Monday, November 13, 2017

KU chancellor states confidence in AD Zenger, football coach Beaty

'A competitive football program is important to our university'

New Kansas chancellor, Doug Girod, left, and KU athletic director Sheahon Zenger, discuss with reporters plans for the athletic department's “Raise The Chant” fund-raising strategy, a facility-focused endeavor which focuses primarily on football and aims to raise $350 million over the course of five years.

New Kansas chancellor, Doug Girod, left, and KU athletic director Sheahon Zenger, discuss with reporters plans for the athletic department's “Raise The Chant” fund-raising strategy, a facility-focused endeavor which focuses primarily on football and aims to raise $350 million over the course of five years.


In a message he sent to University of Kansas students and faculty members Monday afternoon and posted on the university’s website, chancellor Douglas Girod stated his confidence in both athletic director Sheahon Zenger and KU football coach David Beaty.

“Nobody denies the challenges we are having on the field, but I maintain my belief that Sheahon and Coach Beaty have the right long-term vision and are doing things the right way,” Girod wrote. “Our focus now is empowering them with the tools they need to fulfill their vision.”

The endorsement of Beaty, now 3-31 as the Jayhawks’ coach, and Zenger, who hired Beaty and his predecessor, Charlie Weis (6-22), came in a message titled “Football and our national aspirations.”

Girod’s message included details of a new indoor practice facility for KU football. It will cost an estimated $26 million and is part of the KU-branded “Raise the Chant” strategy, focused primarily on football, which aims to raise $350 million over the course of five years to upgrade Memorial Stadium and other facilities.

“We are exploring multiple sites near Memorial Stadium, the most likely being a location on the west side of the stadium,” Girod stated of the first phase of the massive overhaul.

A university official said KU hopes to begin construction on the indoor football facility as soon as possible at the conclusion of this season — now less than two weeks away. Discussion of the new indoor facility is on the Board of Regents agenda for Wednesday.

“As with any project, we are evaluating factors related to aesthetics, environmental impact, campus heritage, parking and accessibility, and we will work with the City of Lawrence to ensure our plans benefit the surrounding community,” Girod stated as to where the new building will go. “We will present our most current plans to the Kansas Board of Regents this week and will communicate with you throughout the process.”

The chancellor also wrote the “Raise the Chant” project “addresses the reality that a competitive football program is important to our university” and “outdated facilities hamper our ability to compete in the Big 12 Conference.”

In Beaty’s nearly three seasons on the job, Kansas has defeated just one Big 12 or FBS opponent, Texas (2016).

Girod went on to state “a competitive football program benefits the entire university and our academic mission. We need to remain a strong member of the Big 12, and football is key to that. In recent years, we have transformed our campuses with a focus on academic and student-centered facilities – including the Health Education Building, Capitol Federal Hall, Self and Oswald Halls, the Spencer Art Museum, Swarthout Recital Hall, LEEP2, and the Central District – while adding more than 735 scholarships and fellowships and 50 professorships thanks to private giving. This transformation of our academic facilities will continue, recognizing that football facilities are part of the transformation.”

Girod and Zenger first introduced the long-term plans for KU football facilities improvements in September, with the help of a $50 million gift from KU alumnus and benefactor David Booth.

The chancellor stated the project “has since garnered additional financial support from donors across the country. These donors recognize that facilities are crucial to our membership in a Power Five conference, which in turn is crucial to our broader aspirations as a major public research university.”


John Brazelton 5 years ago

So Tom Keegan, play nice, please start writing nicer articles about KU football.

Brett McCabe 5 years ago

About how nice it is to lose? You are right, there is a certain peace that washes over when you know that you have absolutely no chance to win. Maybe a drinking game? Each time Beaty does something weird? I'll be drunk by the end of the first quarter.

Whitney Tangeman 5 years ago

Sure, great idea. That’s what the German propoganda newspapers did leading up to WWII. It won’t benefit anyone if Tom starts polishing a terd for every article. It will only add to the disgrace in that our press sold out alongside Girod.

Len Shaffer 5 years ago

You're right, John, it's Keegan's job to write "nice" articles no matter how much the team stinks.

I wasn't aware that the LJW had been purchased by the KU athletic department ...

Brett McCabe 5 years ago

FYI for those out of town, the UDK had a front-page editorial today stating that Zenger and Beaty should be fired - I'm guessing this is why Girod is out there today, even though the LJW has called for the firing of Zenger for quite some time.

