being at KU.

While he might be a candidate in the future, I'm guessing Coach Wariner is plenty focused on winning where he is, and hoping the best for his friends - when they aren't on his schedule.

Ray Winger 4 years ago

I thought Dr. Zenger was doing well. I am sorry this happened. I believe it was money talks, etc. I am sure Chancelor Gray and other staff, anticipated this pressure. There have been many circumstances where political pressure forces political moves, I remember reading in these same 'comment' section , where many persons wanted to fire Coach Self. Many or the 'other' sports have been doing well, especially in the women's division. I expect Coach Beatty, and Coach Bown, and Coach Miller will do well enough, if the Football Community will get out of their kitchen. I remember the Coaches that preceeded Coach Snyder at KSU , were pretty good, and given significant time. Anyone remember a Coach Gibson? Well, anyway, just wishing it wasn't such that it could turn on such a circumstance. Everyone that thinks this was inevitable, should look at the 'Box Score' of the KU vs KSU Football Game of 2017.

Dirk Medema 4 years ago

Dr Z did a lot of good things, but no AD gets to hire a third major coach after 2 successive failures. There were undoubtedly other factors, but replacing the AD is also a preemptive step. If a roster that is finally getting close to being rebuilt results in us starting to win, then the new AD can focus on the other things. It we don't start to win, then the AD will becoming on just in time.

Chris DeWeese 4 years ago

I think Zenger had some successes during his tenure, but he definitely failed where it counted the most. He made two lackluster football HC hires (which is putting it mildly), and apparently because of that, donors' pocketbooks seemed to dry up. I do have some sympathy for Zenger in that he had to clean up the mess left by Perkins, but whiffing on two hires is inexcusable. Now we have a head coach who is looking desperately for any grad transfer to fill the holes left by his own recruiting strategy. On paper, Feder looks like the quintessential OLineman, but it seems he is largely unproven. I hope he can come in and be productive and avoid injuries.

Brad Sherp 4 years ago

Has Beaty recruited a graduate transfer yet who was not regrettable? I would rather have a HS kid who we hope would see the field at some point in the next 5 years.

Historically, transfers who dont produce at other programs suddenly start producing here. Even when the come from programs like Alabama, Arkansas, and Notre Dame.

Ray Winger 4 years ago

last year 'Zach Hannon' helped a lot, and he was a good example of a 'student athlete'

Mike Hart 4 years ago

“ : No Power 5 school should ever hire a head coach who doesn’t already have HC experience? SOMEONE alert OU that they Lincoln Riley hire was a bad move.

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