Monday, June 4, 2018

Tom Keegan: Credit 12-1 Orange Bowl team’s leading rusher with recruiting assist

Kansas University running back Brandon McAnderson hams it up for the cameras with defensive end James McClinton after KU's 24-21 victory Thursday at the Orange Bowl in Miami.

Kansas University running back Brandon McAnderson hams it up for the cameras with defensive end James McClinton after KU's 24-21 victory Thursday at the Orange Bowl in Miami.


For Brandon McAnderson, leading rusher for Kansas during its 12-1 Orange Bowl season, what started as a project intended to help his cousin ended up as a means of helping his alma mater, too.

McAnderson’s first cousin, Brian Lipscomb, had a “monster junior year,” as McAnderson put it, for VMI’s FCS football team in 2017 and reached out to McAnderson for help.

“He told me he wanted to play (for an FBS school) and asked if I knew any coaches,” McAnderson said. “My whole staff that I played for got fired and they're all over the place now, and a lot of guys I played with are coaching now, so I told him I knew everybody.”

McAnderson distributed his cousin’s video to several coaching friends, but once he gave it a closer look, he stopped sharing it.

“I said, ‘Wait, he’s good enough to play here. I love this school. I love this program. I want him coming here.’ But I knew that this is my blood, this is my cousin, so I wanted someone else to look and make sure,” McAnderson said.

So, he said he showed the video to former KU defensive back Bill Sutter, who agreed that Lipscomb was a player.

Lipscomb flew in on his own dime and McAnderson joined him on his unofficial recruiting visit.

“He walks in and sees this place and says, ‘Oh my goodness, this is football heaven.’ He was really impressed,” McAnderson said.

During the visit, McAnderson said, the coaches were talking up how much Lipscomb, a pass-rushing outside linebacker, would enjoy playing with senior defensive tackle Daniel Wise.

“They were going on and on about the great year Daniel Wise had and about his ability to connect with people, his ability to lead,” McAnderson said. “Then we go downstairs to the weight room and, sure enough, he’s the first one to come over to us: ‘Hi, I’m Daniel. We’re happy to have you here.’ He’s the kind of guy you want leading your team.”

Now Lipscomb’s a Jayhawk. He showed up for summer conditioning Monday, which indirectly is why McAnderson, an insurance claims adjuster living in Overland Park, showed up in Lawrence.

“His mom’s an amazing cook,” McAnderson said. “Amazing.”

Lipscomb is 6-foot-3, 225 pounds and had 18.5 tackles for loss and 7.5 sacks for VMI, which went 0-11 last season.

“He wasn’t a guy I thought could have played at this level,” McAnderson said of his cousin. “Then, his junior season, he went crazy, turned the corner with his body, turned the corner with his skill.”

What stood out most about his video?

“His explosion off the line,” McAnderson said. “That ball is snapped and he’s flying.”


Dirk Medema 4 years ago

We could use some reinforcements getting after the QB's.

Jonathan Allison 4 years ago

Sorry I haven't followed the news on KU Football, is Lipscomb a Grad Transfer, or does he have to sit out a year?

Aaron Paisley 4 years ago

Sounds like he's a grad transfer.

[''] 4 years ago

The article doesn't mention that he graduated from he will have to sit out a year? If that's the case he won't be playing for this coaching staff next year.

Dale Stringer 4 years ago

From "If you are a student-athlete who plays football, you may be able to compete immediately if you meet ANY of the following conditions: •You are transferring from a Football Bowl Subdivision college to a Football Championship Subdivision college and have at least two seasons of eligibility remaining."

Sounds like he is a senior. If he red-shirted once then that gives him the two years of eligibility to play right away.

[''] 4 years ago

Looks like you got it backwards there my man....this kids is going from FCS to FBS...I know KU has played like an FCS school in recent years but....

Aaron Paisley 4 years ago

It's football so it's very likely the kid redshirted and has graduated and won't have to sit.

Len Shaffer 4 years ago

Lipscomb actually sounds like a promising player, but please forgive a little snarkiness that I can't resist:

  1. He thought this was football heaven? Usually only visiting players and coaches think that.

  2. He went 0-11 last year. He should fit right in!

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