I have yet to hear a single piece of factual evidence as to why Zenger or Beaty should be trusted to build the program. The onside kick alone, to anyone who has ever watched a football game, was a fireable offense.

Zenger gutted the program with the Weis hiring. Then hired a position coach who couldn't get promoted by the A&M coach who is about to be fired. Beaty's reign as coach has been filled with some of the most nonsensical decisions I've ever seen made, anywhere.

The recruiting has been sub-par. The on-field performance has been sub-par. And the facilities aren't the problem. That's an excuse made by losers who lose. Kind of makes me sick to my stomach.

Had the Regents done the right thing, and hired Neeli instead of milk-toast, we'd be on our way right now to a dynamic football future. Instead, this chancellor will get to watch an empty stadium for a full year next year, because no one cares about KU football. In his first major decision as Chancellor, he whiffs, big-time. Well, looks like my Saturday's will be free next fall.

David Kemp 5 years ago

Yeah drinking the cool aid. When the program gets serious I will donate again but I have far better ways to blow money

Jack Hoff 5 years ago

Brett you seem to be a passionate KU fan who's fed up with everything. So lets pretend you get to be the Chancellor of KU. Tell me how you get KU to a bowl game in the next 3 years. GO!

Brett McCabe 5 years ago

I've actually detailed many times on this site a list of realistic coaching hires for KU. Every one of them substantially more proven and qualified the our current coach. Not exactly complicated.

Frederick Heckel 5 years ago

The media needs to turn up the pressure even more! Girod is already feeling the heat and it burned his ass today!

Brett McCabe 5 years ago

The only responsible thing that any KU football fan can do now, is to boycott the OU game this year, and do not renew next year. Maybe Girod will get a clue?

Director of Ticket Sales:

Rae Bricil 5 years ago

"but I maintain my belief that Sheahon and Coach Beaty have the right long-term vision and are doing things the right way"

this is speech without substance--it discusses ideology without results and execution--this is the type of talk in year 1 maybe 2 not 3. they should be seeing results of these executed visions instead we get beat by teams like Baylor by ~30pts....

looking forward to more Keegan articles...

Brett McCabe 5 years ago

Beaty himself is on record as saying that year three should include visible evidence of improvement. So, even by his modest standards, we are behind the chains.

Rae Bricil 5 years ago

I am maintaining that Zenger is a KSU mole paid to bury KU athletics :) . If Self would have left for the NBA under his watch i can only imagine the successor he would brought in...

Brett McCabe 5 years ago

Probably a grad assistant from Loyola Marymount. So we can modernize the offense.

Eric Brunner 5 years ago

Haha my dad has been saying this since day one. John Currie made Zenger look like a fool while he was at K-State. I think we'll catch up with Bill Snyder Family Stadium by about 2045

John Fitzgerald 5 years ago

On the podcast Chasen asked a question to everyone on the podcast if they could name any specific areas in which there has been improvement since year one that Beaty got here. After a long pause of silence Tom decided there really hasn't been any. That pretty much sums up the Beaty era; he started from the bottom now he's...still there.

Len Shaffer 5 years ago

Well I can name one area of improvement: field-goal kicking. That's it.

Brian Wilson 5 years ago

There are a bunch of players that came this past year that haven't played. I am wondering, does anyone know when a player has to declare being a redshirt....and/or....does anyone have a definitive list of players that are redshirting this year. Just a stab at some kind of hope.....

Steve Jacob 5 years ago

The beginning of the end is always starts with a "vote of confidence".

Matt Gauntt 5 years ago

LOL - true.

I don't recall ever hearing Chancellor Hayes from Alabama doing a press conference declaring his "vote of confidence" in Nick Saban. Everyone would be like "uhhhhh, OK, we didn't already know that??"

Len Shaffer 5 years ago

Good point, Matt. I was thinking that the chancellor has to say that now; that doesn't mean he's not making other plans behind the scenes. (At least I hope to God that's what's really going on.)

Dillon Davis 5 years ago

I want to ask the chancellor right to his face, what has Beaty accomplished (give examples) in 3 years now that warrants fans believing that this will get better!? The Texas win is not good enough. I'm still holding out hope that he makes the right decision at the end of this year but this definitely sucks to hear.

Joe Norgay 5 years ago

And just like that, Douglas A. Girod has given the middle finger to a significant portion of KU loyalist.

