Sunday, October 22, 2017

Notebook: Kansas matches record road losing streak against TCU

Kansas cornerback Kyle Mayberry (16) watches as TCU wide receiver Taj Williams (2) and TCU wide receiver Ty Slanina (13) celebrate Williams' touchdown catch during the third quarter, Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017 at Amon G. Carter Stadium in Fort Worth.

Kansas cornerback Kyle Mayberry (16) watches as TCU wide receiver Taj Williams (2) and TCU wide receiver Ty Slanina (13) celebrate Williams' touchdown catch during the third quarter, Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017 at Amon G. Carter Stadium in Fort Worth.


Fort Worth, Texas — Only one other team playing at college football’s highest level has ever lost as many road games in a row as Kansas.

With a 43-0 beatdown at TCU’s Amon G. Carter Stadium on Saturday night, the Jayhawks tied former high-major conference member Western State, which lost 44 consecutive road contests from 1926-36, while playing in the old Rocky Mountain Conference, comprised of teams such as Utah, Colorado, Brigham Young and Utah State.

KU’s 44-game road losing streak began in 2009, with a loss at Colorado.

FCS program Idaho State, a longtime member of the Big Sky Conference, but never competing at the FBS level, lost 48 straight road games from 2006 to 2014.

KU is home the next two weeks, versus Kansas State and Baylor, before playing at Texas on Nov. 11.

Still no Ribordy

With first-string center Mesa Ribordy unavailable for the second consecutive week due to an undisclosed injury, the KU coaching staff opted to shift responsibilities for some of its most reliable offensive linemen this week instead of sticking with backup Jacob Bragg, who started at Iowa State seven days earlier, at center.

Typical starting right tackle Zach Hannon handled snapping responsibilities in Ribordy’s absence. Usual left tackle Hakeem Adeniji slid over to right tackle for Hannon. Normally a reserve, Clyde McCauley III started at left tackle for Adeniji.

KU didn’t have to adjust its other two starting spots, where left guard Andru Tovi and right guard Chris Hughes remained the starters.

Nevertheless, the changes did little to help Kansas (1-6 overall, 0-4 Big 12) on a night the offense managed a paltry 21 yards, the lowest total by an FBS team in at least the past 20 seasons.

“The offensive line, we’ve got to communicate better,” Adeniji said afterward. “It starts up front. A lot of times it’s one guy being off beat and that’s what keeps pushing us back, and that’s something that we have to be better at.”

Herbert returns

After missing KU’s shutout defeat the week earlier at Iowa State, sophomore running back Khalil Herbert returned to the field at No. 4 TCU (7-0, 4-0).

Herbert, though, like every member of the Kansas offense, never made the Frogs sweat.

After rushing for four yards on his first carry in two weeks, Herbert finished with just six attempts and eight yards.

He rushed for 137 yards at Ohio and 291 against West Virginia before suffering a hamstring injury in the second half of a loss to Texas Tech two weeks back.

Running clock

During a media timeout early in the fourth quarter of the TCU rout, referee Mike Defee announced “significant weather” headed toward the area led to both KU head coach David Beaty and TCU coach Gary Patterson agreeing to play the final 12:49 of the game with a running clock.

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Bryan Mohr 4 years, 10 months ago

Same post from yesterday before the game:

Something more interesting than this game will be...

Here's my list to replace Beaty:

Candle, Frost, Mangino, Venables, Leavitt, Bohl, Fritz, Schiano, Blake Anderson, Calhoun, Pelini*, Littrell (a last resort), Fedora (if he becomes available)

I'm not sure why I post this stuff. Nobody important to the hiring process gives a care. I'm supposed to shut-up, buy tickets, attend games, and just "believe". Sorry, my KU education taught me to think. I've listed 13 names... please get this over with and pick one.

*I've already received negative feedback on Pelini. He's not my top choice, but I believe he would change the pathetic, soft football culture at Kansas. Apparently Youngstown St. has administrators, fans, and players that are able to tolerate him. It seems he wouldn't work for many of KU's soft fans and administrators.

Bill McGovern 4 years, 10 months ago

So what is it going to take to get rid of Zenger? Because this is deplorable. New AD, new coach, new start.

Dirk Medema 4 years, 10 months ago

It is good to hear Adeniji own up to responsibility for the line.

I also found myself thinking about many comments 3 years ago about wanting Beaty to be patient and develop the team via HS recruiting and not the JC quick fix. There is probably no place where that is more crucial than on the OL where players take 3, 4, 5 years to develop. Interesting that ours are now suppose to develop in 3 or less. Just one of the places we are really young, which becomes that much more of a problem when there are injuries.

And even MU/PSU and USC/ND weren't great games to watch.

Andy Godwin 4 years, 10 months ago

As David Lawrence has said for the last two weeks, Mesa Ribordy is the most or second most important player on KU's offense. The blocking has been terrible and KU has zero points (and nearly zero yardage) in 8 quarters without Ribordy. I guess the former lineman might know a thing or two. Football starts with strong and dominating line play and it is clear KU does not have the quality bigs to match well with other D-1 teams.

Austin Lopez 4 years, 10 months ago

You want to get this team right? Run, Run, Run! It’s time our players learned discipline. Make them Run the full football field for every missed tackle, every turnover, every sack given up, every penalty! Let’s tag along 200 updowns, 100 plus push ups also, and throw in suicides!!! Boy did we learn discipline back on them Junior Varsity days.

Gunnar Hays 4 years, 10 months ago

People say the only real shot KU has left is Baylor. I don't know though....Baylor, while still winless, looks to be improving. They played KSU somewhat competitive, and they were right there close in the 4th quarter against OU and WVU. To me, the eye test in Big 12 play shows Baylor is a better team than Kansas.

I've never been a proponent of firing coaches mid-season. I think Nebraska had the right idea to fire AD, get to one in place, and put him in a position to find the coaches he wants and get a hire in right after season is over in January/February. That way, you aren't rushing the head coaching search and you can still get a guy established before Spring ball.

That said, it would be nice to see this team finish out competitively and be in some games this season. If putting in an interim coach will give them a chance to at least stay relatively close with KSU or Baylor then I'm all for it.

At this point, I just don't know what it would take to make administration change things up. Is it getting absolutely humiliated in a prime time slot like last night? Would it be getting shut out by KSU at home while the stands have more purple than crimson or blue? Getting beat by a winless Baylor team? Breaking the all time road loss streak?

Its like clockwork that people will start talking about the cost of buyouts, (I'm well aware of the dollar figures by the way) or that bringing in a new coach will just cause things to start over and get even worse. I understand that pov, but I don't know how people can look at the situation and think we have to continue on without change, or that nothing can be done.

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