Monday, June 4, 2018

Day 1 of Kansas basketball summer workouts features familiar look from years past

Kansas freshman Silvio De Sousa gets up for a pre-game dunk at Texas Tech, on Feb. 24, 2018.

Kansas freshman Silvio De Sousa gets up for a pre-game dunk at Texas Tech, on Feb. 24, 2018.


With KU’s star-studded and mostly new cast of guards scattered all over the place on Monday — one at the USA Basketball tryout, others working camps nearby and one more yet to arrive on campus in the first place — the Jayhawks’ first day of summer workouts took on a decidedly bigger look.

Featured in the various drills that played out in front of the hundreds of Week 1 Bill Self Basketball Camp attendees were big men Dedric Lawson, Silvio De Sousa and David McCormack, each of whom wowed the crowd with their ability to throw down hammer dunks and move like players much smaller in size.

“Missed it. Missed it. It’s nice to have,” said KU assistant coach Norm Roberts, who typically works closest with KU’s post players. “I was telling coach we’ve got bodies like we used to have when we had Tarik (Black) and Joel (Embiid) and Landen (Lucas) and Perry (Ellis). So we’re going back to that and it feels good to have those big bodies.”

With Udoka Azubuike and Mitch Lightfoot returning and the trio that took center stage during Monday’s workout giving Kansas five viable options at the 4 and 5 spots, Roberts sees great potential for KU’s crop of big men.

While that kind of depth and talent would be welcomed any year, it’s particularly pleasant to see this year, with the Jayhawks coming off of back-to-back seasons in which they played four guards and were undersized at the 4 spot.

But it’s not just on the court during games where the Jayhawks’ abundance of bigs figures to pay off. Roberts said the spoils start to show up as soon as this month, when both the newcomers and returning bigs improve their individual skills and push each other to make the whole group better.

“I think they’ll make each other a lot better,” Roberts said. “What happens is you want them to be quick but not in a hurry. They all want to impress and do well, but I think all the young guys are doing good and our other guys, who came back, their bodies look good and I think they’re excited about the summer.”

As for a timeline of progress that Roberts might be tracking, the veteran KU assistant said the big picture was what mattered most right now, not necessarily hitting any milestones or checking off any boxes. That can come in the weight room, with strength coach Andrea Hudy, who also got her first look at the newcomers on Monday.

“I think what you want to do is just work on their footwork, let them understand getting angles, how to go score, get into their shot quickly,” Roberts said. “And everything is repetitions. They get more and more reps so they get more comfortable.

“We want them to enjoy being here in the summer, obviously academics is important, and just get a feel for playing with their teammates and get a feel for doing what we do from a skill standpoint, a technique standpoint. That way, when they come back in late August and September, they know what’s going on and it’s easy for them and we can get right into it.”

Although he did not offer thoughts on every big man on the roster, Roberts offered up a quick breakdown of two of the newest Jayhawks at his suddenly deep position group.

On Memphis transfer Dedric Lawson: “Can play inside and outside. He can shoot the ball from the perimeter, handle the ball.”

On freshman center David McCormack: “A power player, so now you have another big body to go up against Udoka every day. I think that helps.”

That theme, bigs helping bigs, seems to carry any conversation about the Kansas forwards and centers at this stage in the game and it figures to be something Roberts, KU coach Bill Self and the Jayhawks as a whole try to find as many ways to capitalize on as possible.

“We’ve got so many guys that are versatile and they can really get after each other and make each other better,” Roberts said. “It’s got a chance to be a very, very good group. I think our skill level, as big guys, has to improve. I think that’s going to be a big key for us, and they understand that.

“They’ve been good. They just got here like a half a day ago or so and this was the first kind of team workout that we’ve had, but the kids are just excited. I think other colleges think they’ve got good players, too. I’m just glad we’ve got (these) five guys.”


Todd Jensen 4 years ago

Any chance Sosinski is invited back to be a walk on this year? Clearly he focused on football right now, but just curious if he would join the group of big bodies later this year?

Jonathan Allison 4 years ago

If I were Bill Self I would offer him the chance to return to the basketball team after football ends. I wouldn't be surprised though if he decides to dedicate himself to football in the offseason this year.

Gerry Butler 4 years ago

I don't think there is any chance of him coming back this season. Not that I would mind but was more of a need last year and look at his minutes last year, even as a walk on - -with the depth situation this year unless we have a lot of blow outs, he wouldn't be getting any more or even as many - -just don't see it

Barry Weiss 4 years ago

I for one will be glad to see the Jayhawks back to the hi-lo 2-3 bigs out there. I really did enjoy the 3-ball game, but KU's history is bigs in the paint.

Craig Carson 4 years ago

same much as I enjoyed the 3 ball these last few years, Id much rather them play the 2 bigs and shoot way less 3's..KU has been soft on defense, their rebounding has sucked, shot blocking has sucked and inside scoring has sucked..

Ryan Zimmerman 4 years ago

I'm going to miss Silvio this season...

Craig Carson 4 years ago

me too..he wouldnt have been such a big piece of this team..shame is idiot guardian had to go and take $$$ and ruin it for him..I feel bad for Silvio but no sense in risking the entire season on the ASSumption that nothing will happen to him

Danny Hernandez 4 years ago

Silvio will be playing for Kansas as the NCAA will not revoke his standing

Dave Miller 4 years ago

I think the NCAA will be under a lot of pressure considering the FBI has gotten involved (no thanks to a bunch of slime balls that started this mess). They may not revoke eligibility for last year, but going forward I think they will be pressured to conduct some sort of investigations and act accordingly. I have nothing to really base this on but just my thoughts/feelings and the mantra "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong." and KU should try to prepare for it.

Craig Carson 4 years ago

@Dave of the same mind..risking a whole season on a player they KNOW is tied to potential violations is a risk not worth taking....why assume everything will be rather they press the NCAA prior to the season to either clear him once and for all no matter what the FBI finds out or make KU sit him until further notice..I dont think Silvio himself did anything wrong, but even having a guardian tied to this is enough to get him ineligible

Craig Carson 4 years ago

@Danny..Dave is right..the NCAA is going to want the FBI findings...playing Silvio is a risky proposition that Id rather KU no dabble sense in cheering for a team and a season that you arent even sure is gonna count in a few months

Ryan Zimmerman 4 years ago

That would be great. But I'm thinking he won't hit the floor without a resolution from the FBI. KU won't risk him playing until that's 100% cleared up

Craig Carson 4 years ago

@Ryan.. I hope you are right..Self has always erred on the side of caution whenever any player is at risk of a violation..Id love to see him play next season, but NOT if it means risking an entire season being vacated

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