What a joke.

Lloyd Kinnison 5 years ago

Relax! BB season is here! The pressure is almost gone for ‘tis year😒

Michael Leiker 5 years ago

Did Zenger say anything at this presser?

Michael Leiker 5 years ago

Sorry, written statement, but still why no interview from Zenger, it's time

George Johnston 5 years ago

April 2018:

Over-50 Alumni clinch 2018 Spring Charity Game on final drive

LAWRENCE, Kan. – Tied, 7-7, with just under two minutes remaining in the fourth quarter of a running clock in the 2018 Kansas football Spring Charity Game, quarterback John Hadl found Wide Receiver Mark Mangino for a 75 yard touchdown pass as the Jayhawk varsity defense tried vainly to run down Mangino. Coach Beaty said afterward, "We (the varsity) would have won if Mangino had had his heart attack before the touchdown instead of after it. Still, we learned a lot of things and we saw many signs of improvement. We're making real progress. We just need to remember that it is important to score more points than the other team. We will emphasize that in fall practice."

Fortunately, the Alumni had more than 20 medical personnel on the sideline to monitor pacemakers and repair prosthetics so Mangino received immediate medical attention. Mangino is doing well and will be out of the hospital in a few days. Kansas State has inquired as to whether Mangino has used up his collegiate eligibility.

Mark Winkler 5 years ago

ok this makes it easier we now have the source i thought it was the AD....We know now that the chancellor should be fired and then the football coach and AD....They stink!!!!!!! With a facility like that should be easier to recruit to at last beat someone... Heck hire Mangino...who cares if he was mean to the players.

Ed Noyes 5 years ago

Very funny stuff George. We might as well just laugh ourselves into heaven because I will be there long before KU is a solid football program...very sad...but still pretty funny George!!

Dyrk Dugan 5 years ago

It’s the right decision, keeping Beaty at least another year, and probably two to three. This year is a setback for sure, but steady progression each year is rare, and the exception, not the rule. The roster numbers are not there, and we were due to have a setback year at some point, and having it this year is better than next year, although we couldn’t break the road losing streak. If Mecham stays at OC, (and no reason to indicate otherwise) then next year will be the first year since 08-09, we’ll return the same HC, OC, DC and QB. That kind of continuity is so valuable, and something this program sorely needs and has missed. As a a previous TK column listed, the coach TO in this program over the last 7 years has been astounding, and very detrimental. With the head coach and staff returning, we can nail down this recruiting class, and a couple of these outstanding Louisiana kids, and build from there. You cannot keep firing coaches; you might as well fold up shop, and right now, there is no one out there you can truly hang your hat on to bring in (like Doeren was six years ago). This coach and staff deserve to build the roster out to a complete, scholly offered and accepted group; then maybe we have a chance to start redshirting lineman and linebackers; something KU has not done at all for a very long time. The football program is vital for a P5 athletic dept.; we’ve screwed it over at KU long enough; it’s time to allow someone to actually build it.

Tony Bandle 5 years ago

"steady progression each year is rare." Dyrk, my man, how do you suppose 90% of coaches who keep their jobs, keep their jobs? And how do you suppose 90% of coaches who lose their jobs, lose their jobs?

Steady progression is not is absolutely necessary.

Jim Baker 5 years ago

Iowa Frickin' State, dude, Iowa Fricking State!

Doug Weston 5 years ago

A "setback" requires that there be previous progress. There has been no progress in KU football over the past 2 years, hence, there can be no "setback" this year. There has also been no "steady progression," however rare you think that is. Over the past three years there has been no progress period. Give me some concrete examples of "progress" you've seen since Beaty arrived.

John Strayer 5 years ago

Next year's recruiting class will evaporate in several weeks. And the LA guys will come to their senses and go play for a real football program.

Kevin Robert Fest 5 years ago

Aaaannnnnnnddddd the S@!# Show just keeps on runnin!!!

Kevin Robert Fest 5 years ago

Okay okay for the love of Pete somebody please explain to me how if we get the correct roster numbers somehow this will magically turned into wins. Will the offensive line all of a sudden turn into an NFL caliber unit and start to be able to block? Will the receivers not dpped passes? Will the defense not miss tackles? Will the coaching staff all of a sudden become geniuses and look like the Lomdardi's of college football?

This whole Roster number thing is just an excuse this is a poor team from top to bottom starting with the coaching staff if it wasnt a roster numbers issue people will be coming up with other excuses why this team stinks. Weiss had more wins in less games Gil had more wins in less games with Beatty it's excuses excuses excuses why he only has 3 wins in 3 years. Look at some of these kids at Beaty is recruiting Kansas is the only school offering, the only power 5 school offering no other school will touch them. Yes we have the LA kids but that's certainly not because of Beatty and who knows if they will even sign we do have some talented kids on this roster and it hasn't translated into wins because one or two good players is not enough to offset the talent on the rest of the roster.

Betty has some Texas kids we were told he had to bring home the Kansas kids has this translated into wins no this has not. It's not just about getting the numbers up on the roster you have to bring some talent in with those numbers if you don't have any talent and you have a thousand kids on the roster you are not going to win any games.

What recruit worth his salt is going to want to spend the next two or three years in the hopes that this team turns out to be competitive when he can go to 99 other schools in the country right now and play in a competitive program?

Gordon Penny 5 years ago

It's actually pretty easy to explain how the roster numbers issue will, eventually, put a better product on the field. If you are focusing purely on the numbers, you are missing the point. The point is that, right now, we have less than the allowable number of scholarship players. This means that we don't have battle tested and hardened players on the field. Each year, we add a certain number of players, and the scholarship roster number increases. But, we are adding young players to our scholarship roster who have not had years of development playing against upper classmen who are bonafide division 1 scholarship athletes. As we add more scholarship athletes, and those athletes are able to develop and practice against older, bonafide division 1 scholarship athletes, we will see a better product. So, just adding scholarship players is only part of the answer; they have to develop against other scholarship athletes. All that being said, it will probably take 2-3 years AFTER we are at full scholarship capacity (filled with division 1 athletes and not walk-ons) before we will see a competitive team. There is simply no way around this issue, no matter what coach with a "magic wand" you wish would come to Kansas.

John Strayer 5 years ago

2-3 years to complete the roster project...2-3 years to develop that newly acquired "talent" then the football world will have left KU in the dust.

Scheduling has to be part of this process too...I know we can't play FCS teams for the entire preseason...but at least play winnable FBS games. Maybe the 2-3 teams that rank below KU right now?

To me as a fan, it just seems KU is on the road to nowhere and going really slow.

As stated previously, Beaty in the media day sessions alluded to this year seeing tangible improvements. Where are they? Significant losses to MAC teams...BigXII blowouts remain. Now add laughing national commentators to the mix. A brand new road losing streak record. Zero BigXII wins with still 1 BigXII win in three years.

KU is now beyond being a "not good national football program" to a national football joke...and now no one at KU who is paid to care, cares. Keep plowing the same dead field with the same broken down horse and plow...hoping for rain.

And this indoor practice facility is more of the same BS. We can have all the player amenities $s can buy...but at the end of the day, kids want to win. It still sucks to be in a $2 million locker room after a terrible Baylor program coming out of its own national scandal and dealing with its own roster issues blows you off the field.

And then there is Iowa St...freaking ISU...being competitive and nationally ranked in its first year under a new coach.

Tony Bandle 5 years ago

Well, you can't say KU isn't in the NCAA Record Books, About to set the record for longest continuous streak for Conference Basketball Titles, holding the longest continuous for streak NCAA basketball appearances and the proud owner of the longest road losing streak in the history of NCAA Football.

It makes my chest swell with pride!

Bill McGovern 5 years ago

As suspected, Girod doesn't care what the fans think. "Don't worry guys because I think Zenger and Beaty are doing a great job!" What a clown. He's just breathing a sigh of relief because basketball has begun and he knows it will shift the focus away from the football program. Here's to another few years of deplorable performances from the football team!

Thomas Green 5 years ago

I agree with Bret Mcabe, the onside kick alone is a fireable offense. I have never seen such an act of desperation! Pure and total buffoonery! How much of this playground BS do we have to go through before someone in charge decided enough is enough? Unbelievable!

I guess I more or less expected this...another season wasted and yet another to come. I agree Girod must be feeling the heat and felt he had to say something. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is a diversion or that he is secretly working behind the scenes to bring in a real AD and coaching staff. I hope I’m wrong, but to do this now just doesn’t seem necessary on his part. Wouldn’t he look foolish to say such things and then go another direction? If making change is his plan just keep quiet, why give these incompetents any cover whatsoever. I just can’t get my head around a scenario where that makes sense. I think we are looking at another year of this garbage followed by the eventual firing of everyone who has touched this fiasco. By that time it might be too late I’m afraid.

Damn I’m angry at this development even if I thought it was coming.

Jack Hoff 5 years ago

Ya'll need to make up your mind. One minute you're saying Beaty is too conservative and needs to take more risks cuz they have nothing to lose. The next minute you say their desperate. They were 1-8... no crap they are desperate Einstein.

Al Martin 5 years ago

I just turned 60. Good health, good teeth. I visit doctors regularly, eat sensibly, and am reasonably fit (I still march in the alumni band and I play the sousaphone really loud while I do it :-)). So what are the odds I see a winning football season before I die? I'm thinking not so good.

Jack Hoff 5 years ago

Lets not forget, as of right now Beaty still has a pretty good recruiting class coming in next year. Even with losing some kids they still got some nice talent coming in and contrary to the fake news by Keegan they have 8 high school kids and two jucos who are hard commits as of today. If the 1-9 record hasn't scared off the Louisiana kids by now then we still have a good shot of having them. That alone is a good justification for keeping Beaty. He leaves then those recruits also leave and we set ourselves back another 5 years and then rinse, wash, repeat. If he can pull in a good class next year and bring back a team that only graduates 9 seniors then we may have some hope for the future. Not everything is so doom and gloom.

Joe Norgay 5 years ago

Have you seen Beaty's record? Have you watched the games where we play like a team that is being coached by someone who's never coached a football game before?

Onside kick to start the game? Wildcat on 4th and 2? Defense that can't tackle. O-line that can't block. Statistically abysmal offense and defense year after year. Record setting bad play year after year.

What good do more numbers and more senior players do if they're coached by someone that is an absolute, 100% terrible football coach?

Brett McCabe 5 years ago

Talk about Fake News....a pretty good recruiting class? Currently ranked 9th our to 10 teams in the conference, with fewer commits than any other team. You must be Girod, posting under a juvenile name to call that type of recruiting "pretty good".

Do you know what the 9th-best recruiting class gets you in four years? Ninth place in the conference.

And, of course, that class won't hold together, even as bad as it is.

J.L. Forge 5 years ago

I tossed my breakfast all over the kitchen reading this comment!!! As Brett states, the 9th out of 10 recruiting ranking just in your own conference doesn't even get you a back seat at the buffet. Nothing you stated is good justification for keeping Beaty at this point. An evaluation of staff and player performance shows no improvement and at this juncture, you should see something somewhere.

Freddie Garza 5 years ago

The football team is going nowhere fast when you're one of the worst programs in CFB and you have a fan base that mistakenly believes that there exists a coach who can turn it around in three years. Then you become one of the worst CFB programs in major college football who now has a reputation for churning coaches every 3 years...but one of these times it's gonna work! We just know it is!

There are coaches who are capable, don't get me wrong. Names like Saban, Urban Meyer, Stoops come to mind. Maybe Vince Lombardi or Tom Landry if they were still around. Bill Belichik, surely.

But those guys ain't coming here.

Call me crazy, but I think a little self awareness as a fan base is good, and I think Beaty should get another 3 years irregardless of results. We're unfortunately not going to find a better coach at the price the University wants to pay. Gotta roll with Beaty, for better or worse, and hope that he can establish something positive on a 6 year plan instead of a 3 year plan.

Joe Norgay 5 years ago

This is absolute lunacy. 3 more years with Beaty's numbers? So you'd be ok with Beaty going 6-66 in his first 6 years?

There are coaches out there who can win at Kansas that aren't big names. They're up and coming coaches, coaches that show innovation, intelligence, etc. That's what athletic directors get paid to figure out. Who's a coach who can get the most out of a bad situation?

That's why Zenger should be fired and Beaty have a very short leash next year. A new AD can give a shot to someone else because we're sure as hell not gonna do worse than 3-33 again. Hell, give me the clipboard and I'll get 4 wins in 3 years.

Jeff Coffman 5 years ago

And you thought I was crazy for calling for Girod to be fired. Although, the vote of confidence from the superior is usually the first sign of a firing.

Edward Daub 5 years ago

Girod is smart to take a "measured" approach and to give this situation some time. And I would guess that wealthy donors are allowed to express their opinions.

In David We Trust (Booth that is). And Zenger will never be allowed to hire a 3rd football coach, that is a given.

Brad Avery 5 years ago

"It will cost an estimated $26 million and is part of the KU-branded “Raise the Chant” strategy, focused primarily on football, which aims to raise $350 million over the course of five years to upgrade Memorial Stadium and other facilities." Ridiculous. Facilities don't block, tackle, throw footballs or play special teams. An empty stadium with more luxury boxes is not going to make the team play any better.

Fred Davis 5 years ago

A major blow to the solar plexus for sure, this new administration has made it clear that while this school understands the importance of a competitive football team, it's putting more blame on the lack of FACILITIES as the reason why this team can't compete as opposed to having a head coach who has no business being in his current role.

So to all crap teachers at KU - if you're a bad teacher, just blame it on the desks and textbooks and according to Girod, that's viable.


As a KU Grad and longtime football supporter, Girod, Zenger and Beaty are an insult to Kansas, the Athletic Department and the Big 12. Beaty isn't turning this program around any more than I'm going to grow 3 inches in the next year. He's not a good coach. Period. He's a salesman, and a damn good one apparently because he's bamboozled both Zenger (not that difficult) and Girod into thinking it's the facilities why this team makes the SAME MISTAKES EVERY WEEKEND and has shown no discernable signs of improvement.

This isn't about KU becoming Iowa State. It's about being COMPETITIVE. That's all we're asking. I promise any sensible KU fan out there would tell you - give us 4-5 wins and we lose some close to build for next year? Yes Please. Instead we're stuck with GIFs of lines not blocking and a QB BEATY RECRUITED throwing to NO ONE - Repeatedly.

That's who's building this program. And to think Girod is in charge of the University. Apparently the Millennial mindset of just showing up and earning a trophy applies to Kansas Football.

Mark my words - two more years of Beaty and Kansas will find its way out of a Power Five. But hey, at least we'll have the best facilities in the MAC.

John Strayer 5 years ago

And getting crushed by those same MAC teams...Central Michigan and Ohio.

Brian Skelly 5 years ago

I've said all along, we've long past the time where either/or Beaty or Zenger would justifiably be let go. There's just no defense for keeping them around at this point.

Folks who are concerned about fundraising for the football stadium should be. It'll be easier to do once things are pointing in the right direction. Which isnt the case now.

KU is playing with fate in regards to staying in a P5 (or P4) situation with it's football team as if it's Russian roulette. How they seem to keep a straight face with it is beyond me. I hope it's all a facade and those in the know are concerned. Because it doesnt appear that way publicly.

Kevin Robert Fest 5 years ago

Ok if its just about scholarship players then how can UCF go from 0-12 to a ranked team Fresno State have a winning record after having one last year. Maybe the real problem is COACHING!!!!!!! I can guarantee that Every tean in the country is not at full scholarship level, with transfers, players kicked off team or suspended, injured players. So the best team is not always on the field for a number of reasons. This team stinks, the coaching staff is lacking and its not because of the number of scholarships or lack there of.

Humpy Helsel 5 years ago

Honestly, I don't know what to say. The situation is our own making and it is a vicious Catch-22. They are now a package deal, plain and simple. One stays they both stay. One goes, they both go. What a mess!

John Fitzgerald 5 years ago

If we hired John Gruden I'd kick myself in the nuts. Because I'd have to be dreaming.

Robert Brock 5 years ago

KU will not even be worthy of the Mountain West with Douglas Girod as Chancellor. Sickening!

Randy Bombardier 5 years ago

We have some serious issues. We cant practice without being scouted. I disagree about the onside kick. The fact that it didnt work is bothersome. Is there also internal leakage? To be this bad tells me its an inside job, so to speak. Are our playbooks stored digitally? Have we been hacked?

If I were to answer John's challenge, what would i do it'd take a dictoral thesis to answer. But, i believe as much as we need to do everything possible to help Zenger and Beaty become successful they have an inherant responsibility themselves. I do not.perceive that what is being done to improve is in fact the right direction.

Ex., i thought the yoga thing was a good move. Now, I'm not so sure. I know personally that strength training, i.e. weights is the best way to prevent injury and we seem to have too many.

I don't know the basis for these endorsements. I would like to hear examples of what this chancelor knows that we don't know. Appears to be a position of privilege. I always thought it was a position of responsibility.

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